Soap Star -- I've Been Threatened By 'Psychotic' Fan

6/14/2011 5:00 AM PDT

Soap Star -- I've Been Threatened By 'Psychotic' Fan

(ACT 1)
Enter Thom Bierdz ... former star of "The Young & The Restless" ... he's scared and angry after his former assistant allegedly became "delusional, deranged" and "psychotic" and threatened his safety.

(ACT 2)
Thom goes to L.A. County Superior Court and files a request for a restraining order against the young man, Buck Winthrop -- who, at one point, lived with Thom at the actor's L.A. home. Purely platonic, so Thom says ...

(ACT 3)
Thom, fearing Buck will trash him all over the Internet ... begs the judge to "prevent him from slandering me on Facebook, Twitter, etc."  Thom now waits while the judge comes to a decision ...


(ACT 4)
The judge .... (DRAMATIC PAUSE) ... DENIES Thom's request -- claiming "slander, etc. on public sites is not subject to a [restraining order]."


(ACT 5)
Thom ... refusing to accept defeat ... tells TMZ he will continue to pursue his case against Buck ... and vows to emerge victorious, one way or another.


Tune in next week ... unless this soap gets canceled too.