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Tori Spelling

Ballistic At Photogs After Car Crash

6/13/2011 11:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tori Spelling just went to a doctor to check on her unborn baby after she got in some sort of an accident at her kids' school as a photog was chasing her. 


The photog -- not from TMZ -- actually got out of his car after she crashed into a wall at the school -- taking it down --  and began shooting pictures of Tori.

Tori just tweeted, "Paparazzi chased me w/the kids 2school.  I was trying to get away from him and had a pretty big accident ... 10 school moms chased him away.  Wht will it take?  Someone dying for paparazzi to stop?  Going to dr now to check on baby.  I think its just shock."

No word on what the doctor said.


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bring back recent posts    

....and if the papps didn't pay attention to her?????????...just sayin...

1228 days ago

rob hotrgan    

Slow down and let them get what they want. The paps are chasing the children because of you and your so called career. If anyone is putting those kids in danger it's you road raging against photographer.

1228 days ago


I so agree with Tori what will it take for the photogs to leave these people a lone. We don't need to see stars taking their kids to school or walking their dogs. She should of slapped him

1228 days ago


Hope the baby's ok. That said, of all celebs, why was it so necessary to chase her down? Are pics of Tori really going for that much these days? It's not exactly rare to see her out and about...

1228 days ago


She was at fault. There was no reason to speed with her kids in her car.

1228 days ago


She can't be that hurt or worried about her kids if her first instinct is to jump on Twitter.

1228 days ago


As long as there is a buck in it they will always do it. Move to Siberia if you don't like the attention.

1228 days ago


JOBS, JOBS, We need jobs to stay in our own country. The 99ers need help. Write your congressman or call em up!

1228 days ago


Is TMZ going to obtain these photos?

1228 days ago


Yeah, blame it on someone else... Typical celebrity.

1228 days ago

the Seeker    

TMZ/WB you idiots are no better don't try and pretend you are above this kind of behavior you are NOT !!!!!

1228 days ago


The paps should leave them alone when they have the kids with them! period!There should be laws governing these s***bags and sadly it WILL take someone getting killed because of them before laws are passed protecting celebs from the paparazzi.

1228 days ago


Um, why are you running from a photographer? Was it like a high speed chase in the movies? If there weren't kids in the car I would have hoped your got serious injuries for putting not only yourself, but countless others in harms way just because you don't want your pic taken. Move to the midwest, get a real job and these "problems" of yours will go away.

1228 days ago


Tori you must of forgotten about Princess Diana in the midst of all your chaos. Hope all that money is worth all that hassle.

1228 days ago


Why are you fleeing the paparrazzi? Oh no, they're going to take your photo yet again! I really don't care to see a photo of you taking your kids to school, but we already know what you look like, what they look like - so why the need to flee. Drive responsibly. They are pointing a camera at you, not a gun. Relax because they will never go away - it's the life of a celebrity.

1228 days ago
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