Tori Spelling Ballistic At Photogs After Car Crash

6/13/2011 11:47 AM PDT
Tori Spelling just went to a doctor to check on her unborn baby after she got in some sort of an accident at her kids' school as a photog was chasing her. 

The photog -- not from TMZ -- actually got out of his car after she crashed into a wall at the school -- taking it down --  and began shooting pictures of Tori.

Tori just tweeted, "Paparazzi chased me w/the kids 2school.  I was trying to get away from him and had a pretty big accident ... 10 school moms chased him away.  Wht will it take?  Someone dying for paparazzi to stop?  Going to dr now to check on baby.  I think its just shock."

No word on what the doctor said.