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Nic Cage -- The Man Hunt for Weston

6/13/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Weston Cage had gone missing last week in the hours before he went off the hinges and had to be subdued by cops ... and the guy who had to beat him down had been sent by Nic Cage to find him.


The one-man search party was 39-year-old Kevin Villegas (left) -- who worked as an assistant for Nic Cage for the past 5 years. We're told Kevin's primary responsibility was looking after Weston.

But Tuesday, when Weston went M.I.A -- sources tell us Nic dispatched Kevin to track down the 21-year-old and bring him home. Kevin quickly located his target in L.A., but we're told, Weston was resistant and aggressive -- even threatening to rip off Kevin's "Christian f**king head."

0612_weston_fight_video_smallSources tell us Kevin immediately reported the situation to Nic ... who instructed Kevin to call 911. When Weston realized cops were on the way he flipped out and attacked Kevin with the roundhouse kick.

We're told Kevin -- who served with the U.S. military -- feared for his life because Weston is a highly-trained fighter ... and attacked Cage with a flurry of punches.

Cops came and Weston was hospitalized for a mental evaluation. Weston says he may press charges.


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joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

it would appear he isn't training people to kick the crap outta peeps

1228 days ago


Why does Weston need an "assistant"? Does he even work?

1228 days ago


Sorry Weston, but when you're the aggressor and you attacked the other party first you don't get to press charges for assault.

1228 days ago

One Timer    

It's not Weston's assistant, it's Nic Cage's
He was sent to keep an eye on him or beat the heck outta him.

1228 days ago


What is wrong with Weston that he needs his dad to pay someone to look after him? Not to sound mean, but Nicolas Cage's mother has schizophrenia (see link below). Perhaps his son has inherited some mental health issues.

1228 days ago


Haha, I knew it. There's no way that wastoid is a 'highly trained fighter.' Please don't make me laugh. He laid down and died like a p*ssy.
Where's his wife? Is she still alive?

1228 days ago


For being goth and crazy, Weston is hot.

1228 days ago


Weston's a big fella. Don't blame assistant for fearing for his life. Crazy big fella = danger.

1228 days ago


The rather petite assistant feared for his life because Weston is a highly-trained fighter, so he kicked the snot out of Weston as a defense tactic. That is just funny on so many levels.

1228 days ago


What a headache of a son. Weston needs a mommy to take care of him, doesn't he?

1228 days ago


@Lori..."Perhaps" he's mental? Seems like a pretty good bet to me. It must be hell for Nic to watch this happen to his son. And this is just the stuff we're seeing played out in public. God only knows what goes down that paps don't see or report on. Nic has my sympathy.

1228 days ago


Highly trained fighter?! Just becasue your daddy hooked you up with some trainers that maybe fighters, don't make you one. The gym and a real world situation are two completly different situations and Weston learned that the hard way. Kevin's military training took over and he easily subdued Weston and the video show's that Weston became his bitch.....QUICKLY!

1228 days ago


OKAY! First off...obviously he wont press charges against nics assistant lets be real. 2nd, that story proves that nics song obviously needs some kind of help. Nic Cage needs to seriously seek help for his son. His actions and everything else lately have been completely bazaar!

1228 days ago


By the way, why not mention the DOZENS of people who actually saw Kevin badgering Weston, calling him names, and daring him to do something? Why only mention what Weston said to him and not what provoked Weston to say it? Also Kevin was in the military, knows martial arts, and is the one who is the highly trained fighter, so it's doubtful that he feared Weston. He went way overboard with what he did and there is no excuse for it. To me, it's obvious that your "source" is Kevin or someone in his camp. Congratulations on being so one sided,'ve done it again!

1228 days ago


Sorry, but as usual, your "sources" have a couple things wrong and others backwards. What actually happened will probably be coming out this week. Don't believe the spin TMZ tries to put on this. They like to paint certain stars & their families (i.e. Nic Cage) in a very bad light, yet others they always portray in a positive way, regardless of what they do (i.e. Lindsay Lohan). Funny how it's always the people who won't give them the time of day that they try to make look bad.

1228 days ago
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