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Estella Warren

Enters Treatment Facility

6/17/2011 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Estella Warren has entered a treatment facility following her crazy DUI arrest last month -- and to "prove she isn't drinking" ... she's even agreed to wear a SCRAM bracelet


Warren's attorney -- Darren Kavinoky -- tells, the "Planet of the Apes" star entered a residential treatment facility shortly after posting bail last month, and has been sporting the bracelet for the last 10 days.

Kavinoky adds, "She's committed to making the situation right and moving on in a way that's appropriate."

As TMZ first reported ... Estella was arrested May 23 -- after she slammed into three cars, kicked a cop and tried to escape from the police station. She was charged with DUI, hit-and-run driving, battery on a cop, and resisting arrest.

An arraignment scheduled for today was postponed. If convicted on all charges, Warren faces 2.5 years in jail.


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Joe Blowe    

This is her 2nd DUI by the way, she had another one back in 2007. I'm surprised TMZ didnt pick up on that.

But Estella by all accounts is a nice girl, she's just going through a rough patch (like many other people do).

Stay strong Ms. Warren, you'll come out allright. Just keep the faith

1188 days ago


Nothing to fear sweetie, nothing to worry about. As long as one has celebrity status (for whatever reason) and lives in LA., it's all good. The sky's the limit for you girls!

1188 days ago

Politico Pablo    

At least she realizes she's got a problem with alcohol. In Texas, they gotta 3 strikes rule, the 3nd conviction is mandatory 1 year in State Prison.
That's if you don't kill someone. When you hit #2 DUI, you're on notice.

1188 days ago


hope she gets the real help she needs and takes it seriously, by the way the arrest report states that her real age is 40 not 32.

1188 days ago


ohhhh, boo hoo hoo. It's a ruff time in her life, wah wah wah.

1188 days ago

Joe Blowe    

She's not 40, she's 32. I went to Silverthorn CI with her here in Toronto.

What she needs to do is hide her carkeys every time she goes on a bender. Thats what I do when I get drunk. She's almost sure to have a relapse, but if she cant findoher carkey when she's drunk, she at least wont have anymore DUI's

1188 days ago


@Love My Fans 3 hours ago
I am acquainted with Estella and she is a very nice and classy lady going through a rough period in her life. This story is blown way out of proportion with the facts is what I'll say and let's just say that the WAY a police officer handles a person has a lot to do with this incident. Nevertheless, she's committed to handling this appropriately. She is a very talented and kind person. Good luck, Tellie.


Well stated, Love My Fans, give Tellie our best.


1188 days ago

Sir Boo    

Who is Estella Warren?

1188 days ago


We all know that she won't go to jail. Even thought she is an actress.... who hasn't done SH*T in ages... no one really has heard of her!!! SHe has a great lawyer (and publicist) coming out and saying that she will go to a *treatment facility*!
All be will fine in 3 weeks after she goes through the "program". She should be responsible for all of the damage that she caused!

1188 days ago


@ Moe

While I understand where moe is coming from - people in the entertainment industry are held to different standards.

That most of society -

"Your most-recent-credit."

Plumbers or carpenters don't have to produce any proof-of-their-most-recent-fix-or-build.

Firefighters don't need to have been in a recent "Station Fire," in order to-have-street-cred.

She's had success in that field, and any success in the entertainment industry is remarkable unto itself.

Not limited to, "Yeah but how recent was this?"


1188 days ago


Who is this? Heck, if my claim to fame was Planet of the Apes I'd drink,. too. I just wouldn't DRIVE. Idiot.

1188 days ago



1188 days ago


I hope Estella catches a break here. She is not some drug addict idiot like Pari******on or Lindsay Lohan doing lines off of toilet seats and carjacking innocent people.

She got drunk and had a bad night, a really bad night. She's a swimmer so I have a soft spot for her. I hope she gets probation.

1187 days ago


Good luck Estella!

1187 days ago


She needs a Doctor
Call her a Doctor
To bring her back to life

1187 days ago
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