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Amy Winehouse

Booed at

'Worst' Concert Ever

6/19/2011 5:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amy Winehouse was unmercifully booed at a Serbian concert  last night as she wandered the stage incoherently, in what the local paper called, "the worst [concert] in the history of Belgrade."

At one point Amy gets so discombobulated ... one of her background singers comes over to sing the song for her. 

Tickets to the show were roughly $57 -- a lot, considering the average monthly salary there is only about $428.

Money ... spent.


No Avatar


Just die already.

1190 days ago


It's sad to see someone with so much talent wa***** all down the drain. Is she drinking because her life is so horrible , or is her life horrible because she's drinking so much?

1190 days ago


That must`ve been the last place on earth that people would still buy tickets to see her.

1190 days ago


When you book Amy Winehouse, what the hell do you expect? Come on. Really?

1190 days ago


The back-up singer did really well though, the whole band was put in a bad situation and they showed while they are working for an idiot they are professionals.

1190 days ago


It seems that Amy first needs to be checked into an in-patient facility that deals with dual diagnosis - namely, psychological/psychiatric illness and substance abuse. If her mother or father could be named conservator(s) of her, the can do an involuntary admission which will make her stay there. However, you can't force someone to get clean and sober. They have to want to do it for themselves and Amy hasn't hit bottom. Why is her management company and record label continuing to promote her concerts and music when she literally can't even stand on her own two legs? Everyone is a leech and they need to step back, stop patting her on the back and allow her to go and get intensive help. They keep throwing her onto the concert stage when she's far from ready for that.

1190 days ago


The band and the backup singer are right on point. They sound great. Amy? Not so much.

1190 days ago

Shanky Dog    

World STOP paying for her concerts. So she can take time off and get help. She will never give up the lime light if we except this type of performance. She is extremely talented but needs to correct her issues!

1190 days ago


Everyone keeps saying what a talent she is, but her last hit cd came out like, seven years ago. Since then, she's been known for nothing but being a drunk drug addict, going in and out of rehab and smoking crack. Clearly, the choices she's making have eclipsed her music career.

She's is a washed up has been now.

I can't believe anyone would PAY their hard earned money to see her in concert...maybe seven years ago.. but TODAY.. nope.

I really do hope that she gets some treatment and actually WANTS to get better, until then, all the rehab in the world isn't going to help her. If she doesn't, then ultimately, she'll end up with the same fate as all the other celebs who choose boozing and drugging over their talent...she'll end up dead.

1190 days ago


those Serbs deserve to get taxed for being Amy Winehouse fans in the first place

1190 days ago


Max Smart about an hour ago
@sunshinerad - the story isn't whether or not the crowd booed. The story is that she obviously can't help herself and she is off the wagon again, making a fool out of hersel****ain, and tragically fast approaching the end of her life without anyone stepping in to try to prevent it.

max.... smart was it? i thought the headline of the article read "any winehouse booed at 'worst' concert ever"... then the 1st line reads she is "unmercifuly booed"...
yes, this is not the first time i've seen tmz take a story and try to pump it as something completely blown out of proportion... sure she sucked but i didn't hear any booing in that clip...
as for amy, it's sad to see how drugs and booze have completely destroyed her... when i watch old clips of her on youtube (especially the jonathon ross interview), it makes you wonder where that beautiful talented girl disappeared to...

1190 days ago

January Jonez    

Jeeeezzz...For an AW show, this isn't that bad...Imo...

1190 days ago


I'm stupified that anyone would EVER call her "an amazing talent"........hasn't she really ALWAYS been a horrible singer? I'm also stupified that anyone would EVER buy a ticket to see her.

1190 days ago

BB in CA    

It is well known that she's a dope head. Why would anyone pay to see and/or support her and her drug habbit? She obviously needs help. Continuing to buy her music or tickets does not help her.

1190 days ago

Heidi Vanderhoeven    

Everyone in life has some gift and it's up to them to find it. This girl has her gift of singing and bringing joy to this world and she totally ruining it. Wish she'd turn her life around and realize it. Shame.Hope she gets help and sees the beauty of life instead of running hers into the ground with drugs and drinking too much.

1190 days ago
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