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Margera RIPS Ebert -- SHUT UP About Ryan Dunn

6/21/2011 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bam Margera is FURIOUS with Roger Ebert -- telling the the movie critic to shut his "fat f*cking mouth" over a tweet Ebert posted earlier today, criticizing Bam's friend and "Jackass" co-star Ryan Dunn for drinking and driving ... just hours after Dunn passed away.


Earlier today, after TMZ posted the story that Dunn was seen drinking at a Philly-area bar before his fatal crash, Ebert posted a tweet that read, "Friends don't let jackasses drink and drive."

After a day of silence, Bam finally went to his Twitter to BLAST Ebert late Monday night ... saying, "I just lost my best friend, I have been crying hysterical for a full day and piece of s**t roger ebert has the gall to put in his 2 cents about a jackass drunk driving and [he is] one, f**k you!"

Bam added, "Millions of people are crying right now, shut your fat f**king mouth!"



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Hee Haw    

My condolences to the family of Ryan. What a horrible way to go, very sorry for his pain. The loss of his friend is tragic also.
I find it puzzling that Rodger Ebert of all people who has suffered so much in the recent past, would flippantly make such a insensitive comment on someones death. I also think the people making fun of his cancer as a way to retaliate toward his insensitivity are just as bad as him.
Justifying a human death due to drinking is very sad, it is a crime that is not deserving of a death sentence.
And finally, yes, Bam who, I am guessing, is probably not a very astute mathmatician, might be a few digits off on the weeping fan count..
RIP Ryan Dunn

1189 days ago


Why I bothered to comment on this subject I am seriously questioning. There are some sound, proper, individuals with brains and good thinking responding but the rest of it is trash regarding the death of a human being. My last comment, people that read this, if you want this country, this world to be a better place, then start acting with civility, respect, and kindness, not petty b.s. Ryan passed, honor him. Focus your worthless comments on instead thinking about what you can do about climate change, how to make your neighborhood better, help someone in need, do something kind for someone tomorrow, how to learn something new, anything but being obsessed with rotten comments on tmz etc.

1189 days ago


F**k Bam Margera. Spoiled poser.

1189 days ago


Okay so a man just died and people are talking about "I doubt millions of people are crying"? Really, someone just lost thier F*C*ING life, it disgusts me how people are thinking about the stupid **** and thinking they are cool because they are disagreeing with Bam. He lost his best friend so to any of you who think that making silly comments about how and why to get five minutes of fame someday you WILL lose something or someone that has been a part of your life and i hope that someone does the same to you. Im in the ARMY and have watched people that i laughed with an hour before get thier heads blown off, no wonder we are falling apart as a country, people have no respect for the dead.

1189 days ago

No Name    

Zac Hartwell was the passenger who died with Ryan. He was a good friend, participated in the films with the Jackass crew and was a bouncer at a local bar. Both good guys who will be very missed around town. West Chester is in mourning.

1189 days ago


Bam's next to go.

1189 days ago


Who can take Bam seriously with that profile pic? Seriously, WTF!

If he's going to try and insult Ebert he could at least post a pic that doesn't look like a goth Robin Hood that effed Zorro and had a baby that then effed a twilight vampire!

Get off of social-media and grieve for Dunn and the person that he killed!

1189 days ago


What is WRONG with you people??? How many of you have gotten in a car after few drinks? Be honest with yourselves. I'm sorry about Ebert's condition but it doesn't give him a pass to speak ill of someone who died (allegedly) making a very human mistake. Everyone needs to shut your fu**ing mouths and respect these two men who passed in that car last night.

1189 days ago

Karma's Catch    

God you people are being heartless.
A man died today! Ebert and Bam have every right to say something. Ebert, on the other hand, is being the childish one. You don't say something that cold on the very f**king day a man dies. I don't care if you hate Bam, Jackass, Dunn, or any of them! And all of you agreeing with Ebert's tweet are being "childish" saying that 'Bam should get drunk and drive' so please, don't go preaching when YOU are the one to be preached to. This is a terrible thing. Yes, I am a Bam fan and yes, I am a Dunn fan (I ALWAYS WILL BE!), and I don't even care if he was drunk. He was still an amazing, funny, talented guy who tragically passed away today. RIP Dunn.
And there are million of people crying today (have you ever looked at Facebook or Twitter?).

1189 days ago

wow ew    

Millions of people are crying? Really? I must not be one of them. Heck I am shocked he didn't die from some other stupid Jackass related stunt. These guys have death wishes all the time and now they're shocked one of them has died?

Roger Ebert is a smart man. Despite his physical disability you don't see him playing victim. So, why is Bam?

1189 days ago


Um, Milllions of people are crying??? I'm sorry, but I really doubt that as most of America (including me)had even heard of this guy until today.

1189 days ago

Stephan Pickering/Chofetz Chayim ben-Avraham    

Shalom & Erev tov...Barn Magera -- my first reaction is to ask if he uses Wite Out on his computer screen, and who taught him polysyllabic English. His 'friend' died drunk. Do you understand English, Mr Magera? He was drunk...and he drove...and he perished. What a silly excuse you offer; you can barely write an English sentence, and he, like you, are not actors, but readers (or does someone read to you?). My advice: retire. Go back to school. You are part of Horrorwood.
STEPHAN PICKERING / Chofetz Chayim ben-Avraham

1189 days ago

typical cat    

you guys are retards he said millions as a expression not that ther literally millions more or less crying. his friend that was a brother to him just died idiots. he's defending his friend he cares about from agnorant legal retards that keep using cheesy stupid lame@$$ puns as a joke. thats not even funny. who ever comes on a message board to talk sh*t about a dead guy needs to get a life. have some f*cking respect dumbf*cks cause i know you bi*ches are too ***** to say it in his face alive cause he'd kick your ***** asses so stop queefing you agnorant douchebags.

1189 days ago


say what ever you want, there are people sad about this and even though he was driving drunk he wasnt a bad person in anyway, and if you count doing crazy stunts to entertain people, that have never hurt anyone in any real way as being a terrible person, you should leave now because there are alot worse things in the world than this.

1189 days ago


Again, please Lala i think ALANON would do you some good

1189 days ago
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