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Ryan Dunn

Bam Margera's Morbid Death Prediction

6/23/2011 6:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Five years before Ryan Dunn was killed in a violent car crash, Bam Margera predicted the "Jackass" star's death in eerily specific detail -- claiming, "He's gonna eat it one of these times [in a car accident]."


Bam -- along with several cast members from his MTV show "Viva La Bam" -- made the grim prediction while recording the DVD commentary for Season 5 back in 2006.

According to the commentary, Dunn was involved in SEVERAL car accidents over the years -- but Bam's mom claimed, "He'll never learn his lesson."

Another "Bam" cast member added, "I have [Ryan] in the death pool ... for death by vehicle."

In this specific episode, Ryan races Bam's Lamborghini in a limousine -- and after Ryan loses, Bam claims, "[the limo] blew up just like every other f**king car he has."


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It sounds like two people trying to impersonate April and Bam...I'm sorry but I don't think this is real. I don't doubt they may have "predicted" it years ago, but this recording sounds bogus. RIP Dunn.

1188 days ago


Not trying to be mean or insensitive as I myself loved Dunn so much but the reality of things is that this is what all these guys are known for. They are known for being wreckless and without any regard for the outcome of their actions. It hurts me yet bothers me to see Bam so distraught but he does the same. The outcome of their actions should not be a surpriseThese guys get hammered and simply dont care. I dont even think they care for themselves enough to think that there is a possibility of death for either themselves or others. May God have Dunns soul and his passenger's and may all involved have the strength to accept what has taken place. My sympathy for the other guy and his family too...all the talk is about Dunn yet not much about the other life that was also lost. Sad situation for all...may we all learn that life is too precious to not appoint a designated driver.

1188 days ago

***** r*********    

I agree let it go.... this is a time for the family to grieve not the world to tear them apart. Enough is enough, if anyone of us 'normal' people had had the same accident you wouldn't see all of this at all... it sucks, it hurts and I'mnot saying it's right but they were mature adults who BOTH made the decision to do what they were doing and they paid the ultimate sacrifice for it. no going back no redo button. It's over for them, let them families move through this now. I mean if this were your child that had made this mistake are you honestly telling me that you would walk up to YOUR child and say get lost stupid you're a complete JACKASS and deserve to die too? I don't want nothing to do with you what a rotten person you are. ARe you honestly saying you would do that to your child if it happened. Wow, great human you are. Glad I don't know you and I seriously for sorry for your kids and family. no compassion at all huh? Glad you've never made a mistake in your life.

1188 days ago


The idiots calling Dunn a murderer, he did not have premeditation to kill his friend, so STFU.

1188 days ago



1188 days ago


Another "Bam" cast member added, "I have [Ryan] in the death pool ... for death by vehicle." And we have a winner.

1188 days ago


he was a jackass and and an alcoholic -and drunk as **** when he drove that thing. serves him right.

1188 days ago


People crack me up! He was 29 years old at the time of this video! He was a grown man! You're telling me his friends could take his cars away from him? How are they going to step in? I dont understand how you people are blaming the friends? How do you know they did not try? Can*****ch him 24/7! Bam was in Arizona at the time of death! His other friends were drinking with him. When my friends go out we have a driver or get a cab, but not saying we have not had one who left early saying he could drive and should not have been. They sneak off! Can*****ch there every move! Dont blame the friends! Dunn was an adult! Just because they were talking about him dying in a car does not mean they meant it. People do joke around from time to time. Especially this group! Anyone enjoying the death of Ryan Dunn, there is a special place in hell for you.

1188 days ago

Madam Obvious    

christy 12 hours ago

Stop calling the passenger a victim. He is not. He went with him willingly and I assume was just as drunk. He is not a victim he is a partner in crime. If he wasnt drunk like him then why let him drive or get in with him. No they were having fun and joy riding together. I feel bad for both families but he is not a victim.

The court won't see it that way and Hartwell's inebriation is completely irrelevant. Hartwell was indeed Dunn's victim, as Dunn owed him a duty of care as Hartwell was his passenger. Instead of delivering him home safely, as his offer of a lift implied he would, Dunn killed him instead. I advise Hartwell's family to lawyer up so they can launch a wrongful death suit against Dunn's estate.

1188 days ago


@irishcurls, you told me where to find it and it isn't there. Now you tell me a different place to find it and want me to pay to prove your claim. Sorry little cailín, you make the claim, you provide the proof.

1188 days ago


@mm1 i arrived at the conclusion that u worked for tmz when u answered a ? that i asked to tmz about the deer. I didnt know I asked mm1 a question pretty sure i posted it to tmz not u. please dont tell me what i was or was not doing on my own computer with my own words. Since i was talking about all men and u read it one way that is ur problem. noone else has a prob with what i said but u so it is app. only ur prob. live with it.

1188 days ago


His own mother saying "yeah hes a vehicle guy" hes gonna die by a car accident. Nice. Jb hit the nail on the head:

"jb 14 hours ago

douche bag loser shouldn't be so upset then...yeah i said it....creep got behind the wheel time and again and didn't give an eff about anyone of us...f him and his loser friends who defend his lame arse! pick on a dude ate up with cancer-roger ebert for calling it as it was..try that w/ me bam bam and i'll bam your damn head off-douche bags!!"

1188 days ago


I dont condone the drinking and driving, but its not like he was speeding at a busy time of the day. I have always said there is a time and a place for people to take there fast cars out and open it up if they feel the need for speed. Now being drunk and having someone with him was wrong, but his buddy got in the car on his own. We dont know the other times when he was driving wreckless if he was out and about away from others. People are so quick to judge. I know a real jackass who drives home every day and goes 120 mph in and out of traffic on his way home from work. He lost his best friend in an wreck and he was with him. It dont stop him from being a dumbass! He will die some day and probably kill some innocent family. Now that pisses me off. How he gets away with it day after day on a freeway I dont know. Dunn was out when nobody else was on this instant. Thank God!

1188 days ago


it is obviously a big mistake that he was drving drunk and as fast he did but for all of you haters out there death should not be wished on anyone or even joked about shame on all of you people rip ryan dunn you will be missed no matter what

1188 days ago


I think its pretty f*cked up how TMZ put this up here . Bam and his mom are still in the greving process , and this will probably upset them more .. SMH!

1188 days ago
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