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Chris Brown

I Didn't Mean

to Piss Off the Gays

6/22/2011 6:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown just lied through his teeth ... tweeting that he has "total respect for [the] Gay community" after dropping another gay slur in L.A. yesterday.


He never apologizes ... but instead writes a half-assed, dismissive explanation saying, "my intention was not to insult anyone."

Listen to the way he hurls the word around -- Chris clearly used the word "gay" as an insult ... no two ways around it.

Still, we still gotta ask ...


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No uproar of him using the N word but the minute someone drops a gay slur the world is coming apart huh?

1197 days ago


@Beatrix... Pretty GAY statement. (iow stupid)

1197 days ago


Can we just stick him in the "Memba Them" section of this site and leave him there?

1197 days ago


Just like how the banana eaters have now made the "N word" a laughable excuse to whine about something, the homo gay mafia bullies have now cried wolf just as many times and made any claims of discrimination equally laughable.

No one cares!!!! Look back at any and all comedies that were written and directed by libs pre-2005. It was an insult to accuse someone of being gay, and guess still is!!!

Just because anti-gay Hollywood is pretending to embrace this perverted and unhealthy life style, they actually oppose it, just like every Democrat President has :)

1197 days ago


How do you know he's "lying through his teeth"? Just because he used the word gay as an insult, it makes him no more "homophobic" or "anti-gay" than his use of the n-word makes him racist against blacks. Who died and made TMZ the morality police anyway? You do remember what you guys do for a living, right? How many marriages, jobs, or lives have been destroyed due to the type of "news" you like to report? Do you think people love seeing their personal business or mistakes exploited mercilessly for fun and profit? If you're going to profit off of the misery of others, then stop being such hypersensitive crybabies when someone does something that YOU don't like (obviously, anything perceived as an insult to gays).

1197 days ago


Get the **** over it butt pirates! Any word can be turned into be derrogatory. Had he been white and said what he said, he would have the NAACP all over his ass as well! I'm straight, and I know gay people who have told me some of the slang you have for us, so don't act like you don't make fun of straight people, Harvey!

1197 days ago


The "n-word" is not illegal. It was made a big deal by F. Lee Baily in the original OJ Simpson trial (with a little help from Mark Fuhrman). If there was ever a person who exemplifies the true meaning of the word, it has to be Chris Brown. He is the reason the word will never go away.

1197 days ago


"banana eaters"? Funny. Another keyboard coward with a disposable account typing things they wouldn't dare say to someone's face. I'd have no problem saying anything I post to a person's face but somehow, I seriously doubt a lot of the racists on this site would have the stones to do the same. I will just keep smiling to myself as I pass random people in the streets and wonder if any of them are the keyboard cowards who walk with their heads down, afraid to make direct eye contact during the day, but become these fearless racist warlords by night. The power of anonymity.

1197 days ago



Using ANY word is not illegal, called freedom of speach! The only problem is, you can be judged to the fullest for anything you say, especially when you are famous!

1197 days ago


Seriously who gives a ****.. ppl use the gay term everyday, but now it had to make healines cuz Chris Brown said it?...Ppl should not get offened God made adam and eve NOT adam and steve get over it.

1197 days ago


It's interesting how TMZ will filter out "***" but "*****" is perfectly legitimate....


1197 days ago


Last time I checked this country had the freedom of speech, and so do all it's people. Stop creating more junk for people to get all upset about. If he wants to call something GAY, guess what, that's his right. No one tells gay people they can't make out in public or say things about straight people do they? It's all a bandwagon fad that people want him to apologize for something else. Get a life and find something REAL to do with your time!

1197 days ago


I use the word gay all the time as an insult, my friends do too, heck even my GAY friends use the word as an insult. Just because you call something gay doesn't automatically mean you're a homophobe. You Americans take things way to seriously, lighten up.

1197 days ago

Anonymously Speaking    

OMG, sit yall gay asses down and find you something better to do other than watching and waiting for any A-list celebrity to drop the word ****** or use the word gay in a derragotory manner... Jeez...That man can say whatever he likes....If he feels like they were gay for that then hey...get over it. I'm sick of having to walk on eggshells when it comes to homosexuality. If I'm having a convo with my friends and I crack a gay joke I'm a gay basher?!! Really!!? Sensitivity overload, hell I've heard homosexuals refer to each other as ******* and punks so stop with the contradictory...If you find you something better to do with your time you wouldn't be worried about what Chris brown said...Respect his free speech...even if you dont like it... #Nospecialtreatmentforyou

1197 days ago

Brian A.    

I'm all for equal rights, but come on. Seriously? Nobody is willing to point out the double standard here? Should the NAACP be upset he used the word ni**a? Just because he said GAY, doesn't mean he hates gay people. The media shouldn't even waste their time on exaggerated stories like these. SACK UP!

1197 days ago
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