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Chris Brown

I Didn't Mean

to Piss Off the Gays

6/22/2011 6:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown just lied through his teeth ... tweeting that he has "total respect for [the] Gay community" after dropping another gay slur in L.A. yesterday.


He never apologizes ... but instead writes a half-assed, dismissive explanation saying, "my intention was not to insult anyone."

Listen to the way he hurls the word around -- Chris clearly used the word "gay" as an insult ... no two ways around it.

Still, we still gotta ask ...


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Just like people do not like Chris Brown's music, he doesn't like gays... i, myself have zero problems with gays but everyone else has to relax--- not everyone likes him and he doesnt need to like everyone either!!!!!!!!!! Just like we have freedom of speech to comment so does he!

1128 days ago


THIS JUST IN!!!! Harvey is Gay

1128 days ago


Man F**k that,,,, what the paparazzi's did was Gay ass hell!! They'll find any lil thing just 2 make controversy! Im not saying that he was right for saying that but Just because he said GAY, doesnt mean he was insulting the gays... Theres different meanings & slangs... Gay = lesbian, bisexual, and transgender & the slang Gay is like snitches and people doing other Dumb Sh*t.. And just because sum1 says N*gga doesnt mean your a Racist... N*gger is "African American",,,, N*gga is a slang for My "Homie/Dude" Get it correct,, let him be... Not everybody speaks proper SMFH

1128 days ago


Gay has 3 meanings. Happy, Homosexual, and Something disliked. Not sure why you are not aloud to use the third meaning without it being attached to the second meaning?

1128 days ago


Ok! Ok! I am going to say this... The use of GAY isn't to slur anyone. All the kids use gay as just a word... " THAT'S GAY!" used as in stupid... not as in Homosexual are stupid... but just a word... go look up the ACTUAL word as well as its original use! In the GAY 90's .. 1890's to be exact... it had NOTHING to do with homosexuals at all! Chris saying "That Was GAY" was not to demean anyone except the actions of the paps who do stuff to get a story and photos... Just leave Chris alone! If he uses any word EVERYONE else uses... you all go nuts! He is a black man and he uses NI**ER... you all call him raciest... he is straight you all say he is using GAY to send HATE toward a community of people!! anyone who knows Chris Brown knows he ha*****e for no one... His choice in words maybe could be better... Yes... but to mean it to harm someone else... NO!! Get over it TMZ!! Just cuz Harvey is now OUT of the closet doesn't mean EVERY kid using the word "GAY" is a hate monger!! GET OVER IT!!!

1128 days ago


OMG who gives a sh*t? Have we really become this friggin PC?! Hate Chris Brown because he hits women and he makes sh*tty music.

1128 days ago


Oh for Petes sake.... SHUT UP ABOUT IT... who cares... get thicker skin... he's an ignorant thug...why do people care what he said....
stop acting like a bunch of crying Mary's and move on. you give hime more attention by even bringing it up.

1128 days ago

Kosher SAL    

Please do not talk about jews or gays. the free world is run by these 2 groups. everything else is ok, especially muslims the free world hates them.

1128 days ago


Gay people are just to damn sensitive...they are so damn soft..but throw a penis or a big butt their way watch how hard they become. i'm sorry but a ****** is a ****** to sweet the hand throwing thing women looking like butches hell no i don't agree with their life style but i'm am not the one to judge. i i should have a right to say what i want to say, hell i know some people right here in NC that still uses the N word as long as it not being thrown at me i don't give a ****.

1128 days ago


why do gays make a big deal every time the word ****** is used? its not a big deal. you dont see black people making a big deal any time the word black is used in a negative way. Why celebrate "gay pride" if you're completely ashamed of the word gay and constantly paranoid that someone is making fun of you. "***" and "gay" are commonly used words just as "idiot" and "retard" are. Calling a homosexual person a "faqqot" is one thing but to cry every time someone uses the word is ridiculous. cry more *******. sorry about your sore ********s, pick a different lifestyle if you're embarrassed of the one you live

1128 days ago


He didn't mean it? OK,never mind then.

1128 days ago


Let me start by saying, I'm totally for gay rights and believe that every person should have the legal right to marry and every other entitlement. As a black woman, FIRST the gay right movement is not the same as the civil rights movement. Black people were fighting for the right to LIVE.. you don't see the police hosing down gay people in the middle of the street. So TMZ and every media outlet needs to stop acting like it's the same. Homosexual people do face discrimination, but hell, so do black people, poor people, recent immigrants, etc. Everyday people use the work n*gga, so did Chris Brown, but nobody cares about that. Why is that so different? The media has made it a crime to use any word that insults gay people. Honestly, do you think every person who has said 'that's so gay' is truly homophobic? Well I don't. Unfortunately, gay terms have become mainstreamed curse words so people use them when they're angry. Does it make it right? Of course not. Do we need to throw every person who uses a gay insult under the bus? No, we don't. Just as I wouldn't assume someone is racist just because they use the N word.
As far as CB.. I honestly could give a sh*t about him, I'm just tired of the headline news that results when someone uses a derogatory term referring to gays. Comedians say crass things about everybody, race, etc, but don't let them joke about homosexuals or they're career is over? I'm so tired of this being news, and the statements by supporting agencies and the apologies, it's freakin' ridiculous!

1128 days ago

steven katona    

dont worry chris in canada they attack and abuse homosexuals at will...just read these comments on the canadian broadcasting corporations website...

canada practices censorship and bigotry. i'm hoping tmz will give chris a plane ticket to toronto to be in the parade! can ya chris? put your money where your mouth is or are you all talk? its time to walk the walk christopher. lets see if you really give a damn!

1128 days ago


Yep, Harvey`s gotta be gay.

1128 days ago


Totally disagree with Harvey 110%. Teens say "that's gay" all the time. My kids and their friends say this and I don't even connect it to homosexuals or think about it in that context. I think they're saying that's lame and nothing more. If they said the F word that would be different. I would take it as a slur and insult against gay people and reprimand them. Harvey's way off base and I wonder if his staff would be so agreeable if their boss wasn't a gay man. I'm not a fan of CB but they must really hate him. He's a young man Harvey, lay off.

1128 days ago
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