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George Clooney and Elisabetta -- IT'S OVER!!!!

6/22/2011 8:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It was only a matter of time ... but professional playboy George Clooney is finally moving on from his super-hot Italian GF of two years Elisabetta Canalis ... and her UNBELIEVABLE physique.

George Clooney

The former couple just released a joint statement -- "We are not together anymore. It's very difficult and very personal, and we hope everyone can respect our privacy."

Who's next????



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Clooney doesn't get married because he is GAY, gayest of the gay! Write this down or remember it because one day it will be exposed that he is the Rock Hudson of our times. The girls are covers, but he is totally gay-in my opinion.

1183 days ago


I suspect he couldn't take all those nasty jailhouse tattoos.

Nothing worse than a tatted up woman now trying to be the red-carpet type. Or putting on some kind of designer gown with those things hanging off their body. Dat's klassy folks...

Barbed wire? Really? Those icky 90's tattos are going to come back to haunt those who went out and ruined their skin/looks during this trend.

1183 days ago

Lady Juilette    

I feel sad for Mr. Clooney. He is going to spend the rest of his life going from one woman to another and in the end, he will end up alone. Yes, he's honest about being single and wanting to never get married again but he missing out on a wonderful life. Just because his only marriage didn't work out, doesn't mean you never get married again to someone who can make you happy.

1183 days ago


she has a nice figure but I always thought she was one of the most unattractive of the women he has dated - thought it must be her figure because its not her face

1183 days ago


Just another story of a beautiful girl being dumped, and her super unbelievable physique is not a success factor. What really keeps people together? What is that?

1183 days ago


Not surprised and this girl was stupid from step one. Everyone knows that George Clooney has no intention of getting married and for her to have come out and say that she doesn't do relationships that go nowhere and she plans to be married someday was the death knell for the relationship! She said the doesn't do relationships that go nowhere and George said I won't waste your time. He'll have a new steady by the Oscars.

1183 days ago


Yes, she has a great body, but she looks like a man. Sorry, just sayin'. He can do much better. And he will. He's a modern day Casanova. All to the man.

1183 days ago


You see TMZ; I told you all that George Clooney is Gay.
When a women cannot reach a man’s heart no matter how beautiful, talented, intelligent or caring she is, that mean one thing; that man heart belongs to another man. There’s no other man in Hollywood like him in caliber, looks or success that treats women like he does or has these non-committal relationships – except for maybe the late Rock Hudson. He just uses these women as cover to protect his long time relationship with his partner and his ride as supposed “lady’s man.”
The man is gay – stay stunned.

1183 days ago


It was only a matter of time, why does he keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

1183 days ago


@Craig commentar is a woman. Seriously

1183 days ago


That is his M O he dates for a little while then he breaks up. He's gay that's why he lives in Italy its easier to hide from the paparazzi

1183 days ago



1183 days ago


Over??? It never started. George Clooney is as gay as Carey Grant. People don't realize yet that Hollywood is carrying the act far beyond the silver screen. Phony relationships are maintained deliberately in the public eye to keep up the star's marketability. There are a few heterosexual leading men in Hollywood...a few. And, George Clooney (I hate to burst your bubbles ladies) is not one of them. He's just keeping up appearances.

1183 days ago


At least she asked him if he wanted a baby. That was fair.

1183 days ago


There are a few heterosexual leading men in Hollywood...a few.

Mel Gibson is one of them. That's why they are bashing him all the time. It's more honorable in Hollywood to be a gay guy and **** another dude than be a straight man ******* another woman. What a world!

1183 days ago
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