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Flunks Booze Test

Ordered to Court

6/23/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan tested positive for alcohol earlier this month ... and has been ordered to appear in front of an L.A. County Superior Court judge tomorrow morning ... and the Probation Dept. wants her in jail.

Here's what we know.  Lindsay was tested twice last week.  Sources tell TMZ ... Lindsay tested positive for alcohol on one of the tests and negative on the other.  In both tests, she tested negative for drugs.  One of the tests was administered just after Lindsay had a rooftop barbecue party.

Sources tell TMZ ... the L.A. County Probation Department will ask Judge Stephanie Sautner to yank her out of house arrest and throw her in L.A. County Jail. 

And, we're told, members of the D.A.'s office -- will make an appearance as well, to lower the boom on Lindsay.  The D.A. is still handling the DUI probation part of Lindsay's criminal saga.  The L.A. City Attorney is handling the necklace case.

The Probation Department is pissed off because they tried to force Lindsay to take two tests in May but Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Holley, refused to make Lindsay submit, claiming it wasn't part of her probation.  Turns out it was, so Lindsay subsequently took the two tests, one of which she failed.

The Probation Dept. is also ticked that Lindsay is having parties while under house arrest.

Judge Sautner will hold a hearing tomorrow at 10 AM.  Of course, we'll be there.


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This is just sad, I mean she is so self-destructive! She is given so many opportunities and she just blows it every time. I find myself cheering for her, only to watch her self-destruct each time I think she is going to make a comeback. It's depressing!

1030 days ago


I am in the same boat as tb, I am officially of the Lindsay-go-round. I too am disgusted with my county, someone who fails an alcohol/drug test while on house arrest- gets taken to jail IMMEDIATELY..and then has a violation hearing. It is NOT a probation hearing because house arrest is considered inmate status. She is NOT on probation. If she doesn't get help...she will die.

1030 days ago


ILoveGossip, she didn't complete the class and group therapy because she didn't want to do so, plain and simple. Admitting that she was an alcoholic and seeing other people talk about it was too much for her, I guess. I'll admit, those classes wouldn't be fun but they could have potentially helped her steer clear of what she's gotten into now.

I agree with you about Ali and Mike Jr. being at the house, especially Milo Jr., since he's an adult. He was at the very party where booze was served. Did it never occur to him that it was harmful for Lindsay? Or that she could be caught? Do none of the Lohans admit - for real - that she has a substance abuse problem? I've never seen a less helpful bunch, despite Milo Sr's whining about how much he loves Lindsay and tries to help her.

And again, yes, she had a controlled environment so it should have been easy enough to keep alcohol out. In fact, Milo Jr. could and should have been the booze police for his sister.

What a pathetic lot.

1030 days ago


@ilovegossip- For some people it's a catch 22. They need to drink to hide from the reality of their life or their emotions, but the more they drink the worse their life gets/the more trouble they get in...and their only way to cope with their added problems is to drink and try to make themselves feel better even just for the moment. It never gets better until they realize that they CAN NOT hide from what is bothering just festers until it it brought out and dealt with. It's a vicious cycle.

1030 days ago


Grandma Cracker - same question as ILoveGossip. I was thinking that very thought last night, in fact.

ILoveGossip - I understand. Alcoholics are very unpleasant people to hang around, even though you love them. You can wish and wish and wish for them to get well and they still "let you down." I guess it's such a complex disease that most of us who don't have it will never understand it. And yes, as another poster said, I DO thank my lucky stars every single day that I'm not afflicted with the disease.

1030 days ago


Puckett 7 hours ago
So what if she had a drink. Big f'n deal. Petty B.S. like this is why CA jails are hopelessly overcrowded and broke as hell.

You really are an idiot aren't you?
Having a drink was against the RULES OF HER FRAKKING PROBATION HOUSE ARREST! Clear enough for you?

She got the hjouse areest in lieu of JAIL.

The House Arrest was supposed to be a PUNISHMENT>

No drinkee while being punished.


1030 days ago


Wow ..... she *still* thinks she is smarter than the system and the rest of us ... well, the joke's on you! And not to worry - they have AA meetings in jail for folks that need to hear the message .... I heard it said once at a meeting that you never give up on someone until they throw dirt on your dead face - happened to my sister, don't let it happen to you LiLo

1030 days ago


Bored now.

1030 days ago


If she is going to drink while under court supervision, fully aware of the consequences, her future is not too bright. She will never make it on her own. She's just hopeless. Sad.

1030 days ago

NoMo Lohans    

Really??? who would have thought?? Did anyone expect anything other than this

1030 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Im with Clooney when it comes down to not really being that into anybody, so Lindsay the Mermaid Lohan can walk the plank, and cry some mermaid tears for all I care. YO HO HO

1030 days ago


So... will they FINALLY actually throw her in jail? This b**ch has had SO, SO, SO many chances! This should be it. Lock her up!

1030 days ago


I have had faith in Lindsay up until now. I honestly figured this would be it...that she would smarten up, but clearly not. I did kind of assume getting house arrest in a house like hers, wouldn't really be much "punishment" but now i completely think she is a lost cause. She just doesn't learn.

1030 days ago


She had a drink. So what. Alcoholism is a disease. Sending the poor girl to jail will not help her. In a way, they're just trying to go after her because it makes them think they're doing good, but they're really just riding the ass of someone more interesting than they are. Jails should be made for the violent and dangerous criminals. Lindsay is not a danger to anyone, not even herself. She had a drink. BIG DEAL. Go Lindsay!

1030 days ago

ee cummings    

She's an addict. What does she expect ,that she can have an addiction and not treat it ?
Clearly she needs to go into a forced rehabilitation program. She is not capable of treating herself

1030 days ago
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