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Lindsay Shuts Down

Matt Lauer Interview


6/22/2011 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan pulled the plug on Matt Lauer last night, just before cameras were supposed to roll for her big sit-down interview.

NBC sources tell TMZ ... Lauer flew to L.A. yesterday, and showed up at Lindsay's Venice loft around 6 PM.  

We're told Lindsay was actually in the makeup chair when things went south.  Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ ... Lauer's team blindsided them by saying the interview would be extremely lengthy because producers were planning to put it on "Dateline" as well as "Today."

Lindsay kicked up her heels, saying she was told it would only be a 15-minute interview, and refused to sit for anything longer.  The two sides began arguing -- to no avail -- and then Matt just packed up and left.

We're told before Lindsay made her decision, she consulted her publicist, Steve Honig, who agreed it was not the right time to do a televised and in depth interview. Once Lindsay decided to call it off,  Honig broke the news to Lauer.

Our NBC sources say producers made it clear to Lindsay and her people before Matt even got on the plane that the interview would be lengthy ... because it was servicing two shows.

Matt was not on "Today" today, and he's just about to land back in the Big Apple.

At least he got some AAdvantage miles out of it.



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Between internet shilling and wasting the time of Dateline and Today, she's doing a great job of rehabilitating her image as impulsive, unreliable and not that hard working.

1218 days ago


This rude entitled LOSER does not deserve the
Today show or Dateline stories. Glad the spoiled brat put the kibbosh on it and I hope Lauer and NBC never give her free publicity again.

Lindsay is still a spoiled brat who thinks she is someone. Redic.

1218 days ago


Yeah, dreamon, her PR people must be smilin'!

1218 days ago


Am I the only one that thinks Matt looks like Pewee Herman ?
Pants up high.. Maybe Lindsay thought it was Pewee.

1218 days ago


She is not educated enough to pull off a hour interview, she is a air head and what brains she has she filled it with blow. She is a skank , a liar, a thief you name it she fills it. She has nothing to say that any one with a 12 th grade education would want to hear.She could talk about STD's and being broke.

1218 days ago


CPS, (Love the handle) she'll find some way to blame her publicist for this anyway. It's win-win for Honig, Lindsay and Lauer. I'm sure other national network shows will be dying to work with her after this. Kudos Lohan.

1218 days ago


for heavens sake who does she think she is. I dont think she should be pushing her luck in hollywood anymore , its not like they are breaking down her door to give her movie roles..foolish girl

1218 days ago


Good decision Lindsay. Lauer is not the right person for this. He wanted an interview, her people said yes and then they found out ON THE DAY it would be a long "in depth" interview. Sorry Mr Lauer, when Lindsay is ready for an "in depth" interview, it won't be with you.

1218 days ago


They found out ON THE DAY? Well, what skillfull negotiators they are.

1218 days ago

tired of hearing about them    

I like the Today Show and I would rather not see an interview of Lindsay. She isn't news. Why waste the time on her.
Could they really fill half an hour about her on Dateline? She must had called them and wanted to be interviewed and then backed out. There are a lot more people that are interesting.

1218 days ago


In a "he said she said" between Matt and Lindsay, I think I'll believe Matt.

1218 days ago


I just can not imagine how some "serious journalist" would be taking the time to go to a location to meet with the likes of Ms Lohan or Charlie Sheen. Of course we are discussing being on NBC...never mind. ROFLMAO

1218 days ago


I dont get the fascination about her. She's got minimal talent, cant' sing, and her life is a train wreck.

1218 days ago


Why do people even bother with this idiot anymore? She can not do anything without causing massive aggervation and stress to all parties involved.

Not surprised she didnt want to do a "real interview" After all she is use to doing 2 minute sit downs with extra while cleaning out her closet which include zero hard hitting questions.

1218 days ago


Good, burn yet ANOTHER bridge, you foolish girl!

CAN'T sit still from all of her uppers, you mean, TMZ.

Let her keep doing her dip-shihtty commercials to nowhere, because that's where she's going - fast.

1218 days ago
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