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Cops: Justin Bieber's Security SCREWED UP

6/23/2011 5:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber's security REFUSED to follow police orders today ... after an unruly mob nearly overran the singer and are to blame the ruckus that followed -- this according to law enforcement sources.

We're told Bieber deviated from a carefully planned route outside Macy's today -- where he was supposed to sign autographs for fans -- and the crowd nearly trampled him.

Law enforcement sources tell us a plainclothes officer jumped to save Bieber -- but as we previously reported, the singer's security didn't realize the guy was a cop ... and pulled him off.

According to law enforcement, the officer in question immediately identified himself -- but Bieber's security guard still refused to stand down ... so cops "secured" the guy and cited him for disorderly conduct.

Bieber wasn't injured and continued signing autographs once the situation was brought under control.


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pink floyd    

it will all be over for him when his balls drop and his voice changes!!!!! justin your 15 mins are almost up??

1188 days ago

big al    

these idiots are gonna get this kid killed. tween girls are a force not to be reckoned with.

1188 days ago

Mike L    

Justin's Security needs to learn the laws in NY. Canadian and California laws don't apply here. I work Security/Bodyguarding/Bouncing in NYC. You NEVER, EVER, lay your hands on somebody, unless they touch you first. You are not a cop, you have no power to do anything. The second he touched the officer, he should have been arrested and booked for assault. Disorderly Conduct was being nice.

1188 days ago


I walked past these people outside of Macys on my way to work. Some of these girls were there on TUESDAY MORNING if you can believe it. Some even had their parents with them. What kind of parent would let their kid sit on a filthy sidewalk for THREE FULL DAYS so they can this little d-bag? These kind of people make me lose faith in humanity...

1188 days ago


He could have wanted to steal his hair and sell it to the cabal running our world.


Barry, the conspiracy guy

1188 days ago


Isn't his 15 minutes of fame up already

1188 days ago


Looks like a "HAIRY" situation.

1188 days ago


What a Dwieber.

1188 days ago


I agree with you Damon

How dare the cop cite the security guards.

Everyone KNEW who the security guards were, and they were doing THEIR job by protecting Justin from an aggressive guy approaching what he shouted cop...
Do you think if the shooter of Gabby the congresswoman in America shouted 'cop' he could have had several more shoots at her??
I can shout doctor, dosesn't make me one.
Some needs to cite the cop for not producing evidence,
and acting in an agressive manner endangering the security guards client.

1188 days ago


Actually TMZ also needs to apologise to the security guards for the heading for this article.

Does TMZ have no common sense...

If I was the security guards I would be suing TMZ for making this false statement, and sulleying my reputation.
Good luck to them finding another job after TMZ have falsely accused them when they were DOING THEIR JOB. THAT THEY ARE PAID TO DO..sHAME ON TMZ GUTTER LEVEL STANDARDS

1188 days ago


Biebs is past his 15mins and he's still around, his Baby vid on youtube has 571,146,352 hits, probably the highest views EVER. He's not going anywhere, so stop being jealous because people listen to whatever music genre they enjoy. These kids' parents camped out with them for several days to get his autograph because he's not a f*g, not on drugs/booze or tatted up all over like many male celebs his age....yeah someone decent for a change. Screaming fans have been doing what they do since the days of the Beatles, Elvis, Michael Jackson etc, and now with the HPotter cast, Twi cast, Jonas Bros, Miley, Taylor etc. so this ain't something new...and yeah their security's paid to do a job and they're doing it.

1188 days ago


Why are people so gullible? Then when you talk about the savior of the world, Jesus Christ, they want you to shut up.

1188 days ago

Mike L    

@Paula, You obviously, like the security guards, do not know the laws in NY. Security guards, which BTW must be licensed by the state, which I doubt these were, are civilians. They are NOT allowed to lay their hands on anybody unless they are hit first. Once they do, its assault. For all intents and purposes, this guard assaulted the officer and should be in a holding cell awaiting a trial.

1188 days ago

Boba Lola    

Huh? He wasn't trampled....they should let those girls have at him...they do support his arse by purchasing crap from him

1188 days ago


That crazy girl screeching Justin's name throughout the whole video is in desperate need of some of that universal mental health care. Excitement is one thing, but she's an accident waiting to happen.

1188 days ago
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