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Ryan Dunn's Porsche -- Scorched Heap of Scrap Metal

6/23/2011 12:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan Dunn's wrecked Porsche 911 GT3 is now sitting in a tow yard ... just a few miles from Monday's fatal crash ... and all that's left is a mangled heap of obliterated car parts.






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Part it out. Make a bunch of Jackass belt buckles and jewelry.

1186 days ago

St James III    


1186 days ago


I think I see a pair of charred ballz in there.....

1186 days ago


Dear Barry the conspiracy expert, Princess Diana was in the rear seat of a Mercedes, no seat belt, no air bags, when it hit a concrete abuttment at an estimated 70mph. She would have been thrown like a rag doll into the back of the front seats, her heart ruptured. Sounds plausible to me, occam's razor dude.

1186 days ago


Gosh, people are being so cruel. Yes he made a bad choice which ultimately cost him his life and the life of another, but that is nothing short of a tragedy and should not be mocked. We should have some respect for the loss of life in this situation and not be SO harsh on Ryan. As for his passenger (NOT VICTIM) I think it is also very sad he died. I have a hard time having sympathy for him tho when he is the one who CHOSE to get in the car with a drunk driver, jackass star who's whole life was dedicated to proving how brave and "cool" he was. What did he expect could potentially happen? I don't really think glorifying the passenger is appropriate. He's sounds just as stupid as Ryan was for drinking and driving by getting in the car with someone who was.

1186 days ago


Roger Ebert was right.

Ryan Dunn killed another person, the same as someone who would drive down the street shooting a gun in the air.

Time for the sick jackass fans to come out of the woodwork from their moms basement and defend their killer hero.

1186 days ago

Elvis Andretti    

You might be able to get some of the engine internals out of there and re-use them. It shouldn't be a total loss.

Remind me to buy Jerry Seinfeld a few shots next time I see him.

1186 days ago


What remains of the car needs to be put on display as an example ofwhat drinking and driving at high speeds can and will do.

1186 days ago


This is so sad. I seriously hope these two senseless deaths will be a reminder to people to not drink and drive, and to also not speed. It is heartbreaking to think that there were two people in that pile of metal. And it's awful to think that they never stood a chance. Ryan Dunn always reminded me of kids I grew up with; a goofball, but an overall good guy. His death just breaks my heart. I hate to think of what his last moments must have been like. Rest in peace, Ryan. We love you.

1186 days ago


My God that is horrible! I don't even want to think what it was like to be Ryan or his friend when this happened. I hope I go in my sleep.

1186 days ago


To anyone crying about his family or friends or whatever just remember he killed someone and himself.

You don't even know him and people trying to make him a hero when he was nothing but a HUGE ZERO..

1186 days ago


THe Family should get the car back and donate it to an orgainization like MADD and they can use it for showing college kids what can happen if u D&D. I know society will draw the good out of this event and Ryan death will save lives!!

1186 days ago


Guess they washed the body parts, charred flesh & cooked on blood off.

1186 days ago


Eh, that'll buff right out.

1186 days ago


How in the world were they able to recover the bodies???? This picture should be on billboards to remind people to not drink and drive.

1186 days ago
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