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Donald Sutherland

When the Metal Met the Pedal

6/24/2011 7:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Sutherland made the case yesterday that bicycles and cars don't co-exist well, especially in the People's Republic of Santa Monica.

Sutherland collided with a bicyclist in the seaside city, at around 2:45 PM.  The bicyclist suffered some sort of injury -- paramedics wrapped her arm after arriving on scene.

It's unclear who caused the crash.  One thing cops are sure of -- alcohol was not a factor.


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This is easier to do than you might think, particularly when bikers veer into the roadway. I have had two such incidents. You can keep away from them only so much.

And Harvo2face, if you really are an LA police officer, wouldn't you be arrested for shooting someone for accidentally hitting your horse?

1220 days ago


any dummy knows that bikes and people walk/ride all over Santa Monica and need to be careful. mu guess is mr s was paying no attention and he should know better.

**** happens in my little city at the palisades!

1220 days ago


LOVE Donald Sutherland in Little Murders.

1220 days ago



Don't be fooled by this guy.....and if he was someone has been "shopping" in the evidence room!!

1220 days ago

Physical Graffiti    

Bikes and cars CAN'T co-exist in SM. The streets are so narrow, and if you've got a car parked on either side of the street, you're screwed...unless you have a key chain car.

1220 days ago


Amen Messygirl! I live in a small town and it seems every year there are more and more tour de France wanna-bes on the road. They NEVER follow the rules of the road and that includes stopping when I have the green light and their side has a red. They feel that if they are close enough to the speed limit (rural back roads) that they can just ride in the middle of the lane and you can stay behind them, unless you want to risk your life and others by trying to pass them on the narrow curvy road and pray no other cars are coming around the corner. Riding in groups of four in block formation does not make you a car, move over to the side, single file and all that! OH and just because you are riding in some event doesn't mean I'm going to pull off the road so you can ride on the wrong side of the road. The poster who used the term Cycle Nazi nailed it!

1220 days ago


I wonder if he was driving a Volvo?

1220 days ago


I know who's at fault, the chick on the bike. Bicyclists are all fking idiots. They all think the rules of the road ( and sidewalks) dont apply to them. Every single day I see plenty of idiots on bikes doing illegal and potentially dangerous things.

1220 days ago

Bob C.    

First of all, it is illegal in the city of Santa Monica to ride your bicycle on the sidewalk. You can read it in the Santa Monica Municipal Code:

Therefore, cyclists are required by law to share the road with drivers.

Secondly, you're talking about a small group of cyclists that break the law. There are quite a few cyclists, including myself that stop at red lights, that don't swerve in and out of traffic, that don't use crosswalks, etc... The same can be said about drivers that run red lights, weave in and out of lanes, drive excessively over the speed limit, etc... Everyone here is so high and mighty for no reason, and the idea that you think cyclists deserve to get hit is appalling. You're talking about a human life.

1220 days ago


Physical Graffiti, of course they can. we road bikes all over and still do in SM. anything can co-exist doo doo brains!

1220 days ago


Have to watch out for those Canadian drivers!!!!!!

Just Kidding!!! Donald Sutherland is one of the all time greats!!!


Sounds like the cyclist will be just fine, all was handled well.

1220 days ago


@Kathy - I think there are probably some exceptional actors out there, but hollywood rarely makes quality movies anymore. I think it's because today's moviegoers arent't into quality, but hollywood is continually remaking the same crap. Hence, there's no way we woud ever discover the talented people. It's too bad.

1220 days ago


what part of SM are you talking about? the alleys?

1220 days ago

Bob C.    

@ginny - not sure if your question is directed at me, but if it is, the answer is it is illegal for bikes to ride on the sidewalk in all parts of the city of Santa Monica.

1220 days ago


I hate those biking assh***s who think they are Lance Armstrong and the road for example the PCH when right next to it is an effin bike path.

1220 days ago
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