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Kim Kardashian

And Heidi Klum Go Jogging

6/26/2011 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gal pals Kim Kardashian and Heidi Klum decided to risk the health of every male within eyeshot when they went jogging yesterday along the water in Battery Park.

Thankfully, everyone was ok.


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Wow, Kim, you are FAT. I mean, really fat. You fat ass.

1112 days ago

Tina Thomas    

As a trainer Kim is NOT a 0 or 2.More like a 10/12.Running next to Heidi Klume will make anyone look fat but Kim K is airbrushed everywhere in photos so you don't really get to see what she really looks like.

1112 days ago


TMZ has really gone downhill. They kiss so much pseudo-celebrity ass it's pathetic. "Risking the health of every man within eyeshot..." What a bunch of ass kissers. Heidi is attractive, though not particularly interesting. Kardashian is just boring, and nothing to look at. TMZ should have written, "Heidi Klum and Kim K. went jogging today, and some ass-kissing pseudo-celebrity fame-obsessed suckups at TMZ are hoping to score a few points by writing about how gorgeous they are." How 'bout a little truth TMZ? You're going downhill.

1112 days ago


OMG. Kim stop listening to the 'yes people' around you. You are a fat, nasty, blubbery MIDGET!!!!

Can you imagine this porker pregnant?

1112 days ago

Yep I said that    

Come on Heidi you can find a better running pal than that skanky ho

1112 days ago


Come on people let's stop being mean to the 10/12's out there. She's at least a size 16 with that a$$.

1112 days ago


I hope KK isn't asked to be a guest judge on Project Runway. The show used to have real fashionistas then they moved to the old lady channel and put on Lohan! This reality show skank would be the final nail in that show's coffin. Poor Tim Gunn! They will have to FUMIGATE!

1112 days ago

Trooper Tom    

the only thing size 0 - 2 on Kardashian is the space between her ears. This is just publicity for the TV show these two are on, lets hope Klum has better taste in friends than that ho she is jogging with

1112 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

Kim looks like she weighs 140lbs she can not be a size 0 or 1....

Not that I'm saying she looks bad, but yeah these celeb lie about their weight.

1112 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

It looks like Kim could run around the planet and still couldn't loose half of that HUGH rear END she carries behind her!!!!! She should be called Kim "LARDASSHIAN"

1112 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

This is proof that quick trim and fit in your jeans by Friday video doesn't work. Her sister Khloe sure doesn't look like she's fit bet yet they claim that their product works? Are you ********** me? Diet pills are unhealthy, it's best to work out as much as possible and eat small portions...and wala you'll lose lbs's...

1112 days ago


Reality- So sorry I didn't already know that your blue collar ass would be working on a Sunday! Yes, I am a moron for engaging in a back and forth with you. I think a part of me likes antagonizing low budget mother ******* like yourself.If your job is so important to you, why are you on TMZ commenting on Kim K and not handling your business? Hope the boss isn'*****ching. Keep serving love and I'm sure I'll hear from you soon.

1112 days ago


Actually, you're almost right, my boss IS watching me. See, I develop video games...while your fat ass was out jogging trying to lose weight, I made 45 dollars SITTING on my ass WITH my boss AND co-workers, EATING PIZZA. See, my job is important, because I love it. We have fun here, and surfing the Net is a big part of it, so no, I won't get in trouble. I'M 23 AND MAKING 6 FIGURES, YOU?

1112 days ago


This makes perfectly good sense to me.

1112 days ago


Kim is not a pretty sight!!

1112 days ago
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