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'Simpsons' Bombshell -- The TRUTH About MJ Song!!!

6/27/2011 10:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson hand-picked an MJ voice impersonator to sing the famous "Happy Birthday Lisa" song featured on "The Simpsons" back in 1991 ... this according to Lisa herself, Yeardley Smith.

Smith was outside the Red O restaurant in L.A. this weekend, when she explained, "[Michael] was not allowed to sing on the show, so he literally hand-picked a guy to sing like him."

During the famous episode, "Stark Raving Dad," Michael provided the voice to a mental patient who thought he was MJ ... but according to reports, Jackson's record label blocked MJ from singing the Lisa birthday song.

MJ ultimately selected a man named Kipp Lennon -- and Yeardley explains, "How unnerving would it be to sing like Michael Jackson in front of Michael Jackson?"

0627_lisa_launch2We called Kipp to find out -- so far, no response. 


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Here you go..The TRUTH..Michael Jackson .. appeared on the "Stark Raving Dad" episode of The Simpsons, which aired September 19, 1991. Credited as John Jay Smith, Mr. Jackson voiced Leon Kompowsky. Accused of being a "free-thinking anarchist" because he wore a pink shirt to work one day, Homer Simpson is placed in a mental institution, where he meets Leon Kompowsky, a 300-pound white man who believes he's Michael Jackson. When Homer brings Leon home, Leon helps Bart write a song for Lisa's birthday to make up for Bart forgetting his sister's birthday. Lisa proclaims the song the best gift she's ever gotten, and forgives her brother. After this, Leon Kompowsky admits that he knows he's not Michael Jackson, and that he's really a bricklayer from New Jersey. Claiming that he felt angry for most of his life and that he earned people's respect when he did his Michael Jackson impersonation, he started to tell people his was Michael Jackson. At the end of the episode he leaves Springfield as Leon Kompowsky, his confidence renewed.

The use of a pseudonym was one of Mr. Jackson's requirements for his appearance, which led the producers of the show to decide that any celebrity who wished to appear on The Simpsons had to agree to be credited under their real name. Mr. Jackson also asked that any singing done of the show be done by an impersonator as a joke on his family, and Kipp Lennon was hired to sing for the episode. Although Michael Jackson also sang the songs, the singing of Mr. Lennon was used in the episode, according to The Simpsons' music editor Chris Ledesma. When Leon explains why he was impersonating Michael Jackson, the character was voiced by Hank Azaria. The song, "Happy Birthday, Lisa" was written by Mr. Jackson, but was credited to "W. A. Mozart".

1180 days ago


Du about an hour ago
Seriously, TMZ? Do you know how to Google? Do a teeny bit of research before you slap up your "Exclusive" banner.

LOL I totally agree!! I've posted the same thing to tmz many times, tmz just fails at any kind of research! Tmz is becoming less and less trustworthy and more laughable!

1180 days ago


Mental patient and Jacko in the same sentence is perfect.
I liked Mister Jefferson in South Park.

1180 days ago


Duh. Kipp also sang the "Flaming Moes" song (parodying 'Cheers').

Good job, TMZ. You are now the leading gossip site for 1992. Only 19 years to catch up on...

1180 days ago


TMZ: could your news getting any older?

1180 days ago


TMZ just found out about this old news? Has TMZ been living under a rock?

1180 days ago


She has nice boobs!!!

1180 days ago


FairlyOrdinary 3 hours ago
This isn't new. People have known this for years. The singer was Kipp Lennon.


duhh they told you that in the story.

1180 days ago

The flying dog    

Lisa it's your birthday!♥♫
Happy birthday Lisa!♫♫♫
Lisa it's your birthday!♫♫♫
Happy birthday Lisa!♥♫

1180 days ago


thats no is in plenty of mj books and articles that he was prohibited from singing it himself, even the creator of the show was interviewed about it..

1180 days ago


Yeardly Smith wonders what would be more unnerving than singing like Michael Jackson in front of Michael Jackson? How about being a little boy singing or doing anything in front of Michael Jackson?

1180 days ago


Pathetic, but no surprise!

1180 days ago


You guys are idiots if you believe Michael Jackson would ever allow anyone to impersonate him. C'mon people.

1180 days ago


During the famous episode, "Stark Raving Dad," Michael provided the voice to a mental patient who thought he was MJ ... but according to reports, Jackson's record label blocked MJ from singing the Lisa birthday song.
....and so this chick just happens to be out on the street to discuss an episode of the Simpsons from twenty years ago and two years after michael's passing??????? This is just More BS to take pot shots at Michael and to portray him in a negative way.........
Leave it to the tabloid/media to always "run-a-muck" over Michael Jackson's life.
Therefore if Murray is not a mental patient, what's the true significance of this latest trifling attempt to associate oneself with Michael????......
More Slander?????? Of course!!!

Murray is still guilty of killing Michael Jackson.

1180 days ago

frank bonini    

I've heard this story was/is a Y.S original...It was 1st told in-public-thru a 2nd-hand source-by either Harry Shearer &/or Dan Casteneletta when both of them appeared on Late Night With Conan O'Brien back in the mid-/late-90s...It's been told thru either her &/or other 2nd-hand sources in many an interview &/or something &/or other Simpsons-related ever since...

1180 days ago
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