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Halle Berry In Court

Trouble Brewing Over Custody

6/28/2011 9:14 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry is in family court right now, doing battle with Gabriel Aubry over custody of their 3-year-old daughter, Nahla.

Halle's lawyer filed a very thick stack of documents a few minutes ago, outlining trouble she's had with Gabriel.  We're told the document lists Gabriel's alleged failings as a dad.

Gabriel didn't show up, but his lawyer is there. We'll let you know when it's over.

UPDATE: Halle just took off in her silver Acura.



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All I can say is watch out Gabrial, read the story about the guy vs his ex in a customdy battle this am's edition of the LA Times. Her name is West I think. This is something Halle would pull in a heart beat, for that matter many women would do this thinking its OK becasue it is for the kid.
Woman are far more vicious than men could ever be, period!

1211 days ago


Oh pleeeze, that guy is in it for the money and nothing else.

The ONLY way Gabriel is going to leave Halle Berry alone is if she pays him off.

1211 days ago


You may not like the father but the daughter does. So stop being bitter and let her spend time with him.

1211 days ago


I'm confused... He was a "wonderful father"... a "caring father" yada yada yada until they broke up?? I don't understand women (or men for that either) why they think bringing a child into the world without a real "committment" to each other is such a great idea. A child needs a father and a mother as they each bring something to the childs life. If he were just an average guy wanting partial custody of HIS child, would he be in it for the money. Maybe he truly loves his child. Her, and women like her, give women a bad name. She seems to be the only one airing her dirty laundry and she has a history of it with various men. I hope they can work this out without using THEIR child as a pawn. Just my opinon...

1211 days ago


They both need to grow up, for the sake of their daughter. Hopefully they behave in front of Nayla.

1211 days ago


TMZ sure must have a lot of lawyers on staff. Just about the only thing TMZ talks about is court cases.

1211 days ago


Italia 8 minutes ago Oh pleeeze, that guy is in it for the money and nothing else.

The ONLY way Gabriel is going to leave Halle Berry alone is if she pays him off.

He is 100% not in it for the money - if it were that simple, she would have paid him off months ago. She is enormously rich and wouldn't even feel it.

No, he actually LOVES and CARES for his child and is seeking joint custody or at least some leverage in her upbringing. It's not exactly a secret that the mother is a woman who has serious issues with relationships. She wanted a child but didn't consider what would happen next. She should have purchased the sperm and then she wouldn't have to bother with an actual "father" who wishes to share time with his daughter. Gabriel also made a mistake at that time and should have guaranteed his status as father before the birth. I know that money buys everything in the USA and I just hope that he will manage to obtain a decent arrangement which will guarantee him access and joint custody.

1211 days ago


@Italia - I suspect that Gabriel would also be fine with Halle giving him his child and them both the hell alone.

1211 days ago


Here we go again.....I feel for him having to deal with this crazy woman for the rest of his life but that's what happens when you have kids before you think of who you are having them with!

1211 days ago

some guy    

Fortune Cookie say: "More the Paperwork, less they have to say."... in bed!

1211 days ago


Ruth - 100% agree and perfect way of putting it. The only ones talkin in this mess is HER. Halle obviously wants total control over the situation and sorry, but the courts don't look at that. Its the best interests of te CHILD, not the parents. She has fought him every step of the way in custody and now claims he is such a bad father and parent but worshiped him when they were together? Vindictive, spiteful, evil woman who will only cause harm to her child. I hope she loses more custody to be honest. Women like her make us ALL look bad.

1211 days ago


Horrible parent. Horrible. Let the little girl visit her Dad, and quit bickering because you failed each other!

1211 days ago

Team eM Zed    

TMZ has accomplished the amazing - a bad picture of Halle.

I thought that sh*t was impossible!

1211 days ago


She'll win. She's got more money. That's how it works. Has reading TMZ not taught you guys ANYthing?

1211 days ago


She could easily pass for a little boy. How anyone finds that attractive is beyond me.

1211 days ago
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