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Halle Berry In Court

Trouble Brewing Over Custody

6/28/2011 9:14 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry is in family court right now, doing battle with Gabriel Aubry over custody of their 3-year-old daughter, Nahla.

Halle's lawyer filed a very thick stack of documents a few minutes ago, outlining trouble she's had with Gabriel.  We're told the document lists Gabriel's alleged failings as a dad.

Gabriel didn't show up, but his lawyer is there. We'll let you know when it's over.

UPDATE: Halle just took off in her silver Acura.



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Here's the issue in a nutshell. Halle, wanted a sperm donor, but not just any sperm, it had to be designer sperm, looks, size, colour. Well, apparently, Gabriel is not into playing the Papa was a rolling stone, wherever he left his sperm was his home. He appears to love is beautiful daughter and recognizes her as such and isn't going to allow Halle to claim full custody, if she wanted that she should have gone to the sperm donor clinic, it's not as fun, but it's less complicated when you have her agenda.

Brother Aubry, I got your back. Dad Power!!!! [which doesn't add up to much in the female dominated, pu88y wooped courts.

1216 days ago


I saw this coming a long time ago.
Halle Berry looks an angelic beautiful woman but she is a mean evil person. She can get all these men but she can NEVER keep them. They end up beating her, cheating on her or just getting the hell away from her as fast as they can.

1216 days ago


Is it me or does it seem as if Halle is taking all of her daddy issues out on the relationship her daughter has with Gabriel? Does she not want her daughter to have a solid relationship with her father because Halle didn't have one with hers?

As a woman and a single parent, it always irks me when women play these games with their children's' father as payback for the failed relationship.

1216 days ago


HA! Ten great minutes in the sack, a lifetime of headaches. I hope it was worth it, Halle.

1216 days ago

TMZ dont like me    

Damn, Gabe. You and Halle should have sat down and had some lawyers write up a child custody contract, the night Nahla was concieved...

1216 days ago


she told him "you were just a sperm donor" Halle cant stay married to save her life....I`m guessing she`s at fault for everything....poor guy!! I bet she is one psycho chick.

1216 days ago

Shiela Jones    

Halle - you are a beautiful woman. Please do not disappoint the public by showing how UGLY you are in the inside? Whatever your issues are with Nahlia's the grownup and stop being a crazy BI*C* and have your daughter enjoy the time she has with her daddy. I grew up with my mom but she told me that she and my dad just could not get along but he is my daddy and was not opposed to us having a good healthy relationship with him. Stop playing the victim as YOUR DAUGHTER is the victim - NOT you.

1216 days ago


Halle deserves to lose custody of Nahla so she sees what it feels like to be kept from your child.

1216 days ago


why does she insist on dragging things out and wasting the courts time....any day now her daughter will start to understand that mommy is trying to get daddy completely out of her life

someday when her daughter is older and googling things, she'll be able to combine the father she's known all her life and the reports about the ruckus her mother kept causing about custody and in the end she will resent her mother for this

Halle tried bashing Gabriel in the press before-didn't work then and I won't believe it now
it's a matter of time before her next relationship fails-why would the "new guy" want to stick around and have a child with her when he sees what she's doing to the "old guy" (if you know what I mean)

she has a pretty strong vengeful side- and doesn't seem to need much of a reason for it to come out other than her not getting her way!!

1216 days ago


yeah, here's the trouble...Gabriel wants to see his daughter!! And that wench won't let him!!

1216 days ago


there are pics of gabriel out with nahla yesterday on radar online & in the pics nahla is having a good time & comfortable w/ how bad has gabriel really been treating her as halle is trying to claim?

1216 days ago


While Halle went overboard with her allegations last year which totally backfired for her in playing the victim, tragic mulatto, Halle Scary and all of the other names posters call her. There has never been any proof that Aubry actually does care about Nahla and isn't out for Halle's money regardless of what he's allegedly worth.

Known fact, they did go to an IVF clinic. Gabriel as rich as he supposedly is benefited greatly by Halle paying his bills, putting money into his failed restaurant, bailing him out of his failed restaurant, her buying him the Benz he drives for whacking in a cup for her at the LA Fertility Clinic in Glendale, her put a down payment for him on the lakeside home in outside of Montreal and a rented place outside SF. Also rumored he was living in one of her unused homes until last September. More modeling gigs, etc. And there's more to the list.
Total bs about taking him along to South Africa and the UK last year when Halle's former babysitter, bodyguards and manager were in tow? As well as him renting a place in NYC before for 6 months to a year two weeks before her going back to do her one week stint in New Years Eve with him staying at some hotel? Like either need the tax deduction. That's almost as bad as Halle staying in a hotel in NYC when working when she has a place there, better uses of tax deductions. SORRY FOR THE DIGRESSION-----------------------------------------------------------------
the only reason he looks better he hasn't allegedly gone off other than a few comments and him brief Kim Kardashian golddigging episode being quiet covering his gay/bi a$$---other than producing a kid--their relationship was as fake and forced as her former one with Martinez--both were for business, oops I forgot.

1216 days ago


I've heard nothing nice about her, she wanted a child and thought Gabriel was the greatest until they split and now she's doing everything to keep him away from her. She wants everything her way. The daughter adores him and he should be allowed to have 50/50 of custody with Halle. Who made her god, he makes lots of his own money and just because she's an actress and travels to locations for movie shoots he should just let her do whatever she wants. Give me a break, team Gabrielle!!

1216 days ago

Khate sucks    

GIVE HIM THE CHILD! SHE IS A WHACK JOB! The child is in danger just like the ppl that she hit and run! WHACK JOB!

1216 days ago


She also thought David and Eric were the greatest things since sliced bread until they split. Of course she has issues.

@dede must be another site or old pictures. Gabe hasn't been seen anywhere with Nahla in months. The only things that have been on any sites are two golf tourneys and work ads. Please provide links to these so-called recent pictures. If they were, they weren't publicized. Thanks.

1216 days ago
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