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Kim Kardashian --


6/28/2011 9:45 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Looking like a Real Housewife of Las Vegas, Kim Kardashian wore an interesting leopard print jumpsuit while shopping with fashion designer Vera Wang in NYC on Monday.




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Kathy Sweet    

Mirror broke Kim ?
Awful outfit....

1159 days ago


these nutters comments are so unreal, what idiots, Kim is laughing all the way to the bank while these idiots are sitting on their fat arses complaining at someone's success.....Kim does not care less either, i bet they all look ugly themselves..Kim is a beautiful looking girl, stop complaining you nutters and go and do something useful with your lives so you don't get jealous of these people, get real and get a life!!!!

1159 days ago


@ Pookie, you're suffering from jealousy syndrome. Kim, you are the bang. You look fabulous.Do your thing. To you Kim Haters out there, you can't stop Kim. She is engaged and will soon be married;there is no going back. Just wish her well so that you will live long.

1159 days ago


Wow, talk about polar opposites. One is thin and talented, the other worthless and FAT! EWW, Vero eat burger and KIM LAY OFF THE BURGERS, COW!

1159 days ago


ummm, I adore Kim. The outfit not so much.

1159 days ago


Is Kim hanging out with the Chinese guy from The Hangover?

1159 days ago


their are some of the worst people commenting on here! no manners! and hateful! just because no one ever showed you love dose not mean you have to take it out on someone else!!! Kim is just as human as anyone commenting on this message board so don't act like you've never had your ugly, fat, fake, or whatever crazy names you come up with, days! she's doing her own thing not worrying about you so don't worry about her. i know your mom taught you better than to put people down and the craziest thing is most people on here most likely have kids wow, I know you were taught if u don't have anything nice to say don't say it at all and if you were not taught that lesson, well with the nasty stuff thats coming from u someone should be teaching many lessons on how to act. and about sex tapes lol lol i wonder what your four walls would say about your sex life hmmmm pls stop the press and the hating dont act like ur better than the next

1159 days ago


Vera Wang looks like a walking scarecrow and Kim just looks horrible!

1159 days ago


I don t understand why they are in the spotlight ?
How much fans she has ?
Are fans spending money on her and her products ?
Or is she sheating pretentding to have millions of fans to earn easy money from endorsement and media ?
Is she that popular ?
How is that possible ?
I bet everytime she has to put her feet outside her house she informed the paparazi to come and take pictures of her. This is her sens of business. Where are her fans, apart from a bunch of paparazi following her I have never seen a big crowed screaming her name.

1159 days ago


Am I the only one that sees her $2 million engagement ring as a double standard?? She proclaimed loudly about the Armenian genocide and the Turkish gov't using her photos. But she does realize that virtually all diamonds are on the backs of the African people right? They speculate 80% of all the worlds diamonds are possibly blood diamonds, which are diamonds that were received on the backs of an African genocide. So Armenian genocide "ooooohh bad", but african genocide "YAY good because I get $2 million diamonds!!!"

Or am I the only one seeing the hypocrisy here???

1158 days ago


Very ugly....and vera looks like a skeleton. Eat some food or ask Kim what she eats.

1157 days ago


I like Kim

1157 days ago


Come on TMZ! Until people like you who report on Celebs STOP with the Kardashian's daily nonsense, they'll never go away! WHAT is their talent? A lousy (and I mean lousy) reality show and it all started with Kim's sex tape with a third rate rapper peeing on her. Please, like Spencer and Heidi - STOP reporting about them so they'll GO AWAY!! (Also PLEASE REMOVE THE SPAM!! I KNOW that you can do it!!)

1156 days ago


I accidently hit report on a post - I thought it said REPLY.. can that be undone? I only wanted to tell the poster that I cannot read her post with the atrocious spelling errors and ask them to try again. So please ignore the 'report' I just sent and well, I guess I'll ignore the horribly spelled post and stop trying to read the mess.

1156 days ago


One fat one skinny,
but they BOTH LOOK OLD !!

1155 days ago
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