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Denise Richards Adopts Newborn

6/29/2011 5:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Denise Richards has adopted a newborn baby ... TMZ has confirmed.


It's a girl, who is now a few weeks old.  Denise named the baby Eloise Joni, after her mom Joni, who died in 2007.

The biological mother gave birth in the U.S.

Eloise joins Sam, 7, and Lola, 6, in the Richards brood.      


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Nikea Jackson     


Nola i think tmz was just seperating her from the celebs who adopt from various countries it surprised me when it said she adopted from the states typically thats not the case . knock the chip off ya shoulder

1207 days ago


Kudos to Denise and Sandra for adopting American! I wish her and her children all the best! There is no nobler role than that of a mother!

1207 days ago


I'm glad they said the child is from the USA .
Tired of all the African kids & Chinese kids coming
into our country. Lets take care of our own (no
matter if they are purple, like Prince's kids).
Madonna & Angelina need a toe up their ass

1207 days ago


i hope its a white baby. Im sick of celebrities adopting baby's from africa, like they got something to prove. There are millions of orphans in eastern europe nobody cares about, give white kids a chance!!

1207 days ago


How sad that baby has to live in the spotlight and be associated with Sheen. There are so many loving famlies wanting a newborn who will raise it is a loving environment without all the Hollywood crap.

1207 days ago


I think it's great when people adopt children in the United States, why shouldn't the article mention that? There are so many unwanted children in this country -- why do celebs think that they have to go outside of the States to adopt? As far as what's in the best interest of the child - having a loving person that wants to care for her (Denise isn't the bad guy here....) She showed a lot of strength walking away from that lunatic Charlie Sheen. I highly doubt that Charlie Sheen is her only source of income. The person that mentioned that obviously doesn't realize that Denise Richards is an actress, and has money of her own before she ever met Charlie. Who cares how much money she has anyway?

1207 days ago


The world has gone "want" a "baby" (an accessory), and no problem if one has enough money. Hire a surogate, use some other woman's eggs, use sperm from a bank, and before you know it you can have a "baby". With the exception of the Jolie-Pitt clan, very few celebs have chosen "children" in need of a home, for adoption. Fertility clinics, women with a useful uterus, sperm banks and the best lawyers money can buy, will get you what you want.

Statistics show that most parents who are adopting want a girl...I am an adoptive mother, and our agency passed along a great variety of information during the long process. The value of that fact was to help people come to terms with how their deepest feelings about becoming parents to a child to whom they had not given birth. The preference for gender when fertility is not an issue, for a first child, the biological choice is for a male. Studies show that the attachment to a baby girl (adopted) is an easier process. Of course, there are exceptions to that is not EVERY couple.

Wasn't Denise Richards with those children in one of those sorted blow-ups with Mr. Sheen within the past 12 months? She has to be mother/father to those 2 children she shares with him. Why the "need" for a "new" baby? I guess everyone else is doing it now that science has made it possible.

What is the story a woman in her situation eventually tells this child? I wanted you so much that....????what???? But the thinking probably doesn't project that far into the future. This is why when most adoptions were done through agencies, there were guidelines, just for starters, that a couple had to meet.

1207 days ago


How wonderful Hollywood is,wake up one morning and say' I think I want to go shopping today for a baby' & WAMMO, you buy yourself one, Other poor souls wait for years and maybe never get the chance. I think its disgusting just because they have the money . Pitiful!

1206 days ago


I really hope this is not an african american baby, I am so sick of the white women adopting(saving) these kids. Ugh I am so over it, what are they the new toy dog?

1206 days ago


Of course, Denise can easily adopt a newborn when many others can't. It's called: " with money, you get honey."
What I wonder about is if she's in competition with Angelina Jolie.

1206 days ago


I just read about denise, that is great. I am happy for her and her children, congratulation...u must have one more a son to look after all u woman....u r a great mother continued success..maggie

1206 days ago


"Born in USA" declares that the baby is
A. A natural born American Citizen;
B. Adopted under American adoption laws.

As more than half of all US births are to unwed mothers and a like amount reared is single parent households there wouldn't seem to be much difference in the childhood of children adopted by homosexuals. Follow up studies show these children are just as well adjusted as those reared in the typical maladjusted screwed up American family. After all sexual identification is biologically, not socially, determined.

1205 days ago


well god bless her for taking a little one into her family.

1205 days ago


Im SO Happy for you .. Congradulations Denise** and family :)

1198 days ago


I am an adoptive mother, international though. If you know anything about domestic adoptions, it is the birthmother who CHOOSES the adoptive families. She also had a time period when she can change her mind. Often it is the birthmother and birthfather who will go through the prospective adoptive parents profiles that are provided by adoption agencies. Babies are not handed over.

1190 days ago
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