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Lindsay Lohan -- Free To Roam Today

6/29/2011 9:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's been thirty-five days since she began her grueling house arrest -- and now, Lindsay Lohan is moments away from sweet, sweet freedom.


The tracking device placed on Lindsay's ankle will be removed -- probably this morning -- and she will be free to roam the streets of Venice -- and beyond -- as she pleases.

Lindsay will then sign a house arrest completion form, which will then be forwarded to the L.A. County Sheriff's Department.

But Lindsay is not out of the woods.  She's on probation for the jewelry heist and must complete her 480 hours of community service.  She must also enroll in a "shoplifters alternative class" -- yes, we love that too -- and undergo psychological counseling.

But Lindsay will no longer have to endure the calamari that just doesn't travel well.  She's free to eat at Gjelina again, where the calamari is always fresh and crisp.


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RW - just get some Preparation H. You can rub it on your face and your arse, since one's the same as the next.

1210 days ago

Ghost Rider    

I think its pretty funny how we are more concerned with RW than Lindsay this point. I mean this tool really takes the cake of all cakes imo.

1210 days ago


But since RW mentions it, I gotta ask: where IS John Smith? He's been absent since he shilled for Beezid.

Maybe she bid on him, got him home and then threw him away?

1210 days ago


Izzy, I know, I agree, but he cannot be for real. His comments are waaaaaay too over the top to be real. I think he just loves coming on here and making people's jaws drop. He's having too much fun with it to think otherwise.

But your comments have been gems straight from a pirate's chest, arrrgh!

1210 days ago


How long until the crooked authorities try to frame her again?

1210 days ago

some guy    

Ahhh.... booze. It's a hell of a drug.

Cheers, Lindsay (Do as i do not as i say)!

1210 days ago

some guy    

Hmm 2:00 p.m. here on the East Coast. Means it's about 11 over there.

Hope you're getting ready for your community service. I hope you help some people today. Did you make those muffins yourself?

1210 days ago


Whomever used Mel Gibson as an example of someone who's made a comeback. BAD EXAMPLE!!! Mel's last movie, "The Beaver" had a budget of 19 million and the box office gross (it opened in May) was $873,908.

1210 days ago


I give her 3 days MAX before she's off the charts again.

1210 days ago


ilovegossip 8 minutes ago

Whomever used Mel Gibson as an example of someone who's made a comeback. BAD EXAMPLE!!! Mel's last movie, "The Beaver" had a budget of 19 million and the box office gross (it opened in May) was $873,908.


No way? ! ??? Wow. That's bad. Reeeeeeeeeeeally reeaaaaaally bad. All of the TMZ trolls had me thinking that the world had forgiven Mel - guess not. And Mel was a dam/ned good actor. But an idiot. It's harder still to be a mediocre actor and an idiot, Lindsay.

1210 days ago


so happy i live in Iowa a place that girl would never willingly set foot in. Its sick that she is still free only because she is a celebrity rather than behind bars, what does she have to do? punch a supreme court justice or the president or god forbid kill some one in order to have a real punishment?

1210 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Good luck selling that BS JULIA!

1210 days ago

O-C Guy    

L.A. Public Warning: If you must travel until Lindsay Lohan is lock-up again, for your safety, buckle-up your seat belts when driving in your vehicle and be especially careful if you are walking on sidewalks or crossing streets.

1210 days ago


I first gave her two weeks until the next f*ck up......but now I'm thinking 12 midnight pacific standard time june 29, 2011

her wrist must be so sore from being slapped so much.......

tonight she'll be spankin's some ****........

1210 days ago


roam right to the nearest drug dealer

1210 days ago
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