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Arnold's Mistress & Love Child -- Picking Up the Pizzas

6/30/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger's baby mama Mildred Baena is living large with their son, Joseph ... dining this afternoon on pizza and wine at a California Pizza Kitchen in Tarzana, CA.

Mother and son ordered a BBQ chicken pizza, crispy mac and cheese, half a Caesar salad, and another specialty pizza.

We don't know the identity of the man in the plaid shirt, but we do know that Mildred's older son was sitting to her right.  The waitress told other employees that the older son was hitting on her, asking if she'd go to the beach with him.  She says she declined.

And, the waitress was grousing that she only got a 10% tip.


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Jesus TMZ you are a low class site. Why follow them? Who cares. Leave the kid alone for god sakes.

1122 days ago


Anonymous 6 hours ago
Looks like Petunia pig is wolfing down most of the pizza. Arnie you know how to pick them why settle for hamburger at the drive through when you had steak at home? Mildred's older son sounds sleazy like his parent. Someone hand that poor little boy a protein shake and send him to the gym.


Maria's more of a thin cut pork chop if you ask me.

1122 days ago


She should be thankful she received a 10% tip! As far as I'm concerned she didn't deserve a dime! Taking pictures and selling them to TMZ?? That's pretty low! Next time they shouldn't give her anything, she's a crappy, spying, big mouthed waitress. Enough said!

1122 days ago


who cares he is not the first and he wont be the last man who cheat on there wife. i love you TMZ but this is royal stupid don't everybody eat. leave the darn kid alone. what's next.

1122 days ago


@lilac Your an idiot. That place isn't like a mcdonalds or pizza hut. you sit at a table and order food from a server not the counter.

1121 days ago


my word,that "woman" is can only wonder why someone like AS would even TOUCH that thing.eeeewwwww.the next day after she was revealed,wendy williams was just ripping her apart!!it was hilarious!!

1121 days ago


Eating pizza is living large? O.o

...leave these people alone, this kid has a right to privacy.

1121 days ago


Who the **** cares about this bull****?

1121 days ago


Poor old Arnie - the plot from a "paternity perspective" - which has taken him to the road to divorce.

Arnold Schwarzenegger had a fling with his housekeeper (Mildred Baena).

Arnie makes the assumption that the child is his, as there are NO confirmed reports whether he has had a DNA paternity test to confirm that he is the biological father.

Furthermore he then (according to reports) decides to DECLARE that he fathered ANOTHER child with a lady called Tammy Tousignant’s (who was an air-hostess on his private plane). The woman had to take DNA paternity tests along with her son and husband (called Tom) to demonstrate to the media that Arnie Schwarzenegger was not the daddy!

Another true story: my friend was so sure he was the father of a baby until a DNA test from a proper paternity testing company called Future Genetics (

Mr Schwarzenegger needs to be sure before claiming paternity of other peoples offspring.

In paraphrasing Spec-savers, I think Arnold Schwarzenegger should have gone to Future Genetics before making his paternity declarations... he could have avoided all this media frenzy.

Given that Arnie mistakenly thought he was the father of Tammy Tousignant’s son and without any DNA paternity test evidence related Mildred Baena’s son, how can he be so sure that he is the father of Baena's son?

Food for thought...

1121 days ago


Yep, that was the absolute reason for the malice with intent, fast quick horny pregnancy - to live large on the Sperminator wealth!!!!!!

1121 days ago


This child has had NOTHING to do with his situation. He didn't ask to be born and he has had no say whatsoever in the choice of parents.

Leave the boy out of it.

1121 days ago


They are staying around the corner for me

1121 days ago


Why don't you leave this poor kid alone?? He had nothing to do with this and shouldn't be put through this. His stupid mother, sure, but this poor little guy. Let him be!

1121 days ago


Waitress too good for these people?

1121 days ago

angela peters    

Dont get mad at tmz when mildred had the kid she knew that this was going to happen iam suprised that people talking about let the kid a long helll no the money hungry do anything for money mother put this kid in the situation so she is to blame she does not get a get out of jail free card. These dam foreign women are comming to the usa taking no prisioners so we should so them no mercy. I think that Maria handled the situation like a ass this woman had a plan and the plan was to get with arnold because she knew he was a whore and that he had money she never wanted him her plan was to get him in the sack and have this kid and be set for life. But maria can redeem herself take him for as much as she can the mildred will have to take her ass back to work PLAN FAILED BITCH!!!!!.

1120 days ago
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