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Javier Colon -- I've Got Plans With TWO 'Voice' Judges

6/30/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Minutes after being crowned champion of "The Voice," Javier Colon was already talking about his next career move ... claiming TWO of the judges are already planning to get a piece of him.


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Racism is rampant on this thread. So ridiculous, so predictable. When Dia did the awesome version of Heartless and did not give credit where credit was due (this was NOT her arrangement) that sealed it for me. Don't know what you guys were listening to but her voice was barely above a whisper so often. Javier is the rightful winner so get over the sour grapes.

1189 days ago


The rightful winner is at the top of the iTunes chart.
Selling more songs than the wanna be.

Who is that again?


1189 days ago


Perhaps you're confused Justawhiner - citeria for being named the winner did not include being at the top of iTunes. Please go away and play with yourself, little Zinger.

1189 days ago


Ellery, don't cry. It's ok. You'll be able to see Javier in concert soon enough in his natural setting.

Working at the local car wash.

1189 days ago

Dorothy Gray    

I fell in love with The Voice. It is the first show of this genre that I know of where all the contestants were so talented. Although I felt Xavier had a very good voice, I also thought Beverly had a powerful voice and Dia had a unique sound in the same vein as Nora Jones.

1189 days ago


Javier was such a bore....the true star of the Voice was clearly Dia Frampton. She's super beautiful too.

1189 days ago


Javier is the Bomb, the people that are bitching are the same ones that cried during Toy Story 3 when Andy went to college! IT'S over for your favorites! Bring back the Van Halen with David Lee Roth, and start humping like it's the thing to do again!

1189 days ago


Only VOICE contestant who held any interest for me was Xenia. I hope to see a full CD by her.

1189 days ago


He's very handsome and has an awesome voice. His singing during the promos was the only reason I bothered to try to watch the voice. Who the hell are these d*ckbags leaving these dumb*ss comments? Damn. Get the stick out of your *sses.

1189 days ago


Seriously, this guy's last name is "Colon". I can just imagine the jokes to come... time to create a stage name!

To those hateful people on here, I wonder how well you can sing. Best of luck Javier!

1189 days ago


First of all, anybody who even writes Xenia's name down knows nothing about music! (sorry, Blake), but, she had NO voice. Just dull, boring sounds coming from her mouth, no inflection, no pipes, absolutely no body movement -- just stood there through every one of her lame and immature performances with no stage presence whatsoever. Oh, sorry, did I say "Performance"? That means you actually move around and make contact with the audience. You have to be able to perform to be a credible entertainer and she just didn't do that! Forget her age...has nothing to do with the fact that she couldn't sing. I've heard 5 year olds sing AND perform better than her. SO glad she was knocked off before the finals. Sorry again BLAKE, you're an amazing entertainer. You even let everyone see a new, surprising display of humility and compassion, (one of the posts even said "fatherly"), something you've never let out before. Nice to see this other side of you. (Maybe getting married helped??) You apparently tried your best with DIA, but not much to work with there either. Cute and sweet, but no pipes, flat affect. If only you had taught her how to use the mike, like pulling away when you breathe in, instead of sucking the mike into your face so that you can hear that awful "wheezing" sound with every inhaled breath! How is it that no one noticed or commented on that.....or is this some kind of new appeal I didn't know about? Some thoughts on this Blake -- from a true professional. Really sorry - for you - she didn't win, but surely you know she really didn't deserve it, no matter how many iTunes she sold. Hope you'll be coaching again next season. BTW: congrats on both your CMA award and on your marriage to Miranda. Now there's a natural TALENT to match your own, and I'm sure you didn't have to "coach" her! You're a powerhouse couple for country music! Would love to hear lots of duets from the two of you. LOL

1189 days ago


Dizzle did you really just compare this boring, seen it 1000 times before guy named Javier COLON(like the inside of your butt)
to the greatest rock and roll band of all time?


1189 days ago


Sandi please get a freaking clue what you're talking about bofore you write a book of a post like that. Try more than 1 paragraph next time.

The "wheezing" as you put it is from HEAVY compression on her voice to which the sound mixer obviously added. It makes the softest of sounds and the loudest of sounds much more on the same level. That has nothing to do with her voice.

Seriously get a clue.

1189 days ago


This dude already has had 3 failed albums.

1189 days ago


What does Javier's voice sound like?


1189 days ago
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