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Octomom -- I Made $28,000 In June

7/1/2011 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom has finally dug herself out of a massive financial hole -- raking in a grand total of $28,000 in June ... and she didn't even have to get naked to do it.

Nadya Suleman

We're told Nadya made her money doing various things like "Celebridate," The Cable Show in Chicago, MMA fights, a celebrity boxing match, bikini photo shoots, and several paid interviews across the globe.

And she has more paid gigs in the pipeline -- including another celebrity boxing match, several more interviews, and a possible instructional workout video.

If you feel like congratulating her, Octo will be celebrating her b-day at the House of Blues on July 13th -- but the place might already be at capacity ... thanks to her kids.




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Now why are you all on here complaining and hating on this woman? Damn! She haven't done a darn thing to you personally, half of y'all probably don't even live in California and your more piss at her then the people who do--and for what? You wanted her off food stamps and SSI, SHE'S OFF! Nadya has said she's been off assistances since Jan 2009. She's not getting a penny from the public, not asking for a cent from anyone and not exploiting her kids putting them to work to make ends meat like some reality TV parents with multiple kids. Her house payments and what goes on behind her closed door is really none of our concern, yet you want Nadya and her kids out of there. Get you and your kids out of yours!

Nadya is fighting and struggling to stay afloat, she's not Lindsay Lohan-- out there partying, doing drugs, drinking and getting behind the wheels drunk. She's finding odd jobs that will pay her fast money so she can keep feeding the kids, keeping a roof over their heads and clothes on their backs. The same kids "In touch mag" claimed she hates. UGH! She's busting her arse trying to give them the best education in private schools, she's trying to raise all 14 of her kids as a family and being the best mother she can possibly be, keeping them together as a family and believe me, with 14 little one that isn't an easy task, especially when you have a spoil 10 yrs old.

Give away her kids? You give away your kids and see how you like it! You're so busy trying to hurt Nadya, that you don't even realize you are hurting the kids in the process. Grown people on here trashing and belittling this woman, calling her names and pointing fingers at her and acting like you all never made mistakes in your life you haven't regret. Like your own chit doesn't stink! It's not enough that you trash her front lawn with toilet papers, picket outside her home with hateful sign in front of her children. Flatten her car tire, bust out her car window, highjack and vandalized her website, sent life threatening letters, emails and phone calls to her and her publicist? Printed lies exaggeration about her in open forums, tabloids and mainstream medias. That AIW and Gloria Allred tried to take her kids from her and stop her from being employed and so on... Give it a rest folks!

People, IF YOU ARE NOT PART OF THE SOLUTION THEN YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM... Nadya need your support, not your anger and hate. It's been nearly 3 yrs. get over the hate already.

As for the "In touch" BS! Let's just say I am personally not going to believe a word of it, unless I hear it come directly out of Nadya mouth, anybody can print BS. Sorry, but there's just way to much exaggeration, lies and in your window made up crap about this woman to believe some trashy tabloid junkie that's begging for readers. Half the time I don't even believe TMZ and ROL. ROL just reported yesterday she's behind in July payment and foreclosure procedure has just started on her home. TMZ is reporting the opposite, who's lying?

Understandably so, people are curious about Nadya and how she is doing in raising and protecting her kids. How the kids are doing. Be happy she is keeping your nosey hating arse's inform of her financial situation, Lord knows I wouldn't. UGH!

As long as Nadya kids aren't starving to death, abused, neglected, abandon, homeless, molested, and being mistreated in any way, shape or form. As long as they are healthy and as long as Nadya doesn't turn into Andrea Yates or Susan Smith... I wish Nadya and her kids nothing but the very best life has to offer and pray that they'll stay together here and after.

1188 days ago



1188 days ago

some guy    

@Mary P

Her actions spoke for themselves. I've never met her, so, again, this is all wild speculation on my part.

If she does need help, then hurry up and give it to her. Someone saying they "hate" their babies is not the sign of a normal individual

1188 days ago


So she hates her kids. What a shock... not. The straight men and the lesbian women are staying far away from her so she's not socializing. Welfare probably finally cut her off as did any SSI she was collecting. Her parents probably told her "good luck; you made your bed now lay in it". There's no way any decent employer will hire her; she'd never be there because she has so many kids.

I agree with others, it's time to put those kids up for adoption so they can stand a chance at a decent life far away from their mentally defective mother.

I don't like the Duggar family either with all their 19 kids (and counting knowing them white folks) but at least they are married and working for a living. Don't think they should have a reality show however. Nor should Kate Plus 8. In fact all these reality shows need to be canceled permanently and these people get real jobs.

1188 days ago

some guy    

Ok, was it the doctor who put a gun to her head and put the embryos in? Who's idea was this?

Maybe if she wasn't such a fame whore, she wouldn't be in this ******* mess.

1188 days ago

some guy    

Sry... "street corner"

1188 days ago


Hey about fixing Jonah's cleft lip now that you have all that money? What??? Your new Uggs come first? Or your manicures and gym membership?

"I hate the babies, they disgust me" and "wish I had not had them"??? THAT is a direct quote from her. Just think how those kids are going to feel when they read that. The older ones are old enough to understand. I can't wait for the books that are going to be written by those kids!!! I'll buy those!

1188 days ago

some guy    

I'm prob gonna need 1 more post to verify.

What I wrote pissed you off, didn't it?

1188 days ago

some guy    

If you need some time to think of something to write, it's ok. I'll wait if you'd like. I have all day. It's not like I have a job or anything.

1188 days ago

some guy    

Ugh so depressing to know govt. money is supporting her. Can't we spend it on more important things like explosive vests for terrorists?

1188 days ago


Stupid psycho bitch should have the kids taken away, and her just taken out back and sterilized.

1188 days ago

some guy    


I think I know who you are, don't wanna say, but I think I have a crush on you.

I really need some help, I think.

1188 days ago

Mary P    

David - it's not black and white like she wishes them dead. I agree it's not a sign of a "normal" individual, that was my point. She needs to get help to become normal and have a place to vent.

If the doctor tells you, you have x embryos and about a 25% chance of just 1 implanting (paraphrasing what I know doctors tell women), then why should she have thought it was possible all 8 did? This doctor guided her (and allowed her to think) into planting all 8 embryos. The fact she did it in the first place poses a problem, but it's not common for even 1 to take, let alone all 8. The doctor being a salesman probably said all this and more.

They are here now, throwing them into the system, breaking them apart can be just as detrimental to them as trying to work through this mess.

BUT - why in the heck should everyone just be thrown away? Public perception? I don't live there, but her statements show a woman who is stretched beyond her limit (no pun intended), exhausted and needs therapy. If some regular therapy can make her a great mother who's more calm - why should all the kids be split up and parted out like a car? To appease you?

A family friends kid went into the California system for doing the "I'll show you mine, you show me yours" when he was 9, it wasn't reported by a nasty neighbor until a bigger spat when he was 12. He first went into foster families (because he had younger sisters), which made him much hate his life and do some stupid petty crimes (none violent, petty theft, marijuana possession and the like), where he eventually went into juvie, then incarcerated until he was 19. (An aside, it was ruled even later, around 16 I believe, that he must register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.) He was beaten up enough that he's now on disability from the state. He was ripped from his family for something stupid, years later.

Do you want the chance for that to happen to *14* kids? I sure don't.

I don't want money thrown at her, I want someone who's qualified in family therapy to offer an hour of their time, once a week... that time venting and being away from the kids could do immense wonders. I'd rather give her the chance then to throw kids away.

1188 days ago


So why hasn't the c*nt paid her rent already then? The bank is foreclosing because Amir afford to carry the house this bitch is still living in while refusing to pay the rent and giving excuses mon th after month. But oh she can afford to have her birthday at House of Blues now?

God that house must be a sh*t hole by now. Holes in the walls, crap written all over them etc. etc. etc. The bank may as well just burn the place and write it off...

1188 days ago


Heard this last night. Not only does she hate her babies, but her older six are "animals" and she sits on the toilet with the door locked to eat her lunch and to get away from her kids. Sometimes she sits on the bathroom floor with the door locked for HOURS to get away from the kids? Isn't that considered neglect? I smell a BIG lawsuit on its way. Reporter said that one of the babies was eating drywall? And mention was made that the house is "badly run-down" inside. Child Protective Services anyone? She thought the babies were her way to fame and fortune as a Angelina Jolie wannabe. Guess what, you have failed at THAT, you are failing as a mother, you are failing as a parent. BTW TMZ, where were you? Heard this on our local news, and I live in a very small town.

1188 days ago
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