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Lindsay Lohan -- Out for Birthday Dinner

7/3/2011 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan went out for dinner in Malibu last night to celebrate her 25th birthday -- which is news because it's her birthday ... and she was actually allowed out of the house.

They grow up so fast. 



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wow... only 25 yet she looks 40!

1146 days ago


25???? She looks like 45!!!!

1146 days ago


"It's news because..." Crap! It is a young woman who used to star in movies going out for dinner! It isn't news - it is a pap trying to justify his padded expense account while he stalks Lindsey in the hope that the continued pressure causes her to have a breakdown and he can capture it on film. Just go away until you have real news! Vultures!

1146 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Since there is nothing in music that has been catching my ear I actually went out and bought the new Limp Bizkit CD Golden Cobra, and I think there are a few songs on it Im sure even Lindsay might be able to relate to. The red capped clown Fred Durst has a song called Get a life, rapping about all the haters, and how great he is, and all the haters are just actually really jealous of I think Fred Durst and Lindsay might make a good couple, but I doubt she would agree. We all know Fred Durst isnt as big of a pimp as he thinks, and Im not hating cause I find Durst amusing.

1146 days ago

jealous of kate    

I was watching some 'reality judge show' where someone was suing about their extensions and a famous hair stylist came on and said you can't keep doing this forever, this is why there were bald spots on the suee, suer(?), anyhoo all those dye jobs, extensions over and over again. ESP. GOING FROM DARK HAIR, THEN BLEACHING DOWN AND DOING BLOND, and rinse, repeat, going dark, then in between, blond, etc. etc. Her hair looks like straw at times and I am not talking color. If she wants different color as much as she changes underwear..No, thats not good, she doesn't wear bras, so panties might be a no too. So, if she likes changing hair color as much as she likes changing what COAST she is on, she should go to a hair stylist and get some good fitting wigs. GOOD WIGS, not the ones in the back of RAG MAGS, but, those would look funny!

1146 days ago

some guy    


I checked that bottle of pomegranate juice I mentioned earlier. It's called Naturally Pomegranate by Agro Labs (Plus Resveratrol, a Proprietary blah blah blah). God I sound like a commercial.

1146 days ago

george fudge!    

She looks like the drunken whore that she is.

1146 days ago

some guy    

@jealous of kate

I think the word you're looking for is 'plaintiff.'

1146 days ago

some guy    


Did it fuel your rage?


1146 days ago

Mick Kahler    

I wonder how Lindsay feels about Emma Stone now getting all the great movie roles that would've been hers. That is if she had stayed clean, sober, not stolen anything and obeyed judge's orders. Check out the new Vanity Fair cover story on Emma, that could have been Lindsay, if only...

1146 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

I hope Eleanor is paid well, she deserves it. Eleanor seems like a nice person.

1146 days ago

porky pig    

looks like she drunk by hanging on the in the other pic looks like she just got done eating some clam ....whats the brown stuff on her nose....

1146 days ago


Junkie loser!

1146 days ago

jealous of kate    

Okay, seriously now, looking at her as a kid, she reminds me of Jodie Foster (and if HER PEOPLE ARE READING THIS:I do not mean her ACTING). Jodie did it right, she worked as a child actor, as did her brother. She went to college after school, AN IVY LEAGUE COLLEGE TO BOOT (YALE? I forget which one, did a little work during). and AFTER SHE GRADUATED, she returned to acting full time, then graduated to directing, producing along with some acting. Jodie's mother was involved, but we never ever saw her ANYWHERE to that degree of the LOHANS. And if Dina would ever get that through her head, her daughter might do... no scratch that, if Dina got that through her head maybe 4,5 YEARS AGO, Lindsay would have done better.

1146 days ago


Happy Birthday you spoiled, drunken, thieve !

1146 days ago
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