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Clerk Loses It While Reading Anthony Verdict

7/5/2011 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The clerk who read the verdict in the Casey Anthony murder case was rendered SPEECHLESS when she saw the words NOT GUILTY on the document ... or so it seemed.070511_casey_anthony_verdict_v4_still

Check out the video ... the clerk chokes up when the judge hands her the documents ... and has to regain her composure before delivering the news to the courtroom.


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The state brought these murder charges!

The local DA can now charge her for involuntary man-slaughter; she can't deny it - her defense in this trial is all the evidence they need!

1204 days ago


Wow, a blind guy could seethat the Anthony family is screwed up beyond repair. Not guilty? Jesus man, that's insane.

1204 days ago


ARE YOU KIDDING ME TMZ???? TO IMPLY THIS PROFESSIONAL CANNOT DO HER JOB???? Get a grip..half of you are lawyers and KNOW there was no evidence that Casey Anthony murdered a single sole.

You can't even prove how Caylee died!

1204 days ago


I'm wondering, "Where in the hell is Casey going to live when she's released from jail". No way in hell could she roll in my house (if i were George and Cindy), like everything is ok. She dragged her family through the mud, and that is not ok.
R.I.P. Little Kaylee

1204 days ago


This is just another reason why we change your justice system to: guilty til proven innocent... This is just just bad for everyone. JUSTICE WAS NOT GIVEN ON THIS DAY

1204 days ago


TMZ making something out of nothing ...again.

1204 days ago


If she didn't do it then why did she hide the fact Caylee was missing for a month? She lied at every turn. Not sure what else the jury needed.

1204 days ago


Hey TMZ, now I know you have all lost your minds and your journalistic integrity. There was NOTHING in that video to warrant your headline to this "story" and the ONLY time she mis-spoke was on one of the counts regarding giving false infor mation to a law officer...and that was when she said "not guilty" when it was actually "guilty" and she aplologized, corrected herself and moved on.

You've become such a news now have to manufacture these "non-stories" just to have something to publish? Pathetic.

1204 days ago


Web search for chloroform?
You gotta be kidding me!

1204 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

Coward jurors. 12 cowards.

And I understand that many of the jurors have criminal convictions in their past.

The jury consultants for the defense did a great job of picking the dumbest people in the country for this jury.

1204 days ago


This post was uncalled for - she clearly just lost her place for a second.

1204 days ago

Jimmy Johns    

Justice ran its course and in america it is still" innocent until proven guilty "

I do see a reality show and fame looming on the horizon for this girl

1204 days ago


she does seem upset at first.i can't blame her,the fact that CA got off is highly nauseating.

1204 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

The state did not prove their case beyond reasonable doubt. That is how the system works.

Now go kill a stupid animal and you will get prison for 1000 years.

1204 days ago


Harvey Levin will no doubt discuss on today's show ...

But I doubt in a big way.

HL thought there was a snowball's chance ...

Of convicting her.

1204 days ago
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