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Clerk Loses It While Reading Anthony Verdict

7/5/2011 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The clerk who read the verdict in the Casey Anthony murder case was rendered SPEECHLESS when she saw the words NOT GUILTY on the document ... or so it seemed.070511_casey_anthony_verdict_v4_still

Check out the video ... the clerk chokes up when the judge hands her the documents ... and has to regain her composure before delivering the news to the courtroom.


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How about we not put the "celebrity justice" header on this story. She's hardly a celebrity!

1183 days ago


The clerk didnt "loose" it. I so wish yall would just report the news and not make it such a drama show!!!

1183 days ago


Yeah, I guess if my daughter drowned I'd feel the need to put DUCT TAPE over her mouth, dump her body in the woods, get a tattoo the next day that translates to "BEAUTIFUL LIFE" and then go dance on some table tops while my baby was decomposing like trash by the side of the road.

Sure, she's not guilty. SUUUUURRRE.

1183 days ago


Way off the mark re this clerk. She wasn't losing it! The rest of the nation is, though ... and rightfully so. Casey will now spend eternity seeking justice, as she's responsible to some degree in the death of her daughter and the mental/physical breakdown of her entire family. They're the ones losing it, not the professional court clerk unaccustomed to reading verdicts which will replay for decades. TMS: Find a better headline. This case is full of them. May Caylee continue flying freely On Angels' Wings!

1183 days ago


IF you believe she is guilty of murder, then IF she writes a book; Don't buy it. IF she goes on the talk shows; turn off your TV. IF you see her on the street; deliberately cross over to the other side of the street, ostracize her, shun her, don't give her any attention or credence. But remember, judge not lest ye be judged. Let God deal with the murderers. You all know what goes around comes around, right? Be at peace within yourselves, and let God take this one.

1183 days ago


Casey is so ignorant, she probably thinks that she is going to be able to walk down the street like a celebrity! I hope the next trail we watch, is the murder of Casey Anthony. RIP Caylee

1183 days ago


Harvey if i remember correctly you were called out on something you did wrong in the O. J. trial. That's the first time i heard your name. Something about evidence was'nt it?

1183 days ago


justice has been served to clean the a__hole if this liar and slut. incredible verdict, only on tv I thought this can be true, but I am wrong in real life too.
all clubs and tv networks will fight to have this criminal on their talk shows and into their clubs to celebrate life. she´s a criminal.

1183 days ago


i would really hope that we live in a country that accepts the verdicts or a jury of our peers. We were not there, thank God, nor did we participate in the horrendous act of taking little Caylees life, nor were we members of this jury. Not only is little Caylees life over, so is her mothers. I have always had questions about the man who found the body way back when, there seems something very odd about his story. I hope that we do not live in a country that takes the court of public opinion verdicts as fact. Good Luck to you Casey, in whatever your now childless life has to hold.

1183 days ago


What on God's earth are you talking about, TMZ? Judge hands her paper and she reads it.

1183 days ago


To be on the jury you were supposed to put aside everything you heard in the last 3 years.
Listen to the evidence presented in the court.
I watched it for 35 days all the media blowing everything out of perportion.
The jury got it right. What was said in the court room was full of holes to many liers even Casey but shes getting a sentance for that and that only and it was the right verdict.
And so you know this I belive she did it but not what was presented in the court

1183 days ago


Anyone who says this is an awesome win for Casey and that she didn't do it, is just stupid. NO PARENT MAN OR WOMAN WOULD WAIT OVER A MONTH TO REPORT THEIR CHILD MISSING IF THEY DIDN'T HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH THERE DISAPPEARENCE. An innocent baby girl was thrown away like trash and people are commending Casey for a win. WTF is wrong with people. I don't care if it was just a cir****tantial evidence case...all the cir****tantial evidence pointed to Casey. Also, if she's so innocent why did she lie? You have no reason to lie if you are innocent. Such a sad day in America that justice was not served for Caylee. RIP Precious girl! Everyone loves you (even us that don't know you!) Heartbreaking!

1183 days ago


She is a huge liar! Who doesn't tell someone if their child is missing? And if your child is drowning in a pool, don't you call 911 and get any help you can for your child. Not dispose of the body. That to me is a murder charge right there. So sad that psycho's can run around in the world and get away with things like this. I really don't care what people say about the justice system. There was no justice done for little Casey at all. Bunch of dumb a$$es out there!

1183 days ago


This post right here is the last straw for me. You continue to show your true colors and just why you're affiliated with FOX news. It's as clear as day. You were made for each other.

1183 days ago


I think it is "unthinkable" for anyone to believe a Mother could murder that beautiful little girl. I cannot believe it myself. You would be so proud to have a daughter like that, not want to get rid of her. You have to hope that whoever did it, will suffer with a horrible guilty consious forever !

1183 days ago
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