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George Clooney's Breakup -- Blame It On The List?

7/6/2011 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

George Clooney's on every woman's "list" of guys they'd get a pass to cheat with -- so maybe Elisabetta Canalis was exercising her Clooney clause before returning to her other guy!

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JLo on Steroids    


1206 days ago


You guys are such d0uche bags

1206 days ago


How does everybody know he dumped her? I mean I bet he did, but SERIOUSLY how? And i'm a guy asking this. Just curious.

1206 days ago


I doubt he wants her back.....he wouldnt have broke up with her if he loved her in the first place..I am sure George is more than just fine with how things are.

1206 days ago


Are you kidding, TMZ? George couldn't wait to get rid of her so badly that he ended in December. It was a publicity contract only. skanknalis's associates hacked George's email and cell phone as well as those of his friends. Her trashy publicist went around to various blogs insulting George and calling him gay because she thought that might get him to extend the publicity contract. George is not gay, but this was a publicity contract. George prefers to keep his business life and his personal life separate. If anyone on your staff thinks that nasty famewhore is worth kicking yourself over, you need new eyewear and a working brain.

1206 days ago


just stop, and stop now tmz, because i am going to throw up. george clooney is a sicko commitment phobic, and we all know it. i hope more and more women wake up to it so they dont get hurt. he is in grave denial about how sick he is, and he uses women..he doesnt care. it is criminal.i hope elisabetta gets a wonderful man and gets on with her life. george clooney is a huge loser. looks do not count here at all. get help george, and women beware...big time.

1206 days ago


So Harvey, besides being a lawyer, presenter and executive producer of TMZ, are you looking for a new job as a movie writer or director?!

1206 days ago


Way to keep it classy, TMZ.

Canalis whats-her-name (sounds like a type of weed) is no loss. She was about as trashy as they get. I think she was under some escort contract to Clooney; otherwise, she would have been boinking men all over Hollywood.

1206 days ago


Why would the man any girl would cheat with be kicking himself for becoming single again? Besides, do you understand just how many fish there are in the sea? He's hardly at risk of going hungry...

1206 days ago


Harvey is SO lame, I seriously can't take his feigned cuteness anymore.. BLAH

1206 days ago

some guy    

IDK... wonder why Elisabetta still felt the need to get married.
They seemed to have a good thing going, hanging out on yachts and wearing thongs (not George - banana hammock?).

Dunno why she felt like she wanted to change it.

1206 days ago


He should just totally come out of closet instead of dumping one womanl after another. Its ok to be gay just don't hide it.

1206 days ago


It's funny that people are trashing the girl, when all she is is a bit idealistic. George Clooney has made it clear from the get-go that he's not interested in marriage; and what does she do? She starts bragging that she's the one who's going to change it.

Women who think they'll "change" a man are deluding themselves. A man will change if and when he wants to, and not before.

I don't feel sorry for either of them; they'll both move on to someone else.

1206 days ago


He's not on my list. Why would I ever want to be with him whether it was a one night stand or a relationship with the guy? I can't even stand his movies. I hate his politics. Yes he is good looking but if I can't stand anything else why would I want anything to do with him? He's too into himself! There's no pass for me I pass on him.

1206 days ago


I doubt that George is kicking himself over losing her. From all accounts, he had been trying to give her the hint for several months. I believe she started seeking the spotlight a bit too much. He wouldn't have minded if it had been to just talk about her television and modeling projects, but she kept talking about HIM in her interviews (and, of course, reporters were only interested in her because of him). It's like she started using him to get her photos plastered all over the place. I don't blame him for putting a stop to it. I'm pretty sure he is NOT gay, and I don't believe that any intelligent person in 2011 would make that judgement simply because a divorced man has chosen not to remarry. He is constantly working and traveling, doesn't want kids, has a fulfilling life with his friends and family, so why SHOULD he marry just to conform to someone else's standards????

1205 days ago
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