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Casey Anthony -- Jagged Little Pill

7/7/2011 9:00 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Here's Casey Anthony letting her hair down at her sentencing for providing false information to a police officer in Florida today (left) -- and pop singer Alanis Morissette back in 1995 (right).

Isn't it ironic?

We're just sayin'.


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You Like It I Love It    

Dont you all LOVE AMERICA???? This is our justice system at its BEST.... So get together and do something about it or shut the hell up! Why does your opinion on life and death matter on a Celeb gossip sight... Effin geniuses SMH!!!

1162 days ago


she looks like Octomom

1162 days ago


I thought she looked more like the girl in the movie "Carrie".!/media/set/?set=a.2054755701726.110535.1629583928

1161 days ago


If I was Alanis I would sue your ass off for saying that.

1161 days ago


uuuhhhmmmm, Alanis is actually a very beautiful woman, looks nothing like Miss Thing. So Miss Thing may look very well look gorgeous one day after make up...who in the hell cares? She has no soul. Her actions make her ugly. And to all the morons who keep saying us ladies will hate her then because she is beautiful! We hate her now because she is a child killer! You love her so much , YOU go support her. Also we are already F U!

1160 days ago


"Ironic"? You're ******* moronic, TMZ are absolute ***** for even thinking of drawing that comparison. ********.

1159 days ago


Hahahah Sarah sounds jealous....She didn't kill anyone so go believe more lies the news spreads for ratings.

1157 days ago


Killer Casey looks more like a praying mantis! She isn't even close to being in the same category as Alanis M. not one ounce the same, Killer Casey is a lying, murderer period. Alanis is a creative musician, mother, daughter, and far from Killer Casey! Killer Casey looks just like her jail inmate Robin something, who she got the drowning story from! Check it!

1153 days ago


An independent TV producer is going to offer Casey Anthony one million dollars for an interview!!!!But she must agree to a LIE DETECTOR test!!! Imagine....she would not take the stand for questioning in her case where she was indicted for the murder of her 2 year old daughter...but NOW she wants to talk....for BLOOD MONEY.
This independent TV producer says he will sell the interview to TV stations in Europe, as Americans are BOYCOTTING this type of BLOOD MONEY interview. But he should know that Europeans are disgusted with this mockery of justice and they will boycott it also!!! Imagine...$1,000,000.00 of BLOOD MONEY for Casey Anthony. She did not report her two year old was missing for 31 days..and only then when her mother smelled the stench of death in coming from the trunk of Casey Anthon's car and the grandmother demanded to know what happened to the child!! The GRANDMOTHER reported it when SHE called 911; NOT Casey Anthony. God knows if she would have ever reported the child "MISSING". Isn't that Aggrivated Child Neglect at the very least????

1152 days ago


TMZ, you are an worthless rag! You idiots inextricably tied an very talented artist to this child killing witch! Do the world an favor disappear creeps!

1147 days ago

tmz s. ucks    

doesnt even look like her. stop publicizing a mom who successfully murdered her child.

1146 days ago


I don't see It...

1141 days ago
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