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Casey Anthony -- Free on Wednesday

7/7/2011 8:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony will be released from jail on Wed. July 13 ... this according to a court spokesperson.


Story developing ...


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Yes, the evidence was mostly cir****tantial, but common sense literally breaks the reasonable doubt. These jurors lacked common sense. I hope in the future air samples are presented to a jury that has never smelled human decomposition. They couldn't smell the can of the air from the trunk because the judge ruled this would make those on the jury that smelled that before a witness in the case. If that piece of evidence was able to go back in the deliberation room, I think we would have seen a different outcome.

I truly believe though that Casey is worse off being able to go out in society. She is extremely hated by many in the world. I really think her true hell will begin on Wednesday, along with the whole Anthony family.

1202 days ago


This bytch will start her REAL sentencing the moment she walks out of there. No more guards to protect her sorry ass!

1202 days ago


Tot Mom and Octo Mom need to make a MILF video. With a waterslide. SO HOT!!

1202 days ago


I hate this woman. Some of her lawyers were pretty s***my, but for the most part that's their job.

And screw that whole, "the jury just didn't see this or that, we should respect their verdict."

No, they were lazy. They spent less than 11 hours on a case that big. They were almost demanding Casey had videotaped her murder of that child before they would have found her guilty.

The child could have been killed by a bit of ice falling from a jet. Is it possible? Yeah, sure, like me winning the PowerBall, TWO WEEKS in a ROW.

It's simply sickening. And even if it's "wrong" I hope this sack of crap gets some street justice. And her mom, for protecting the killer of her own grandchild deserves some as well.

1202 days ago

Physical Graffiti    

It's just a matter of time before she ends up in jail again. It took a LONG time, but O.J. ended up where he needed to be...same thing will happen here. Patience!

1202 days ago


Disgusting. Only consolation is that she will be a social pariah. I don't think anyone will want anything to do with the monkey-faced murdering mom.

1202 days ago


Look at that smirk on her face. Makes me sick!

1202 days ago


Her effin' smirk is what gets me, she got away with murder, those jurors are idiots for letting her off scott free, nothing they can say will sway me to believe this woman is innocent, a little girl died and was thrown in the woods like garbage...but nobody is guilty of doing this?? the american justice system is a joke!! At least people know where to go if they want to murder babies now. I hope somebody kills her when she gets released, her whole friggin family deserves to fry for what they did.

1202 days ago


Question....If she would ever "confess to being guilty" is there any charges that carry the death pentalty or life in prision that wasnt covered under this trial? The whole double jeorpady thing. Did Fla State leave charges "untouched"?

1202 days ago


I'm disgusted.
Even if we really do not know what happened - no mother would act like she did if her child is missing.

1202 days ago


It's too bad the State didn't try for more lesser charges like obstruction of justice. They may have gotten more guilty verdicts.
Murder 1 is hard to prove. With time served she will be out in 6 days. How sad.

I think Octomom should play her in the made for TV movie. They look alike and Octomom could use the money.
Hey Harvey I know this is sick, but how about a who'd you rather?

1202 days ago


evil wench

1202 days ago


She should be forced to be sterilized.

1202 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Scott Guiher 14 minutes ago

Get a grip people, none of you were there and none of you have a clue as to what happened. You are riding a wave of hatred pushed on by the likes of Nancy Grace et all. Twelve individuals voted and found her not guilty of the charges. Why don't you try to get involved with things that could could enrich your own life instead of living vicariously through the misfortunes of others


1202 days ago


Hi Casey since you like to party so much, I will be waiting at your local bar with a rufie some duct tape and a plastic bag, but please dont be mistaken I will make sure your death is much more painful than your sweet innocent daughters- Sincerely your adoring fans ha ha ha sleep well my pretty

1202 days ago
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