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Casey Anthony's Lawyer: We TOASTED Because ...

7/8/2011 6:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony's defense lawyer tells TMZ ... his team popped bubbly and raised their glasses after the not-guilty verdict because "We have a long-standing tradition; we toast to the Constitution."


TMZ spoke with Cheney Mason -- the guy with the beard -- who tells us his team decided to hit the Terrace 360 restaurant across the street from the courthouse Tuesday because, "We were celebrating saving Casey Anthony's life."

Mason also defended his use of his now infamous middle finger salute that day -- telling us it was directed at a "guy from a radio station who has been stalking my team for months."


Cheney says, "He was yelling at the ladies on my team, 'Are you on your period?' and he was also calling them 'baby killers.'"

"This guy was outside and pounding on the glass and I flipped the son-of-a-bitch off, and I'll do it again!"

Cheney states --  "It was an expression of my first amendment right."


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He won that wasn't necessary he proved his point, what will the grandkids think grandpa?

1173 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

probably a crappy attorney anyways. he doesn't have that slick 'harvard look' to him. and i'm sure he doesn't drive a porsche either. loser lawyer, i betcha.

1173 days ago


I think NANCY GRACE is wonderful, especially when she let's us all know about these (so called) missing children. It' Diane Diamond I can't stand!

1173 days ago


The Fifth Amendment does not protect a person from being tried by two or more separate governments. Thus, both the federal government and the state government are able to charge and prosecute one person for the same criminal act, which is often the case for drug related crimes. As well, two or more states can prosecute and try a person for the same criminal act. People need to start a website for FBI to file murder charges against Casey Anthony on the federal level!!!! Are you people in agreement?

1173 days ago


@Pam there is a petition online that will be sent to the Feds. They want her to be charged on a federal level.

1173 days ago


They have to come up with SOME good excuse, why not the constitution? They had the second trial of the century and got a killer off. Good reason to celebrate. The BIG bucks will roll in now. EVERYONE will want this "dream team". As for the finger floater, had to come up with a good reason once he realised how ridiculous he looked to the world. Good excuses make it all go away, Casey proved that to the jury.

1173 days ago


realist 3 hours ago

Human Nature, did you check the date on that? It says 2008! Old news.


Maybe, it's old news to you but not for me.

I find that behavior between Casey Anthony, client and Jose Baez, attorney very odd.

Time will tell, if they choose to take their professional relationship to personal which could be damaging to his career and reputation.

1173 days ago

Carter Swenson    

Rhonda: carter here is what i believe. i believe if it was like it use to be where you were punished for what you did, an eye for an eye there would be way less crime on the streets, there would be less raping, baby killing, murders in general, i may be old fashion but i remember when i could stay out and play or go to a friends house as long as i was home before dark. could i raise my kids like that? no.. moms kill babies now cause they are in the way, or they want to show their baby daddy they can hurt him. ( same goes for the dad) so dont preach rights and the constitution to me because guilty people use the constitution to get all the rights!!!EVEN WHEN THEY ARE WRONG

Carter: Rhonda, rape, murder and child molestation has been around since humans first started walking upright...even before. You only think that it's a recent phenomena because back in the day it didn't get played up as much in the media.

1173 days ago


so Cheney are you what 15 years old or what. So immature on your part.

1173 days ago


He is a fat Bastard. F**k you dirty old man Mason!! Look in the mirror next time you do that..that is what all of us think and say about you and your lover Baez. Hopefully Casey gets a beat down and ends up 6 feet under the day she gets out!

1173 days ago

Carter Swenson    

Elle: He is a fat Bastard. F**k you dirty old man Mason!! Look in the mirror next time you do that..that is what all of us think and say about you and your lover Baez. Hopefully Casey gets a beat down and ends up 6 feet under the day she gets out!

Carter: I thought Baez was Casey's lover?

1173 days ago


lol typical s*** of the earth defense attorney behavior.

They're celebrating bc they know they're entitled to lifelong *******s from ho/baby killer Casey Anthony

1173 days ago


Casey allegedly murdered her child and is about to walk free. People are outraged and want justice. But most of us say nothing about the thousands of abortions that happen everyday. Is there a difference?

1173 days ago


I just want to say that I listen to the radio show that he is reffering to and the man heckling the defense team was hilarious... They deserved everything that was said to them and did to them... I hate that the trial is over because it was great to listen to every morning.

1173 days ago



1173 days ago
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