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Casey Anthony's Lawyer: We TOASTED Because ...

7/8/2011 6:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony's defense lawyer tells TMZ ... his team popped bubbly and raised their glasses after the not-guilty verdict because "We have a long-standing tradition; we toast to the Constitution."


TMZ spoke with Cheney Mason -- the guy with the beard -- who tells us his team decided to hit the Terrace 360 restaurant across the street from the courthouse Tuesday because, "We were celebrating saving Casey Anthony's life."

Mason also defended his use of his now infamous middle finger salute that day -- telling us it was directed at a "guy from a radio station who has been stalking my team for months."


Cheney says, "He was yelling at the ladies on my team, 'Are you on your period?' and he was also calling them 'baby killers.'"

"This guy was outside and pounding on the glass and I flipped the son-of-a-bitch off, and I'll do it again!"

Cheney states --  "It was an expression of my first amendment right."


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As a non-American I can't understand why you guys are not more angry with the procesution, than the defense?

I read through the court case report, and it seems to me that she walked free more because of what the prosecution didn't do that anything the defense did. In fact the defense did very little (probably deliberatly). but the prosecution did even less, presenting no real evidence.

1139 days ago


Uncalled for. So professional.

1139 days ago


You people are realy stupid, keep saying its the justice system and ****. NO ITS NOT, they didnt have enough evidence to convict her. They didnt know what time the girl was killed(probably knew what month) and More other ****. So stop saying the justice system.

The funny thing is, You guys care calling the guy unprofessional, but you would do the same thing if someone was screaming at the people you work with. Its not their fault the other team didnt have any hard evidence to convict Casey. Get over it.

1139 days ago


They toast the Constitution? Sorry but they just broke my BS detector

1139 days ago


Just like during the trial, they continue to make-up ridiculous lies!

1139 days ago


lol the ladies on your team are baby killers, get a life old man!!

1139 days ago


Give me a break. Your firm has had great publicity. That's all you care about. Cheney is a crazy, nasty old man. Have some taste. Caylee is still dead.

1139 days ago


What do you expect from someone who sold his soul to the devil.

1139 days ago


Hey dirty old man why dont you shove your ugly finger where the sun dont shine. You helped acquit a baby murderer are you so arrogant you are showing the finger to the world now? A baby died. Show some respect you unprofessional excuse of an attorney

1139 days ago


I can understand Cheney being upset by that guy, BUT, there were cameras there and Cheney knew it. There is never an excuse to embarrass yourself like Cheney did. Can't think of any other description than low class on Cheney's side. He was dealing with an idiot, didn't have to act like one.

1139 days ago


keep this and anything to do with the murderer off your site. this is disgusting crap and how she got away with murder is beyond 95% of us in the US.

1139 days ago

Home Skillet    

"Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, I'm an unprofessional azzhole who just saved a baby killer and I'm okay with that ... "

Karma's loading up and coming for you, lying counsel.

1139 days ago


I guess they're entitled to celebrate over a child's death if they want but they chose the wrong time and the wrong place to do it. They knew the media and protesters were right outside and they knew the restaurant had big windows so everyone could see. They were gloating and rubbing it in everyone's face. Flipping the bird in full view of the cameras was stupid and childish. I'd expect it from a teenager, not a full grown "professional."

1139 days ago


They ARE disrespectful of Caylee. The defense team didn't kill Caylee, but they surely don't care about her. But, hey, her own mother didn't care.
Watch out, Mason and Jose. Look at OJ's dream team. Karma is a bitch.

1139 days ago


The jury seems a bit slow-witted.

1139 days ago
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