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'Basketball Wives' Producer -- Hypocrite in Reality?

7/9/2011 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shaq's ex-wife Shaunie O'Neal executive produces the cat-fighting masterpiece "Basketball Wives" ... but also slams reality shows for portraying Black women in a bad light! SAY WHAT???070811_TV_shaunie_v2_still

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From the first time I saw that show, I saw her right through her. She is a trouble making, back-stabbing, hoodrat. Every one of those Women are troublemakers. They are proof positive money doesn't buy class. STFU!

1171 days ago


When I was raised as a child, we were told that rich people were better. They had better manners, better education, they were smart, they speak proper English and had "class". However, as an adult I realized this was not true. The majority of reality shows prove my point. These people on reality shows scream, argue, fist fight, get drunk, use constant profanity, engage in criminal activity, act mean, act dumb and so forth. All of this is somehow considered entertainment and to highlight how rich people, good looking people or celebrities have a desired lifestyle. It is a shame that our society has deteriorated.

1171 days ago


Black people pull the race card so often it's getting to be funny. I mean between this and the rapper saying that "planking" is racist Im starting to think that black people are just making crap up because they are running out of stuff to complain about. WE HAVE A BLACK PRESIDENT AND IT"S NOT BECAUSE ONLY BLACK PEOPLE VOTED FOR HIM....stop crippling yourself....this is why you end up the butt of other's jokes.

1171 days ago

Paul Wei    

TMZ is calling Shaunie out on producing junk tv? Isn't this a case of the pot calling the kettle Black?

1171 days ago


Shaunie I hope Royce beat your ass this season. She's always trying to be the peace maker, but she's really the instigator. Shaunie is a bad example for her daughters. Dating a guy old enough to be her son.

1171 days ago


This show is a bunch of BS and truly portrays black women in a light that's actually true! Here's the disclaimer: NOT ALL BLACK WOMEN. They may have a little money but this tricks need to realize that when it actually comes down to it, they're nothing more then sperm catchers. So please keep dumbing down yourselves and disrespecting your race. Basketballer$ can take you out the ghetto but can't take the ghetto out of you.

1171 days ago


Why does anyone go on a reality show? For the fame and the money of course. However beware, with any reality show comes drama, dirty backstabbing, lame a$$ catty b*tch fights and nasty stinky actions of people who think they're all that. News flash, you're mostly trash in any color or ethnicity. Shaunie, grow up take your lumps like the rest of us.

1171 days ago


I don't even watch this show. I saw the very very first season and it is full of drama there is nothing entertaining about this show.. women screaming and fighting all the time it is VERY EMBARASSING. they need to just take it off the air.

1171 days ago


Only black folk are allowed to make other black folk look bad. Duhhhh!

1171 days ago


Wait, wait.... these are basketball EX-Wives. And most of the 'Real Housewives' are real divorced as well.

1171 days ago


She's all bent because Shaq is all about a younger girl so other issues arise. Sadly, it is showing her ugly side. I was raised in an inner racial family and I am just saying from my over 40 years of experience - certain women seem to be that much louder than others....I just had a dealing with my sibling and trust me....One side speaks loudly the other just throws sh*t.

1171 days ago


Comment for Bambi, not everyone likes the smell of wet dog. Find another way to get disowned. ZRGB you probably don't know a black woman besides the ones on TV, get a life racist!

1171 days ago


The reality is, black women present black women in a bad light! The show is just filming what is happening. Black women really are on the bottom of the totem pole! White men prefer white women, and black men prefer white women. Where does that leave black women? In a bad light, I would guess.

1170 days ago

1st Timer    

Royce and Tami only real ones, the others are vidictive and silly.

1170 days ago


She is just as much a media whore as the rest. I don't like this show! She needs to do something else. Perhaps be a Walmart greeter?

1170 days ago
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