'Basketball Wives' Brooke Bailey Daughter Dead At 25 ... 'Forever My Baby'

"Basketball Wives" star Brooke Bailey's daughter, Kayla Nicole Bailey, has tragically passed away at 25 years old.

Bailey announced the devastating news in an Instagram post on Sunday ... writing, "Pretty Black aka Kayla Nicole Bailey 💜🕊💔 This is not a goodbye. Mommy will see you soon 🙏🏾."

The 45-year-old reality star added, "Forever my baby."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

A cause of death was not revealed. Brooke, however, did repost an article from a "Basketball Wives" fan account that claimed Kayla died following a car accident on Sunday in Memphis.

"Kayla left a mark on so many lives," Brooke said Sunday. "She entered the room and demanded respect, love and attention."

"If you had the pleasure of meeting her and being friends with her, she has forever changed your life."

Brooke's social media page was flooded with prayers from fans. Several celebrities, including Nicki Minaj, Porsha Williams and Tammy Rivera, also commented on her page.

"Omg beautiful I'm sooooo sorry!" Rivera wrote. "My prayers are with you. I'm lifting your name high tonight in prayer 🙏🏽😔"

Brooke -- who had relationships with former NBA stars Rashard Lewis and Vernon Macklin -- made her first appearance on "Basketball Wives" in 2012. Kayla then gained fame a short time later for her work in the modeling world.

Brooke returned to the "Basketball Wives" show in its 10th season, which premiered this past May.

Trevor Ariza Wife Files For Divorce

Trevor Ariza's wife has filed for divorce from the NBA player ... TMZ Sports has confirmed.

According to court documents, Bree Anderson Ariza filed the documents on Tuesday, citing "irreconcilable differences."

In the docs, Bree asked for physical and legal custody of their two children, but did check the box for child visitation to be granted to Trevor. She also asked for spousal support.

Bree and Trevor were married back in April 2018, when the basketball player was a member of the Houston Rockets. A date of separation for the two was listed as "TBD" in the docs.

The couple had dated for several years before they formally tied the knot.

Ariza -- who's now an NBA free agent after playing for the Lakers this past season -- has previously been involved in a high-profile custody dispute with an ex ... back in 2020, Lana Allen alleged he had physically abused their child.

Ariza denied the allegations, and a judge ruled in Dec. 2020 Ariza had not -- and did not -- pose a threat to his son.

Ariza has played in the NBA since 2004 -- when he was picked in the 2nd round of the league's draft by the New York Knicks.

Barack Obama Warms Up for Biden Rally Drills 3-Pointer ... Do It, Barry!!!!

Barack Obama was on fire this weekend stumping for his former VP in Michigan -- and that's no coincidence seeing how he was in the GROOVE after sinking a trey beforehand.

Prior to Joe Biden's Detroit rally, Barack was putting up shots in the Northwestern High School gym -- and right before showtime ... he threw up a beauty from the far right corner, and watched it fall cleanly. Quite the impressive feat, and BO was clearly feeling himself.

The crowd cheers and someone in the distance says "Walk off!" As Barack casually saunters away, he looks back and says, "That's what I do!" Just to make sure everyone heard him, he removed his mask and said it again loud and clear. Yes, 44 owns the 3 -- take notice, y'all.

Barack must've been on one after his stirring speech earlier in the day at a previous rally in Flint -- where he blasted President Trump and his recent comments (not to mention behavior) regarding COVID. Namely, Barack couldn't believe Trump said doctors were juking up the stats in hospitals so they could get paid out for patients deemed to have died from the virus.

That actually marked the first time Barack shared the stage with Joe at an in-person rally -- before that, Barack was already on the campaign trail on his behalf, but Joe hadn't appeared alongside him until this weekend. No better time to join forces ... Election Day's Tuesday.

To celebrate the occasion, Barack and Joe shared an almost-elbow bump -- both jokingly trying not to touch to be distance-safe. It was a little awkward, but charming nonetheless.

Viral campaign moments ... that's what these two do!

Ex-NBA Star Stephen Jackson On Justice, George Floyd 'I Wish I Could Get My Twin Back'


Ex-NBA star Stephen Jackson says his fight for social justice is just getting started ... telling TMZ Sports it's become his mission to be there for those who need help following the death of his friend, George Floyd.

Jackson made his presence known shortly after Floyd's death in May ... speaking out in hopes of bringing awareness to the cause.

We spoke with Stack about his new calling on Thursday ... and he says he's been called to make an impact on society.

"What I do know is, is that I'm leading with my heart and I'm doing what God wants me to do," Jackson tells us.

"I didn't ask to be in this position, I wish I could get my twin back. It is what it is."

Jackson says his new journey has made him realize there are more people who need his help ... and he's up for the task.

"So, it's become my passion and I've been embracing it. I know I'm doing God's work. So, wherever it takes me, I'll find out how I'm doing sometime soon."

Jackson -- who was close friends with Floyd -- was one of many to speak out and demand justice by calling for the arresting officers to be prosecuted ... but he says it's not the only incident he will speak out on.

"But, it's more important to me to do something bigger than myself ... I'm the person that stands on loving everybody and I have every race following me. and I'mma continue to make noise and do what's right."

Derek Fisher & Gloria Govan Assisting COVID-19 Frontline ... Pandemic Forces Wedding Postponement


Derek Fisher and Gloria Govan were supposed to say "I do" this coming weekend, but now that it's postponed they're focused on helping the nurses, doctors and EMTs battling coronavirus.

The ex-Lakers star and current Sparks head coach was on "TMZ Live" Monday with his bride-to-be -- and, like most Americans, their priorities have shifted. The "Basketball Wives" star's restaurant, Gorditos in Granada Hills, is providing food, and even masks, for frontline workers around SoCal.

Gloria, whose sister is a nurse in NorCal, says the couple will donate items to as many frontline workers as possible. It's no small undertaking because, like most restaurants, Derek and Gloria's place is taking it on the chin.

They told us how they're fighting to stay open, and to help out all their employees ... even though they've had to furlough most of them.

As for their wedding -- originally slated for this weekend but postponed around 3 weeks ago -- Derek says they're just like most engaged couples right now ... just wondering when they'll be able to resume their plans.

As you know, the WNBA recently postponed its season. As a result, D-Fish says they're keeping an eye on how the sports world reschedules ... before they nail down a new wedding date.

'Basketball Wives' Star OG Chijindu Countersues Evelyn Lozada Your Drama Landed Me in the Hospital!!

"Basketball Wives" star Evelyn Lozada's nothing but a money-grubbing, attention seeker with a bad suing habit -- at least according to Ogom "OG" Chijindu, who claims one of those lawsuits triggered a medical scare.

Evelyn's 'BW' costar OG is countersuing her, claiming she suffered severe chest pains a few days after Evelyn sued her defamation in October 2019. OG says it was so bad, she had to go to the ER for treatment ... according to the new lawsuit.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, OG claims Evelyn has a tendency to file lawsuits "for the purpose of financial gain and media attention." OG goes on to list several lawsuits Evelyn has filed in the past.

You'll recall Evelyn sued OG claiming she lost several endorsements after OG called her a racist.

This whole thing started with shots fired on social media back in September. Evelyn first posted a cryptic message on Instagram with a picture of a laughing orangutan. OG felt it was straight-up bigotry and clapped back, calling Evelyn a racist.

Evelyn tried to get a restraining order against OG but it was denied. Fast forward to now ... and OG's countersuing because she claims the whole ordeal's caused her emotional distress.

At this rate, these 2 could be suing each other back and forth longer than "Basketball Wives" remains on the air.

For the record, Evelyn's denied making racist accusations.

Evelyn Lozada Weighing Return to 'Basketball Wives' ... After Racism Allegations

Evelyn Lozada is not done with "Basketball Wives" despite another castmember accusing her of being a bigot -- we've learned she's in talks to return to the reality show.

Sources close to Evelyn tell TMZ ... VH1 approached her about a comeback for season 9, but she's yet to reach a decision because she's weighing the pros and cons. We're told she's open to rejoining, but there are several factors making her hesitant to sign on the dotted line.

As you know ... Evelyn had major beef last year with Ogom "OG" Chijindu ... it got racial and there was even a lawsuit. EL filed for defamation when OG accused her of calling her castmates some horrible things.

As we reported, Evelyn said in the suit ... she lost tons of endorsement deals due to the racism allegations, and even had to hire security for her and her family.

So, there would be a huge elephant in the 'BBW' room if Evelyn returns.

We're told she's also slow to sign a deal because when she's left the show in the past ... she's had more time to focus on growing her jewelry and skin-care businesses.

Right now, our sources say Evelyn is trying to figure out if the 'Basketball Wives' paycheck is worth all the drama that will inevitably come with it.

Stay tuned ...

Shaunie O'Neal I Feel Horrible OG Chijindu Feels Isolated ... But 'Basketball Wives' Isn't Racist


Shaunie O'Neal straight-up says it's BS for costar OG Chijindu to accuse "Basketball Wives" of colorism ... 'cause it just ain't true.

Shaunie's fiercely defending the show she stars in and executive produces ... saying they work hard to make sure cast members like OG don't feel like outcasts because of the color of their skin.

Things have gotten heated on the set for sure. OG was kept in a separate, small set during the taping of the reunion, but we're told that was for security reasons.

Evelyn Lozada Keep OG Chijindu From Contacting Me ... Denied Restraining Order


3:21 PM PT -- A judge just denied the restraining order, saying the matter is more appropriately handled through the lawsuit Evelyn already filed.

Evelyn Lozada has beelined it to court asking for a restraining order against "Basketball Wives" costar OG Chijindu.

Evelyn's filed legal docs asking for a temporary restraining order against OG in light of all their beef over the last few months. A judge has yet to rule on Evelyn's request for a restraining order. Evelyn's been down this road before back in September ... following a meltdown on the show's reunion.

As we first reported ... Evelyn sued OG claiming she's called her a racist bigot on social media ever since Evelyn posted a cryptic message back in September.

Evelyn Lozada Sues Costar OG Chijindu You Calling Me Racist Co$t Me Big Time!!!

Evelyn Lozada claims she's out on several endorsement deals because one of her "Basketball Wives" costars called her a racist bigot ... so she's now suing.

According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ ... Evelyn claims Ogom "OG" Chijindu called her a racist bigot on social media ever since Evelyn posted a cryptic message to her more than 4 million followers on Instagram back on September 11.

Evelyn's message read, "Nobody watches you harder than the people that can't stand you." The post included a picture of a laughing orangutan. OG took offense to this and clapped back with a repost of her own that read, "Wow so now black women are monkeys. Everyone boycott this trash box you are disgusting." The post didn't appear to tag or mention anyone.

OG also trashed talked on Twitter: "And there it is..show your true colors you racist bigot. You called Cece 'Ling Ling' Jackie a 'cockroach' & now me a 'monkey.'"

Evelyn Lozada I'd Date Rob Kardashian Try Older ... Why Not?!?

Evelyn Lozada's flirty tweet to Rob Kardashian started as a joke, but now she's dead serious ... she'd go on a date with him.

Evelyn joined "The Breakfast Club" Thursday where she revealed the origin of the sexually explicit tweet that went down on Father's Day. ICYMI ... Evelyn tweeted Rob "has a big sausage." His reply didn't leave much to the imagination. The tweets were later deleted.

Lots to unpack here ... for starters ... the "Basketball Wives" star admits to DJ Envy and Angela Yee she's NEVER seen Rob's package. Evelyn explains exactly how the tweet came about. Long story short ... Rob dared her to do it. She took the bait and here we are.

That didn't stop Envy and Angela from straight-up asking MLB star Carl Crawford and NFL star Chad Johnson's ex if she'd be down to get down with Rob. Evelyn says if his mom can date younger why can't Rob date older? Evelyn's 43 and Rob's 32.

Lust is in the air.

Dwyane Wade On Paul Pierce: 'I Won't Put Another Black Man Down'


How does Dwyane Wade REALLY feel about Paul Pierce saying his career was better?

"I'm a high road kind of person ... I won't put another black man down."

Wade couldn't have been more respectful to the longtime Celtics star when we spotted him and Gabrielle Union leaving Blue Dog Beer Tavern in L.A.

"He's an amazing player. I have a lot of respect for him," D-Wade added -- "I'm gonna clap when he goes in the Hall of Fame."

Of course, the Paul Pierce vs. D-Wade debate began back in April when Pierce appeared on ESPN and was asked if he thought he had the better career.

"That’s easy, I can say that off the bat, that’s me,” Pierce said. "I’m 24 or 25 and you give me [LeBron James] and [Chris Bosh], I’d be sitting on five or six championships easy."

Heat fans didn't like Paul's comments -- and busted out a "Paul Pierce sucks" chant at Wade's final home game in Miami.

There's more ... we also asked Wade what his plans are after basketball -- and he told us he's gonna be a "kept man" for a while Union brings home the bacon!

"She got it," Wade said with a smile.

Union gave her husband some credit -- noting he made some money during his long NBA career ... "He sold those fouls for 16 years! He did very well for himself!"

Ayesha Curry Depression Led to 'Botched Boob Job'

Ayesha Curry says she made a "rash decision" to get her boobs done after having her 2nd kid in 2015 -- but says her doctor did horrible work and left her with "the most botched boob job on the face of the planet."

30-year-old Ayesha who's married to NBA superstar Steph Curry -- opened up about the surgery to Working Mother ... saying at the time she was dealing with postpartum depression.

"I didn’t realize at the time, but after having Ryan, I was battling a bit of postpartum that lingered for a while," Ayesha said.

"It came in the form of me being depressed about my body ... So I made a rash decision. The intention was just to have them lifted, but I came out with these bigger boobs I didn’t want."

"I got the most botched boob job on the face of the planet. They’re worse now than they were before. I would never do anything like that again, but I’m an advocate of if something makes you happy, who cares about the judgment?"

Ayesha has since had a 3rd kid -- Canon Curry -- and says she's been able to develop more self-confidence in being a working mom.

Of course, Ayesha is a pretty well-respected chef -- who recently teamed up with chef Michael Mina to open International Smoke restaurants all over the country.

"The little things that used to seem like problems aren't problems at all anymore. Things roll off my back more easily."

Lala Anthony Carmelo Will Return to NBA ... 'Facts'


Don't close the book on Carmelo Anthony's career ... because his wife Lala Anthony tells TMZ Sports he'll DEFINITELY be back on a roster next season.

Lala was out in NYC when we asked about her hubby's NBA status -- considering he hasn't been on the court since 2018 and some people think he's done for good.

But, Anthony is only 34-years-old and he's been training hard recently -- so, we had to know if Lala expects to see Melo back in the league when the 2019-20 season kicks off.

"Why wouldn't we?" Lala said ... adding, "Facts!"

So, where she think Melo will land???

"Whatever team is gonna appreciate him!"

There's talk Anthony could return to the Knicks -- where he played for 7 seasons before he was traded to the OKC Thunder in 2017.

Anthony later spent a minute in Houston in 2018 before being traded to the Chicago Bulls, where he was waived on Feb. 1.

Unclear if Lala's statement will come to fruition -- but one thing's for sure ... Carmelo ain't ready to hang 'em up yet.

NBA's Brandon Jennings Hey, Ayesha Curry 'Stop Trippin', You're Beautiful!!!'


Ex-NBA star Brandon Jennings COULDN'T BELIEVE the comments Ayesha Curry made about being jealous of the attention her husband gets from the opposite sex.

And, now ... Jennings has a message for Steph Curry's wife -- stop trippin'!!!

You know the backstory ... Ayesha went on "Red Table Talk" and admitted she's "bothered" by the lack of attention (in a desirous way) from men over the years while she watches groupies throw themselves at Steph.

"I don't have any of that," Ayesha said ... "I have zero -- this sounds weird -- but, like, male attention, and so then I begin to internalize it, and I'm like, 'Is something wrong with me?'"

Jennings -- who now runs his own Tuff Crowd clothing line -- was so shocked by the comments, he had to discuss out outside of Joey in Woodland Hills, CA.

"She said guys don't lust over her enough ... why would you want to lust over a woman who's married?"

Jennings says it's human nature to want to be desired by the opposite sex, but when it comes to Ayesha -- it's hard to watch her complain because she has "the best life."

Jennings points out that Ayesha is rich as hell, has a faithful husband, a beautiful family and an incredible career as a chef ... so, don't trip!

There's more ... Brandon also talks about his future basketball career. He's only 29 and feels he's got LOTS of game left.

Check out the clip and see where he wants to play next.

Dwyane Wade Gunning For The Brady-Gisele Life ... Come On Gabby!!!


Dwyane Wade is ready for the TB12 method -- no, not the avocado ice cream and weird stretches stuff -- the NBA superstar wants Gabrielle Union to start making Gisele money!!!

If ya missed it ... Tom Brady made waves this past week when he told Jimmy Kimmel he can afford to take massive pay cuts from the Patriots because his wife brings home the bacon in their relationship.

When we got D-Wade and Gabby after the Met Gala on Monday night ... we had to ask for their thoughts on Brady's admission.

Gabby's reaction? "Smart man."

Wade's reaction? PURE JEALOUSY!!!

"Very smart man," Wade told us ... "That's what I'm trying to get!"

Of course, Wade was just kiddin' around ... Gabby does just fine in their relationship -- she's an A-list Hollywood celeb.

And, it ain't like Wade's exactly hurting for cash regardless ... dude made more than $196 MILLION from NBA contracts alone!!!

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