Dog the Bounty Hunter I'm Getting Remarried Soon & It's All Good ... The Bible Tells Me So!!!

Two Guys From Hollywood Podcast

Dog the Bounty Hunter's gearing up to wed his fiancee very soon, and he doesn't feel bad about remarrying anymore following the death of his wife, Beth ... because God approves.

Dog just revealed his major life news on the podcast, "Two Guys from Hollywood," telling the cohosts his wedding to Francie Frane is scheduled to go down September 2 ... and the venue's more expensive than he'd like!!!

As we reported ... Dog and Francie got engaged in May 2020 -- 10 months after Beth died of cancer -- and Francie also lost her spouse to cancer shortly before Dog did.

The couple is obviously still going strong, and Dog says though he initially felt uneasy about getting remarried after losing Beth ... that all changed when he read some scripture.

Dog says he found a passage in The Bible that says, "God does not want a man to be alone, that he knows we need a companion, whether we're man or woman."

Now, that doesn't sound like an exact Old Testament quote -- we think he's referring to Genesis 2:18 -- but you get the idea.

Dog previously told us he wants his ceremony with Francie to be "the biggest wedding there's ever been" ... so stay tuned for Sept. 2.

J Lo and A-Rod We're Not Broken Up ... No Third Party Involved

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez say reports of their demise as a couple have been greatly exaggerated -- well, maybe just exaggerated -- because they say they are still fighting to stay together ... TMZ has learned.

Both J Lo and A-Rod tell TMZ, "All the reports are inaccurate. We are working through some things." We're also told what they're working through has nothing to do with a third party.

Sources connected to the couple made it clear to TMZ and other outlets Friday ... the couple had called off their engagement and broken up. We asked our sources with direct knowledge why we were all told they broke up, and we were told things were "bad" on Friday.

As of now, A-Rod's still in Miami and J Lo's in the Dominican Republic shooting a movie, and it's unclear when they'll be back together. FYI, it's a hop, skip and a jump from Miami to the D.R.

There's a lot at stake in their relationship. Aside from them, they both have kids that have effectively blended as a big family, so that's got to come into play as they navigate their relationship.

They've been together for 4 years, and for most of the time they seemed tight. To be continued ...

Justin Bieber Back Off My Wife!!! Rips Selena Gomez Fan for Bullying Hailey

Justin Bieber is slamming a Selena Gomez fan as a "sad excuse of a human" after she shamelessly called on other SG fans to bully his wife, Hailey.

The Biebs actually put the woman on blast, reposting a snippet of the so-called Selena Gomez fan begging people "to f***ing bombard" Hailey's Instagram Live comments section and bully her by saying "Selena is better" and "Go after her, please. Let's all go after her."

JB didn't let it slide, saying ... "This sad excuse of a human just encouraged people on video to literally go after my wife telling people to say that my previous relationship was better so on and so [forth]. I just wanted to share this so people get an idea of what we face on a day to day."

The singer also made a dig at the woman saying, "After watching that I could easily let it steal my joy, but then I think about her life and how miserable she must be to want to spend her life trying to make others feel small."


On the one hand, ya gotta admire Justin going all out to defend his wife, but on the other -- he did just give a troll the biggest platform she's ever had, and she's probably thrilled about it. It's a double-edged sword for the Biebers.

Hailey added her own feelings, saying ... "I would never in a million years wish for someone to be treated this way and I will never condone this kind of hateful behavior."

She did take the high road, though, adding ... "Wishing the young woman in that video all the best."

'Bachelorette' Couple Clare & Dale Ignore Cheating Talk ... Spending T-Day Together!!!

Clare Crawley and Dale Moss are already engaged, but they're taking their relationship to new heights by spending a holiday with each other's families ... despite cheating rumors.

Sources close to "The Bachelorette" couple tell TMZ ... they're ignoring claims that Dale stepped out on Clare ... they'll spend their first Thanksgiving together on the West Coast.

We're told Dale flew to Sacramento to meet Clare, and they'll be heading down to San Diego to feast on turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie with family and friends on both sides.

Our sources say they place no stock in recent reports alleging Dale was kissing women in NYC last week.

ICYMI ... Dale -- a former football player turned model -- was photographed walking around the city with a few models last week after they worked a Hugo Boss event together.

They got drinks afterward, and that's when the rumor mill churned out talk that he was seen smooching on women. They say it's absolutely untrue ... one of the women Dale was hanging with is married, and the other has a boyfriend.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Regardless, Clare was unfazed by the gossip and met up with Dale in his hometown in South Dakota a few days later. She shared a romantic pic of the meetup.

Our sources say they plan to split their time between Sacramento and NYC due to their jobs.

As you know ... Clare's time as 'Bachelorette' was unprecedented, as she and Dale hit it off so intensely he proposed to her just days into filming her season. She said yes, and as of now ... we're told there's still no trouble in paradise.

Lily Allen & David Harbour Vegas Wedding ... Laughs, Elvis & Burgers!!!

Lily Allen and David Harbour did indeed get hitched in Las Vegas this weekend, and they did it right ... with an Elvis impersonator officiant and everything.

The couple tied the knot on Labor Day, according to their marriage certificate, and the singer-songwriter and the "Stranger Things" star shared a few pics of their ceremony from the Graceland Wedding Chapel. Classic!

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The lovebirds look totally smitten and full of joy inside the chapel -- with Elvis singing away -- and outside on a Vegas street as Lily showed off her vintage white wedding dress and veil.

Apparently, a day full of love and marriage in Sin City works up your appetite ... Lily and the fam chowed down on some In-N-Out after the nuptials.

We broke the story ... David and Lily obtained a marriage license Sunday in Vegas, the first indication they were about to seal the deal.

Up until recently, they've been very private about being together -- with Lily revealing their engagement via a selfie back in May -- but they're letting it all out now.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

David even pointed out that wildfires ravaging California and a pandemic affecting the whole world couldn't stop them from becoming husband and wife.


Jenelle Evans I'm Living With David Again ... And We Got A New Goat, Too

1:54 PM PT -- E! says Jenelle told them she and David were not living together again, but we know they are ... and as we reported, she splits time between her place in Nashville and the former family home in North Carolina. The two continue to co-parent their daughter Ensley.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason are once again living under the same roof ... and they've got a new pet that doesn't bite.

Sources close to Jenelle and David tell TMZ ... they've been living together off and on for several weeks at their home in North Carolina, and while they're taking things slowly the second time around, things are going smoothly and their time apart is what they needed.

It's a big change, of course, for Jenelle ... this after David shot and killed the family dog, her children were taken away, she got canned from "Teen Mom" and on and on.

As you know, Jenelle even threatened divorce ... but it sounds like that's off the table now because North Carolina law says a couple must be separate and apart for one year before you can file. She's also dropped the restraining order against David.

Jenelle and David are also giving pet ownership another shot ... they both posted videos Wednesday of the same baby goat, and we're told the animal is living with them in NC.

The rekindled relationship is even crossing state lines.

As we first told you ... Jenelle and David were seen walking side by side with their daughter, Ensley, in Nashville in January, and just last week they were spotted again in the Music City at Jason Aldean's Kitchen + Rooftop Bar.

Our sources say Jenelle's been splitting her time between NC and Nashville, and David often comes to visit.

While Jenelle and David are working on repairing their relationship, we're told they're not looking to return to MTV in any capacity.

Kawhi Leonard Takin' My Talents to Barbados Rides Floaty Boat With GF

10:30 AM PT -- As it turns out, a Canada-based tourism company made an offer to the Klaw earlier this month for an all-expenses paid trip to the island if he agreed to stay with the Raptors. So ... did we just break some huge free agency news?! 

Kawhi Leonard's next move ain't staying in Toronto or moving to L.A. ... he's cruisin' through Barbados on a floaty boat with his girlfriend, Kishele Shipley ... and TMZ Sports has the pics!!

All eyes are on the 27-year-old NBA superstar with free agency around the corner ... with reports saying he could either stay with the Raptors or take his talents back to his home state of California to play for the Clippers or Lakers.

But, before the Finals MVP makes that decision, he took his family out to the Caribbean for an adventurous getaway filled with fun boat rides, snorkeling and picnics.

Kawhi's had a tough time containing his emotions ever since the Raps beat the Warriors to win its first championship in franchise history ... and he couldn't keep a straight face as he zoomed through the water on a Great Big Marble boat.

Enjoy the R&R, Kawhi ... you deserve it. But, uh ... please decide soon. We're waiting.

Originally published -- 8:26 AM PT 

Evelyn Lozada I'd Date Rob Kardashian Try Older ... Why Not?!?

Evelyn Lozada's flirty tweet to Rob Kardashian started as a joke, but now she's dead serious ... she'd go on a date with him.

Evelyn joined "The Breakfast Club" Thursday where she revealed the origin of the sexually explicit tweet that went down on Father's Day. ICYMI ... Evelyn tweeted Rob "has a big sausage." His reply didn't leave much to the imagination. The tweets were later deleted.

Lots to unpack here ... for starters ... the "Basketball Wives" star admits to DJ Envy and Angela Yee she's NEVER seen Rob's package. Evelyn explains exactly how the tweet came about. Long story short ... Rob dared her to do it. She took the bait and here we are.

That didn't stop Envy and Angela from straight-up asking MLB star Carl Crawford and NFL star Chad Johnson's ex if she'd be down to get down with Rob. Evelyn says if his mom can date younger why can't Rob date older? Evelyn's 43 and Rob's 32.

Lust is in the air.

Dina Lohan Online BF Buys Engagement Ring Relationship's Back On!!!

Dina Lohan is getting back together with her online boyfriend ... and she's got an engagement ring in her future.

It's another strange twist in Dina's relationship with Jesse Nadler ... they broke up last week after getting into a huge argument over another woman, but now their long-distance love is back on!!!

Jesse tells TMZ ... Dina reached out to him on Sunday night and they hashed everything out. He says she apologized for wrongly accusing him of chatting up another lady, and now everything's fine and dandy.

And, get this ... Jesse tells us he bought Dina an ENGAGEMENT RING, and he's going to give it to her when they finally come face-to-face for the first time. Talk about cutting to the chase.

Of course, Jesse tells us he and Dina still don't have a date for when their big in-person meeting is finally going down. They've been kicking that can down the road for a while.

Dina isn't the only one being lavished with gifts ... Jesse tells us Dina sent him a huge box of memorabilia from the 'Wendy Williams Show.' Dina was on a recent episode, and Jesse says she hooked him up with robes, mugs and other swag from the show -- plus some stuff for his mother, who is battling cancer.

We'll see if these 2 ever meet for real for real -- and, as for the engagement ring. Sorry, Dina ... spoiler alert?

Brandon Lee Thanksgiving Feels ... Led to Making Up with Dad

The reunion between Tommy and Brandon Lee came as quite a surprise considering their bitter beef, and now we know what sparked the heartfelt hug between father and son.

Sources close to the situation tell TMZ ... Brandon reached out to Tommy over Thanksgiving to see if they could get together to hash things out. We're told despite all the nastiness between the 2, Brandon felt it was time to move on because at the end of the day ... he loves his dad and wants to have a relationship.

Fortunately, Tommy was open to it, so they began planning a time and place to meet up ... and made it happen Wednesday night.

As we reported ... the 2 had some fun in the studio together and hugged it out. Tommy shared their loving embrace on his Instagram, captioning the pic ... "I love you son."

It was the first time they'd seen each other since their violent encounter back in March when Brandon coldcocked Tommy in the middle of the night. The incident was followed by a battery investigation -- which was later rejected -- and a nasty war of words between the 2 on social media.

Seems like it's all water under the bridge now, though, and for more good news ... we're told Brandon's mom and Tommy's ex, Pam Anderson, fully supports them making up.

'Jersey Shore' Ronnie Laughing Off Baby Mama Drama

You gotta give it up to Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley for going to hell and back without losing their sense of humor.

Ronnie and his baby mama have been through more ups and downs than every boardwalk roller coaster on the Jersey Shore, but that didn't stop them from poking fun at their problems during a family stroll through Central Park.

Check out Jen's shirt ... she's sending a clear message with the laundry portion of Ronnie's GTL routine.

It's true ... Ronnie and Jen could give anyone a run for their money when it comes to relationship issues.

Quick recap of their last few months ... Jen allegedly dragged Ronnie with a car, resulting in a bloody mess and a domestic violence arrest. But, like they always do, Ronnie and Jen kissed and made up.

Laughter really heals all wounds.

Aldon Smith Released by Raiders ... After Alleged Domestic Violence Incident

Aldon Smith's embattled Raiders career is over -- the team just announced they released the star LB after the domestic violence incident involving his fiancee.

Cops responded to a reported DV incident Saturday night in San Francisco ... but Smith had fled the scene before they arrived.

TMZ Sports has since spoken with Smith's fiancee ... who confirmed she was the alleged victim. She told us Aldon is now in rehab after he called her parents and asked that they check him in.

"I'm scared for his life with his addiction," she said. "I cannot comment on the altercation but I can tell you I love him and so happy he turned to my family who considers him family and hopefully he gets the help he truly needs."

Smith was already suspended from the league following a DUI bust. He hasn't played a snap in the NFL since Nov. 2015.

Tamar Braxton Gets Husband Arrested for Spousal Assault Calls Pregnant Woman a 'Whore'


Tamar Braxton went ham on a woman claiming to be pregnant with the help of Tamar's hubby .. and speaking of her husband, it looks like Tamar got him arrested for spousal assault.

Tamar posted a rant against the woman, whom Tamar refers to as a "whore." She posted this after posting a video (above) in which she says she's cool with Vincent Herbert, but she's wearing a hat that says "You Tried It" ... meaning she's not going to forget what he did.

To make her point, she's jamming to Beyonce's "Irreplaceable" ... an anthem to scorned women, as she sips tea.

As for the arrest ... Tamar refers to an order of protection she has against Vincent. We've learned he was arrested Christmas day for spousal assault. He was released on $20,000 bail. It's unclear what he did to allegedly assault Tamar.

TMZ broke the story ... Tamar filed for divorce in October.

Scott Stapp Amazing Recovery After Drug/Alcohol-Fueled Meltdown


Scott Stapp looks incredible after a stint in rehab following one of the most bizarre meltdowns in recent memory.

The Creed frontman and wife Jaclyn breezed into LAX Friday, and we're blown away by how good Scott looks and sounds.

You may recall his paranoid rants last November, where Scott put himself on video saying he was on the run because the CIA was trying to kill him. Jaclyn filed legal docs trying to get him committed.

Fast forward to Friday ... he's lucid and seemingly clean. Scott says he's looking forward to seeing their friend, Jennifer Gimenez, who occasionally appears on "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." She's been a big part of Scott's recovery.

We're told they're in town to appear on "Couples Therapy."

'Bachelorette' Star ARRESTED for Being a Drunken Mess

"Bachelorette" star Kasey Kahl was arrested Sunday morning in Fresno, CA -- hometown of Kevin Federline -- after cops say he was drunk and disorderly at a nightclub ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Kahl -- who recently appeared on "Bachelor Pad" -- was allegedly involved in an incident at a place called Club Habanos. So far, it's unclear exactly what Kahl is accused of doing wrong.

Kahl was booked at a nearby police station -- where he took one of the prettiest mug shots we've ever seen and was released a few hours later.

Kahl just finished taping the inaugural season of VH1's upcoming "Relationship Rehab" with former GF Vienna Girardi.

4:25 PM PST: A rep for Kahl tells us, "Kasey and his friends were hanging out outside of the club where police officers allegedly thought they were being too loud. Kasey, along with a couple friends, were taken to the police station, but were released a couple hours later. No charges were or have been filed against him."

The rep adds, "Kasey was extremely respectful and very cooperative with the police officers despite the situation, even having a good laugh because of his model-esque mugshot. The police officers noted that it was the prettiest mugshot they've ever seen come into their station."

'Bachelor' Winner Storms Off 'Relationship Rehab' ... For Good

Former "Bachelor" winner Vienna Girardi ripped off her mic and stormed off the set of "Relationship Rehab" this week, TMZ has learned ... after show producers confronted her with an ex-boyfriend.

Vienna and boyfriend Kasey Kahl were hammering out their issues on the show -- but during a routine sit-down, sources close to production tell us, producers blindsided her ... bringing out Vienna's previous ex ... Lee Smith.

In case you don't remember -- Lee is the guy Vienna was allegedly sending flirty emails to while she was still engaged to "Bachelor" winner Jake Pavelka.

According to sources, Vienna had an emotional breakdown and walked off the show -- screaming at producers that she "hates" them. She hasn't been back since and the show has finished shooting.

It's unclear if she violated her contract by ditching the show early. Attempts to reach Vienna were unsuccessful.

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