Nia Long Getting $32k/Mo. In Child Support ... From Ex Ime Udoka

Nia Long just got what she wanted in her custody battle with Ime Udoka -- a judge made it so she'll get monthly support ... plus, a majority of the parenting time for their child.

The actress and NBA coach -- who split up in 2022 amid claims of infidelity -- came to terms in court Monday ... with a judge signing off on a custody agreement that hashes out who's paying who, and who their son will live with/spend most of his time with.

Per the docs, obtained by TMZ, it's actually Nia who'll be receiving monthly child support -- and even though the court said she might be entitled to upwards of $56k ... the 2 parents ended up landing on about half of that, with Ime agreeing to pay her $32,500/month.

The couple went through their financials -- as did the court -- and found Ime makes way more money coaching the Houston Rockets right now than Nia does ... noting he's got more than $400k in net monthly disposable income, whereas she's only got about $20k.

Now, in terms of custody ... they'll continue to share joint legal custody -- but Nia will get sole physical custody with reasonable visitation for Ime as time and scheduling permits.

They note in their docs that Ime is constantly traveling with the team, and this arrangement works better for everyone. Everything else pertaining to their kid, Kez, is pretty even-Steven.

Remember, Nia had filed for pretty much exactly this situation back in August -- and earlier this month, she and Ime had come to these exact terms in a settlement. Now, she's got it all in writing with a stamp of approval ... with the court entering the judgment, making it official.

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On its face, it seems both parties are happy ... which is all you can ask for.

Keke Palmer Holds Son Post-TRO Against Baby Daddy Flower Bouquet Sent Over

Keke Palmer is holding on tight to her son after getting temporary sole custody of him amid her legal fight with her baby daddy -- this, of course, after accusing him of DV.

The actress appeared to be on set Saturday afternoon in West Hollywood, where two notable things happened -- one, she was photographed carrying her nearly 9-month-old, Leo, while in costume ... and was smiling from ear to ear, while even firing off a selfie of the 2 of them.

There was a woman nearby, whom Keke eventually handed Leo over to -- presumably a nanny of some sort -- while she went back to work. Like we said, KP is beaming here.

The other standout moment from this time on the job ... she received an intricate bouquet of flowers from somebody, courtesy of a local business called La Fleu Eclose ... and this particular arrangement is one of their pricier items for sale -- it's called "My Queen."

The bouquet comes with a crap ton of roses -- between 50 to 100 -- and a nice little crown ornament on top to boot. There was a card attached that Keke was seen reading ... and she looked to be a bit emotional as she went through it. No word on who it was from.

This is the first time we're seeing Keke out in public since her bomb allegations this past week -- namely, claiming Darius Jackson had abused her on and off for well over a year ... including an alleged incident she says happened as recently as last weekend.

Keke also uploaded a bunch of still images taken from in-home security footage that she claims shows Darius roughing her up on a handful of occasions, dating back to 02/2022.

She said she feared for her safety, and as a result was granted a temporary restraining order against Darius. Keke was also granted temporary sole custody of their kid ... a separate filing that came shortly before her TRO hit the court system.

Darius has remained mostly mum through all this ... not having officially acknowledged her claims, other than to say he loves his son and that he'll "see you soon." A hearing to sort all this out is scheduled for early December ... where he'll presumably get a chance to respond.

Keke and Darius had Leo in February ... and had been a couple for a good while before that. He's not famous at all -- but has drawn attention to himself and their relationship.

Infamously, he criticized her outfit choice during an Usher concert ... which got a lot of blowback -- even, seemingly, from Keke herself. Since then, though -- they appear to have made up and gotten back together ... until now, that is. Safe to say, they're on the outs.

Ethan Slater Zipped Lips on Ariana Grande ... Leaving Divorce Hearing


Ethan Slater is keepin' it quiet on his love life with Ariana Grande ... refusing to spill any relationship tea while stepping out of court after a divorce hearing.

The actor/singer was leaving a New York courtroom Friday following an appointment to handle the ongoing divorce and custody proceedings with his estranged wife, Lilly Jay.

Ethan didn't wanna chat, even when asked about Ariana. We also touched on his plans for co-parenting once his divorce is finalized, but all he gave was a smirk.

TMZ broke the story, Ethan and Ariana were spotted together last week on a date night in NYC, grabbing a a private table in the heart of Manhattan. Witnesses told us they were definitely flirty and touchy-feely during the night out.


They also took to Disney World last month, getting a VIP tour ... so their relationship certainly hasn't turned sour.

Remember, Ethan filed for divorce from Lilly in July, and sources told us Ethan "desperately" wants to co-parent their infant son.

As for Ariana and her ex, Dalton Gomez, the two simultaneously filed for divorce in September -- and reached a settlement a month later where she agreed to pay him $1,250,000.

Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner Strike Deal in Child Custody Case

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have struck a deal in their divorce case -- and it sounds like they're both on the same page.

As we reported, Joe and Sophie were hashing out the terms of their divorce during 4 days of mediation last week.

There is a prenup, so it looks like assets were not a big issue. The bigger issue, of course, was child custody. Sophie wanted the kids to live with her in the UK, and Joe wanted them to stay with him in the U.S.

According to settlement docs, obtained by TMZ, "an amicable resolution on all issues between them is forthcoming." Translation -- they're super close to signing a settlement.

In the meantime, they have agreed to a temporary child custody agreement. Under the terms, the 2 kids -- ages 1 and 3 -- will be with Sophie from October 9 through October 21. During that time, she's allowed to travel with them to the UK.

On October 21, Sophie must return with the kids to the U.S., where Joe will then take them through November 2.


The kids will then go back to Sophie until November 22. Joe gets them on that day and will presumably spend Thanksgiving with them.

The kids go back to mom on December 16, where they will stay until January 7. So she gets them for XMAS and New Year's.

Sounds like a final settlement is looming.

JOE JONAS Y SOPHIE TURNER Llegan a un acuerdo sobre la custodia de sus hijas

Joe Jonas y Sophie Turner han llegado a un acuerdo en su caso de divorcio, y parece que ambos están en la misma sintonía.

Como informamos, Joe y Sophie estuvieron negociando los términos de su divorcio durante tres días de mediación la semana pasada.

Hay un acuerdo prenupcial, por lo que al parecer los activos no eran un gran problema. El mayor desafío, por supuesto, era la custodia de sus hijas. Sophie quería que las niñas vivieran con ella en el Reino Unido y Joe que se quedaran con él en Estados Unidos

Según los documentos del acuerdo obtenidos por TMZ, "se está llegando a una resolución amistosa entre ellos en todos los asuntos", es decir, están muy cerca de firmar un acuerdo.

Mientras tanto, han acordado un acuerdo temporal para la custodia de sus hijas. Bajo estos términos, las niñas -de 1 y 3 años- estarán con Sophie desde el 9 hasta el 21 de octubre. Durante ese tiempo, se le permitirá viajar al Reino Unido

El 21 de octubre, Sophie debe regresar con las niñas a Estados Unidos, donde Joe se las llevará hasta el 2 de noviembre.

Luego volverán con Sophie hasta el 22 de noviembre, y Joe las recibirá el 22 para presumiblemente pasar Acción de Gracias con ellas.

Las niñas vuelven con mamá el 16 de diciembre, donde se quedarán hasta el 7 de enero. Así que ella las tendrá para Navidad y Año Nuevo.

Suena como que un acuerdo final se aproxima.


Joe Jonas y Sophie Turner parecen estar progresando en su amarga disputa por la custodia de los hijos. Al parecer han llegado a un acuerdo sobre un tiempo compartido.

El miembro de los Jonas Brothers pasó la mañana del lunes con sus dos hijas por un parque de Nueva York antes de dejarlas con su esposa separada.

Como se puede ver, Joe era todo sonrisas al salir de la casa de Taylor Swift, que es donde Sophie se está quedando mientras ella está en la Gran Manzana.

Todo parece señalar que Joe y Sophie llegaron a un acuerdo sobre la custodia de los hijos. Como informamos por primera vez, la ex pareja está en plena mediación para resolver su divorcio.

Joe y Sophie han pasado mucho tiempo este mes tratando de llegar a un acuerdo de divorcio, recordemos que tienen un acuerdo prenupcial y una de las disposiciones es que van a la mediación para resolver todas las cuestiones pendientes relacionadas con su divorcio.

Nos informan que ambos están de acuerdo con la custodia compartida siempre que puedan ponerse de acuerdo sobre la estructura. Todo parece marchar de la manera más civilizada imaginable.

Manténgase en sintonía...

JOE JONAS, SOPHIE TURNER Child Custody Arrangement?!? He Drops Off Kids With Her

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner appear to be making progress in their bitter child custody dispute ... because it looks like they've come to an agreement on a time-share with the kids.

The Jonas Brothers member spent Monday morning with his two daughters at a park in New York City before dropping them off with his estranged wife.

As you can see, Joe was all smiles as he left Taylor Swift's place ... that's where Sophie is staying while she's in the Big Apple.

The handoff makes it seem like Joe and Sophie hammered out an agreement on child custody ... as we first reported, the former couple is deep in mediation to settle their nasty divorce.

Joe and Sophie have been spending a lot of time this month trying to reach a divorce settlement ... remember, they have a prenup and one of the provisions is that they go to mediation to settle all outstanding issues related to their divorce.

As we reported ... we've been told they are both cool with joint custody, provided they can agree on a structure, and this makes it look like they've done just that.

Stay tuned ...

Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner Deep in Mediation to Settle Divorce

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have been embroiled in a bitter, child custody dispute, but they have been spending hours together over the last 2 days trying to hammer out a divorce settlement ... multiple sources tell TMZ.

As TMZ reported, Joe and Sophie have a prenup, and one of the provisions is that they go to mediation to settle all outstanding issues related to their divorce ... this according to multiple Joe/Sophie sources.

Joe and Sophie spent a full day Wednesday hashing out divorce issues, and we're told they are dealing with a property settlement guided by the prenup, as well as child custody.

As you know, there's a jurisdictional dogfight going on over which judge will handle the case -- a Miami judge, which is what Joe wants, or a UK judge, which is Sophie's choice.

Sophie has filed legal docs in federal court trying to get the case removed to the UK. Although there's an active legal dispute over jurisdiction, our sources say they are trying to reach an agreement on both which judge handles the case and what the custody arrangement should look like.

It appears Sophie wants to live in the UK with the kids and Joe wants them to stay put in the U.S., but they are trying to reach some sort of custody agreement that would make jurisdiction essentially irrelevant.

We're told they're both down with joint custody, and if they can agree on a structure -- for example, the kids stay with one parent during the school year and the other parent during the summer with both parents getting visitation -- they would probably just ask the Florida judge to ratify it.

The good news ... since they're in mediation, which continues on Thursday, it appears neither Joe nor Sophie are challenging the prenup.

It's possible they could pull a Kevin Costner and settle the latest, contentious divorce.

Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner A fondo en una mediación para resolver su divorcio

Joe Jonas y Sophie Turner han estado envueltos en una amarga disputa por la custodia de sus hijas, pero han estado pasando horas juntos en los últimos dos días para tratar de llegar a un acuerdo de divorcio, según cuentan múltiples fuentes a TMZ.

Como TMZ informó, Joe y Sophie tienen un acuerdo prenupcial y una de las disposiciones es que deben ir a mediación para resolver todos los asuntos pendientes relacionados con su divorcio, esto de acuerdo a múltiples fuentes de Joe y Sophie.

Joe y Sophie estuvieron todo el día miércoles resolviendo cuestiones de divorcio y nos dicen que están lidiando con un acuerdo de propiedad, guiada por el acuerdo prenupcial, así como con la custodia de sus hijas.

Como ustedes saben, hay una pelea de perros sobre qué juez debiese encargarse del caso, si uno de Miami, como quiere Joe, o uno del Reino Unido, como quiere Sophie.

Sophie presentó documentos legales en el tribunal federal par tratar de conseguir que el caso sea trasladado al Reino Unido. Aunque hay una disputa legal activa sobre la jurisdicción, nuestras fuentes dicen que están tratando de llegar a un acuerdo al respecto así cómo debiese ser la resolución de la custodia.

Al parecer, Sophie quiere vivir en el Reino Unido con las niñas y Joe quiere que se queden en Estados Unidos, pero están tratando de llegar a algún tipo de acuerdo de custodia que haría esencialmente irrelevante dónde sea la jurisdicción.

Nos dicen que ambos quieren la custodia compartida y si pueden ponerse de acuerdo sobre una estructura, por ejemplo, que las niñas se queden con uno de los padres durante el año escolar y el otro padre durante el verano, con ambos padres teniendo la posibilidad de visitarlas, probablemente solo le pedirían al juez de Florida que ratifique el acuerdo.

La buena noticia es que como ya están en mediación, la que continúa el jueves, parece que ni Joe ni Sophie están desafiando el acuerdo prenupcial.

Es posible que hagan lo mismo que Kevin Costner y logren resolverlo todo.

Elon Musk Grimes lo demanda para establecer la custodia... No me deja ver a mi hijo

La mamá del bebé de Elon Musk, Grimes, está yendo a la corte para pedir la custodia de sus hijos, después de suplicarle al CEO de Tesla que le permitiera ver a uno de ellos.

Grimes presentó una "petición para establecer la relación parental" el pasado viernes. Esto viene días después de que tuiteara: "díganle a Elon que me deje ver a mi hijo o sino que responda a mi abogado".

Parece que se refiere a su hijo menor, Tau, que nació el año pasado.

Grimes, que nunca estuvo casada con Musk, claramente está intentando establecer los derechos de custodia, así como la manutención del niño. A menos de que sea considerada como madre no apta, es casi seguro que obtendrá algunos derechos de custodia.

En estas situaciones, los jueces suelen conceder la custodia compartida, aunque eso no significa necesariamente 50 y 50. Un juez podría establecer un calendario de custodia de numerosas formas, incluso asimétricas.

En cuanto a Tau, Elon y Grimes nunca anunciaron el nacimiento de su hijo. Walter Isaacson, que acaba de escribir la biografía, "Elon Musk", reveló que el niño había nacido y se le dio el nombre de Techno Mechanicus. Lo llaman Tau para abreviar.

Elon aún no ha respondido a la petición de Grimes.

Elon Musk Grimes Sues to Establish Parental Right ... He Won't Let Me See Our Son!!!

Elon Musk's baby mama, Grimes, is going to court over their kids ... this after she pleaded with the Tesla CEO to let her see one of their sons.

Grimes filed a "petition to establish parental relationship" last Friday. This comes days after Grimes tweeted, "... tell Elon to let me see my son or plz respond to my lawyer."

It appears Grimes is referring to their youngest son, Tau, who was born last year.

Grimes, who was never married to Musk, is clearly setting up a situation where a judge would establish custody rights, as well as child support. Unless there is a finding Grimes is an unfit parent, she would almost certainly have some custodial rights.

Judges in this situation typically award joint custody, although that does not necessarily mean 50/50. A judge could carve out a custody schedule in numerous, even lopsided ways.

As for Tau, Elon and Grimes never announced the birth of their son. Walter Isaacson, who just wrote the biography, "Elon Musk," revealed the child had been born and given the name Techno Mechanicus ... they call him Tau for short.


Elon has yet to respond to Grimes' petition.

Lil Tay Explains Years-Long Absence ... Slams Dad, Defends Mom


Lil Tay spoke out for the first time this weekend since her alleged death went viral ... and she's pointing the finger at her dad for her years-long absence, accusing him of a lot.

The former child internet sensation -- who's now a teenager -- went live on IG Saturday, but not before she dropped a new song and video treatment minutes earlier. It's called "Sucker 4 Green," and it seems to be the official mark of her comeback into music.

The video features Tay singing/dancing in scantily-clad outfits and posing in front of a bunch of luxury cars while at a super nice house. She's going on about her love for money, etc.

As for the live chat itself ... it started out as mostly a performance, with Lil Tay hopping on different instruments and covering famous songs -- showing off her musical prowess. Eventually, she talked on camera ... and she was doing her typical foul-mouthed shtick.


Once she got past that ... Tay got serious and addressed the elephant in the room -- namely, where the heck she's been and why she's been making these accusations against her dad.

Long story short, LT claims her dad got involved in her life while she was getting famous several years ago -- and says he successfully gained custody of her for a good while ... a chapter in her life during which Tay alleges she was abused and mistreated by her father, Chris Hope, and his now wife. She alleges physical and mental abuse, among other things.

After airing a lot of allegations, Tay explained the death hoax ... which she claims was her father's doing -- not to mention a person she says has gone around claiming to be her ex-manager. Tay claims this person has been lying ... alleging they're in cahoots with her dad. She claims they wanted to fake her death as part of some sort of crypto scheme -- although the exact details of that aren't clear. Frankly, her diatribe was sorta all over the place.

The bottom line ... Tay says her mom has regained custody and that she's ready to move on and restart her career. LT fiercely defends her mother as her biggest supporter -- and, clearly, Tay herself is onboard with the game plan here ... namely, getting into showbiz.

Now, as far as where Tay's dad lands on all this ... he told us last week that her abuse claims were BS -- and strongly suggested legal action was coming toward whoever was putting his kid up to this. Sounds like there's some unsettled business between her parents.

In any case, Lil Tay's ready for the spotlight again ... going the way of Danielle Bregoli, it seems. BTW, it's unclear how old Tay even is -- some have her pegged between 14-16.

Lil Tay Explica su larga ausencia Critica a su padre y defiende a su madre

Aclarando las cosas

Lil Tay habló por primera vez este fin de semana desde que su supuesta muerte se hizo viral, y está responsabilizando a su padre por su ausencia de años, acusándolo de mucho.

La sensación en Internet, que ahora es un adolescente, realizó un vivo video en directo por Instagram el sábado. Minutos antes dio a conocer una nueva canción y un video, la que se llama "Sucker 4 Green" y parece ser la  señal oficial de su regreso a la música.

En el video aparece Tay cantando y bailando con poca ropa y posando delante de un montón de carros de lujo en una casa muy bonita. Allí habla de su amor por el dinero, etc.

En cuanto al chat en directo, este comenzó como una actuación, con Lil Tay tocando diferentes instrumentos y versionando canciones famosas que demuestran su destreza musical. En cierto momento, habló hacia la cámara, con su estilo malhablado que la caracteriza.

Intro del Instagram Live

Luego de eso, se puso seria y abordó el elefante en la habitación, es decir, la pregunta sobre dónde diablos ha estado todo este tiempo y por qué ha estado haciendo acusaciones en contra su padre.

En pocas palabras, Lil Tay afirma que su padre se involucró en su vida mientras se estaba haciendo famosa hace varios años, un capítulo de su vida durante el cual alega que fue abusada y maltratada por su padre, Chris Hope, y su actual esposa. Lil alega abuso físico y mental, entre otras cosas. Su padre había obtenido la custodia para cuidarla durante un buen tiempo.

Después de airear un montón de acusaciones, Tay se refirió al engaño sobre su muerte, que según ella fue cosa de su padre, por no hablar de una persona que según ella ha ido por ahí diciendo ser su ex-manager. Tay afirma que esta persona ha estado mintiendo, alegando que están confabulados con su padre. Afirma que querían fingir su muerte como parte de una especie de esquema criptográfico, aunque los detalles exactos no están claros. Francamente, su diatriba fue un poco por todas partes.

En conclusión, Tay dice que su madre ha recuperado la custodia y que está lista para seguir adelante y reiniciar su carrera. Defiende ferozmente a su madre como su mayor apoyo, y claramente, la propia Tay está muy bordo con el plan de entrar en el mundo del espectáculo.

Ahora, en cuanto al rol del padre de Tay en todo esto, él nos dijo la semana pasada que las denuncias de abuso eran mentira y sugirió fuertes acciones legales a quienquiera que esté poniendo a su hija en esta situación. Parece que hay algunos asuntos pendientes entre sus padres.

En cualquier caso, Lil Tay está lista para ser el centro de atención nuevamente. Al parecer va por el camino de Danielle Bregoli. Por cierto, no está claro qué edad tiene Tay, algunos la sitúan entre los 14 y los 16 años.

Joe Jonas Sophie quiere que el caso de divorcio se traslade al Reino Unido Yo no estoy de acuerdo...

El caso de divorcio de Joe Jonas y Sophie Turner estuvo en el centro en un tribunal de Miami este miércoles, y el abogado de Joe dejó claro que habrá una pelea de perros sobre quién llevará el caso, si un juez estadounidense o un juez del Reino Unido.

Lo que está en juego es extremadamente importante. Si un juez estadounidense lleva el caso, Joe puede tener la gran ventaja de jugar de local. Si un juez del Reino Unido finalmente lo obtiene, sería todo lo contrario.

El abogado de Joe, Thomas Sasser, lo dejó claro. De acuerdo a los intercambios que ha tenido con el abogado de Sophie, ella dice que ahora su familia es una familia del Reino Unido, por lo que el divorcio debería ser manejado allí.

El abogado de Sophie no respondió directamente, pero nuestras fuentes dicen que eso es exactamente lo que está sucediendo.

Si un juez del Reino Unido maneja el divorcio es probable que la residencia principal de los 2 niños esté allá y Joe no está de acuerdo con eso.

¿Estados Unidos o Reino Unido?

Como informamos, Sophie acudió a un tribunal federal la semana pasada, alegando que Joe violó una ley internacional de secuestro infantil al negarse a entregarle los pasaportes de sus hijas para que ella pudiera llevarlas de vuelta a Inglaterra. El juez dictaminó que, por el momento, las niñas deben permanecer en el área de Nueva York.

El juez de Miami dijo en la corte el miércoles que acatará la decisión del juez federal. Él se hará cargo del caso si el juez federal define que Estados Unidos es el lugar apropiado, y si decide lo contrario, un juez del Reino Unido tomará las riendas.

Permanezcan muy atentos.

Joe Jonas Sophie Wants Divorce Case Moved to UK ... I'm Not Down with That!

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's divorce case was front and center in a Miami courtroom Wednesday, and Joe's lawyer made it clear ... there's gonna be a dogfight over who hears the case -- an American judge or a UK judge.

The stakes are extremely high ... if an American judge hears the case it gives Joe a huge home-court advantage, and the reverse is true if the UK judge gets the case.

Joe's lawyer, Thomas Sasser, made it clear ... based on his exchanges with Sophie's counsel, she says their family had become UK-based so the divorce should be handled there.

Sophie's lawyer did not directly respond, but our sources say that is exactly what's happening in the case.

If a UK judge handles the divorce, it's likely the primary residence of the 2 kids will be there, and Joe is not down with that.


As we reported, Sophie went to federal court last week, claiming Joe violated an international child abduction law by refusing to hand over the passports of their kids so she could take them back to England. That judge ruled, for the time being, the kids must stay in the New York area.

The Miami judge said in court Wednesday, he will abide by the federal judge's ruling. He will get the case if the federal judge says the U.S. is the appropriate venue, and if the judge decides otherwise a UK judge will take the reins.

Stay tuned.

C.T Tamburello Sigue estrictas normas con su esposa separada ... No acosen a nuestro hijo con preguntas en cámara

La estrella de "The Challenge", C.T. Tamburello y su ex esposa, han acordado algunas estrictas reglas sobre el tiempo de crianza compartida de su hijo en medio de su divorcio. Esto ocurre un año después de que presentaran los papeles de divorcio.

Según documentos legales obtenidos por TMZ, C.T. y Lilianet "Lili" Solares han dado luz verde a múltiples reglas y regulaciones respecto a la custodia de su hijo, Christopher Jr., que nació en 2016, una de las cuales es que ninguno de los dos puede grabarlo con el propósito de interrogarlo.

Es más, C.T. y Lili no tienen permitido preguntarle a Christopher Jr. sobre el otro mientras pasan el tiempo acordado para cada uno. Los días en que está con uno de los progenitores, el otro tiene derecho a dos llamadas telefónicas con él a lo largo del día, aunque la orden le permite al niño acercarse al otro progenitor todo lo que quiera.

En cuanto a la manutención, el acuerdo temporal es que C.T. le pagará a Lili 332 dólares semanales cuando Christopher Jr. pase todo el tiempo con ella, y 175 dólares semanales cuando CT ejerza realmente su tiempo compartido con el niño.

TMZ dio la noticia, C.T. solicitó el divorcio el año pasado en Florida, luego de varias idas y venidas. En 2020, la estrella reveló que se habían separado el año anterior, pero terminaron volviendo.

Desde la solicitud de divorcio, la pareja acordó que C.T. se quede con su casa de Florida. Los documentos muestran que ella se mudaría a una propiedad alquilada. Aunque C.T. tuvo que darle una suma de $7.200.

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