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Zac Efron -- Could He Have Prevented Buddy's DUI?

7/9/2011 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Zac Efron was drinking with good friend Ryan Rottman literally minutes before Rottman was arrested for DUI.  The question, should Zac have said anything to his pal to prevent him from taking the wheel?


Sources inside the Dillon's Irish Pub in Hollywood tell TMZ ... Zac, Ryan, Rumer Willis and a few other friends ordered a total of  7 Kamikaze shots, 8 or 9 mixed drinks and 3 - 4 beers.

Zac and Rottman both left the bar at around 9:30 and went their separate ways.  We shot video of Zac running from the bar to his car, though it appears Rumer drove him away. By 9:45, Rottman was in police custody.


Rottman apparently was hammered.  Cops spotted him after he drove up a curb near Dillion's.  He blew a .19, more than twice the legal limit.

We asked Zac's rep if the actor urged his friend to take a taxi or find some other way home that would not have put him behind the wheel.  We did not get a response.

So we ask ...


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Aunt Ann    

It is clearly the designated driver's fault.

1202 days ago


what a ****! get a taxi

1202 days ago


O course he had a responsibility to his friend!! Is he a human? Then he has a responsiblity to look out for every citizen that he possibly can.
He's so self absorbed lately. And looks happy to be that way. He's changed so much, his friends all suck and he doesn't even act like the Zac the world came to know anymore. he was more concerned with the chubby brunet at the end of the video than he was his friend. Self absorbed much.

1202 days ago


I think he had this responsibility. However, why does TMZ put this responsibility with Efron? What about Willis and the other friends? According to the story they ALL ordered drinks. Weren't the equally responsible?

1202 days ago


Maybe Zac was too drunk to notice. But what about the bartender?
Remember, friends don't let jackasses....

1202 days ago


Did lucky Zac get to suck off that hot number ?

1202 days ago


Oh please, give me a f*cking break. Are we seriously starting with "Take No Responsibility For You Own Actions' crap again? All of these men are gorn adults aka grown men. All of them have pride and think they are above it all and know what they are doing. Trust me I've tried stopping people from drinking&driving before and it didn't work. People are gonna do what they want to do.
I once dated a cop and we went out to a bar for a drink. I had a couple but he had enough that put him over the legal limit. I asked him if I could call him a cab and his response was :"Oh honey please I am a police officer and have been on the force for 15 years, who the hell is going to arrest me?"
Shocked? Yeah, don't be. The same ******** who arrest you for drinking and driving don't practice what they preach. Yesterday I saw a cop driving out of my apartment complex and texting on his cell phone at the same time. Welcome to the Real World!

1202 days ago


I'm so glad my sweet Vanessa isn't dating this bum anymore.

Zac! I wa***** by a drunk drive a few years ago. You see a friend get behind the wheel plastered, you tell him NO! But, I suppose it's hard when you are smashed, too.

Epic Fail! A bigger disaster than Charlie St. Cloud!

1202 days ago

some guy    

I think if Zac really was a good friend, he would've said something.

Doubtful a few words would've been that hard.

1202 days ago


where is roger ebert at to call this guy a jackass?? ??? ? or does he just talk about dead people?? ??? ?

1202 days ago


That guy knew, before he left his home in his car, that he was going to be drinking. He is a grown man who made a grown-up decision to do something stupid. We have weak people in this world today. No one is responsible for their own stupid decisions. It's always somebody else's fault. Now you all want to put the onus of this guy's behavior on Zac. Had Zac help him he wouldn't have learned his lesson. He would be expecting someone else to bail him out the next time. But if on one does, he could get behind the wheel drunk again and next time, kill someone. Maybe, by not bailing this idiot out, he has now learned his lesson and will not attempt to drink and drive. Zac did the adult thing by getting someone else to drive. This idiot didn't.

1202 days ago


That guy is a grown man. He knew, before he left his home, that he was going to be drinking. Why is it that it's always someone else's faught, but not the idiot who made the stupid choice? ZAC WAS NOT responsible for anyone but himself. He made the right decision not to drive. His buddy did not. He was stupid so he should pay the price stupid people make. IT'S ALWAYS SOMEONE ELSE'S FAUGHT. GROW UP PEOPLE.

1202 days ago


They've all got responsibility. If he was hammered I can't believe any of his friends let him drive. Did people get in the car with him as well?

Don't people use cabs in LA? Zac's rich, I'm sure he could afford to get a couple of them for his friends.

Zac needs to drop Ryan. He's not good for him. Zac seemed all about keeping a good reputation not even a year ago. He wanted to avoid all the "evil" of hollywood. Now he 's doing everything he tried to avoid. Sooner he starts filming the better.

1202 days ago


Zac is the one that needs to do some growing up.

1202 days ago


I'm sure Zac didn't expect Rottman to actually drive drunk. Zac and Rumer Willis were in the other car and left separately. You can't really say he was responsible.

1202 days ago
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