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Casey Anthony and Jurors

Targeted by Death Threats

7/10/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Someone is threatening to kill Casey Anthony, her lawyers, and the jurors who found her 'not guilty'  of murdering her daughter -- this according to Casey's attorney Cheney Mason.

Mason tells TMZ  his team has been receiving "all kinds of threats" at his office since the controversial verdict came in ... including "one we just turned over to law enforcement."

There are reports Casey's parents are also being targeted and have gone into hiding.

For his part ... Mason doesn't seem worried. He laughed off the threats claiming the people behind them are simply "cowards."


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The Punisher    

Cheney LOWLIFE Mason calling people cowards LOL! He gets off killers. Please let there be an afterlife and he and the other evil, heartless, soulless s***bags rot in hell! This old feck who flips people the finger...that is the only thing that gets up anymore on that old, ugly fat body!

@MariJoy So you dumb feck you should only care about crimes when it happens to your family or someone you know...what a Sh**bag you are!!!

@pb0071 & James Lackofbrains why don't you let killer casey watch your children. If you don't have children please don't procreate we don't need anymore @holes in the world!

1180 days ago


Killing someone isn't going to bring back Caylee. If someone commits vigilante justice, does that make them any different from Casey? They'll be killers just like her.

1180 days ago

The Punisher    

@oh well-is that you Karla Holmolka you evil feck you shouldn't be posting comments. I mean seriously if you sympathize support killer casey you must have bodies buried in your backyard or criminals in the family.

1180 days ago

The Punisher    

@Yeasty Kristin "that won't bring Caylee back" no **** Sherlock we know prison/death penalty won't bring back any murdered victim but they should still be punished! With your stupid statement why don't we let all prisoners go free since punishing them doesn't bring back the victims of their crime! Ugh, you make me sick you are so stupid! ATTENTION!!! Stupid people can you please not procreate!!! We don't your evil, dumb@SS DNA polluting the gene pool!

1180 days ago

Studley Buck    

Charming, courageous Casey Anthony will walk tall, proud, pretty and unafraid when she is released from custody. She has millions of fans and supporters to comfort and protect her.

1180 days ago


It shouldn't come as any surprise that the entire group is receiving "death threats". This smug chick did get away w/ child neglect which caused Callie's death, that should have been the prosecution teams goal, not murder. She does look happy as a clam to be free and ready to begin the next chapter of her life w/out the burden of a child, plus money will be rolling in from various sources. Now if she can dodge a bullet to the head or a very large fatal stab wound. Her attorneys will have their hands full trying to find a place for Casey to live, safely. Most people don't care much for a person who kills their child and gets away w/ it. Watching your back 24/7 would be a real hassle.

1180 days ago


LOL! Isn't it ironic that some people are so "shocked" that a murderer is freed that they want to "kill" her- and therefore become EXACTLY the same type of criminal they hate so much?

Man, people's idiocy and hypocrisy has NO bounds. If you're so against murder then don't threaten to kill someone. /facepalm

1180 days ago

Northern Lights    

The Punisher is RIGHT!! A murderer and a liar SHOULD NOT WALK!!!

1180 days ago


I like how all of you rattle off the prosecution's accusations as facts. If you were there the day that girl got killed and saw it with your own eyes then you should have come forward during trial. If you weren't there then you're an idiot for rattling stuff off you don't even know about or have never even seen in person, as fact.

1180 days ago


watched just about the whole trial i know for a fact if i was a juror they would be still there and no way i would of found her not guilty. Beyond resonable doubt also there is resonable that she did it beyond a doubt.

1180 days ago


That's insane to feel that much hate over a person you don't even know. BUT I do believe those kind of people are out there. and she should be afraid.

What I'm REALLY getting sick & tired of hearing is how the Casey supports are calling the Casey haters uneducated bumpkins because they absorb everything the media tosses at them.

Well the media isn't "tossing" anything at us that isn't the truth... They simply magnify the facts.. Over, over, over AND over again.

And the FACTS of... A 2 yr old going missing and UNREPORTED for 31 days ..... a made up nanny named Zanny...Casey seen out partying it up... a 2 yr old found in a swamp.. ETC ETC BIZARRE..Automatically w/ that it's something the world is going to be glued to the media to keep watching.

NOBODY but baby Caylee knows EXACTLY what happened to her.... Until the day you get to talk to baby Caylee.. You are left w/ what the conclusion is... She's innocent... You have to let it go....Life goes on.

1180 days ago


murders vs murders, who ever wins, we lose.

1180 days ago


Wow, that's like tempting fate, no?

This lawyer is really a distasteful individual. One could argue that he simply did his job and every defendant needs a lawyer to defend them. However, he seems to be having WAY too much fun over having "won" and pulling one over on America. I wouldn't be surprised if someone did rough him up or something, given his "eff you" attitude on the entire matter.

1180 days ago


The always coming up with new laws...lets DEMAND a New Trial...on account this one was run by Immature Morons!

You would have thought..her lawyers, would have told her,,take a plea bargin....spend about 25 years in jail...cuz, that's how long it will take people to not want to kill you, hopefully. (That's how you save this kids life...Doh!)

Hopefully Caylee`s Law...will become a law...and anyone, not telling the truth on stand...get a GO To Jail Card!

Thats what sunk this case..., not knowing who made searches, even though it was proved to be Not Cindy making those searches,,she was at work...(Did the jurers miss that part?????)
It gave the jurers reasonable doubt. *That Doubt should have been cleared when Cindy was proven to be at work..
There are NO Grey Areas!!

Ignorant...I didn't say she was Innocent, DO YOU KNOW HOW TO SPELL GUILTY?

Let's Roll With Caysee's Law...before this BS happens again!
And leave Nancy Grace Alone....Remember, Freedom Of Speech!!!

1180 days ago

Shady's Lady    

MariJoy..LMAO. Question: Why doesn't anyone know who the baby daddy is? The family just says "who knows, he's dead or something" Really? That is strange indeed. Does anyone think Caylee looks like George? I'm definitly going to buy Casey's book. Good-Bad or ugly. Enquiring minds want know!

1180 days ago
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