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Casey Anthony and Jurors

Targeted by Death Threats

7/10/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Someone is threatening to kill Casey Anthony, her lawyers, and the jurors who found her 'not guilty'  of murdering her daughter -- this according to Casey's attorney Cheney Mason.

Mason tells TMZ  his team has been receiving "all kinds of threats" at his office since the controversial verdict came in ... including "one we just turned over to law enforcement."

There are reports Casey's parents are also being targeted and have gone into hiding.

For his part ... Mason doesn't seem worried. He laughed off the threats claiming the people behind them are simply "cowards."


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Nut bars are gonna do what nut bars do. Cases like this always seem to draw the mentally ill out. If you're thinking gunning down any of these people is a good idea, think again. That is not a normal desire for justice, it's psychosis. Go take your medication. lie down and wait for the nasty thoughts to go away.

1201 days ago


So your are mad that she "got away with murder" so you want to murder her and several other people and what hopefully get away with it! Yeah that's smart, ruin your life for someone you think is lower than low! Glad she means enough to you to ruin your life for!

1201 days ago


Lizzie Borden Revisited:

Casey Anthony took duct tape,
Gave her daughter some to suffocate,
When she saw what she had done,
She got a tattoo then had some fun.

1201 days ago


I think Mason obviously wants sympathy. If there were really threats then he wouldn't be laughing at the taunts. They lied during the trial on blamed it on an accident and George..and now they expect people to believe them? Get real.

They lied and a jury of 12 morons bought into it and did not deliberate any of the evidence presented. 11 hours to go over all that evidence -- the timeline and scientific testimony? The hold out jury said that the "not guiltys" refused to even deliberate or go over the evidence at all.

I wonder how people like Mason and Baez can sleep at night.

Regardless, I do not believe that blowhard Mason is getting death threats - like I said, he is just trying to get sympathy because he's one of the most hated people in America right now..

1201 days ago

The Punisher    

Besides Northern Lights, Kimmy, Steven Vale and some others I'm realizing there aren't many intelligent people posting on message boards. Reading some of this bull**** I really think Susan Smith, Dennis Rader, and Andrea Yates found a computer.

Now to all you dumb smegma breaths let The Punisher explain something not many CRIMES ARE ON VIDEO TAPE you DUMB FECKS!!! Even if they were you **** for brains would say oh, it's Photoshopped or doctored. Thank the lord that you heartless @holes weren't on the Scott Peterson or Vincent Doan jury because Laci or Carrie's families would never have received justice!

To all the Nancy Grace haters I know she is rude to callers and commentators but she has done more good in her life then you soulless skin bags by putting away criminals!

Also, we heard everything the jurors heard because of gavel to gavel coverage you tards that say we didn't hear everything the jurors heard. The media didn't make me realize casey killed Caylee the evidence did!!! If you don't care that a killer is free or that she killed Caylee than just say that @hole!!!

@ skanklena and the other dirty evil douche bags who say they have doubts you are beyond ignorant and really can't have a brain, I think dirt is sick son of a Bit***!!!

Also on a side not Jose corrupt Baez looks like Pee Wee Herman on cortisone LOL!!!

Boy, I'm exhausted from trying to reason with you mental my posts and the other intelligent posters comments and hopefully our intelligence can be absorbed into your pea make that atom brains! So yeah I doubt you will learn anything let alone gain a conscience...sadly that ship has sailed. So I must reiterate (look up the word nitwit) DON'T HAVE CHILDREN!!! We don't need your Demon Seeds on this earth!!!

1201 days ago


that whats she gettttttts gooood for go to helllllllll cccccc

1201 days ago



So you buy into the defense getting death threats? The defense team who lied repeatedly to the public for the past 3 years - who has the habitual, chronic liar/murderer as a client?

Again, I do not believe Mason about this - or anything else he has had to say in the past, present or future. He's just as bad as his client.

If it was true, then I doubt Cheney would be "laughing" it off as TMZ says -- much less taunting them by calling them "cowards"..

I think the defense team is trying to repair their image and claiming their getting death threats might make people more sympathetic..

BTW - TMZ if you don't stop reporting about this lying, thieving murderer and her s***bag lawyers, then I will stop reading your site.

That's not a threat. It's a promise. I come to get celebrity gossip - not outraged and p/ssed off because of this case.

1201 days ago


just send her to the middle east or brazil. they know how to deal with people like her.

1201 days ago

The Punisher    

@Squiggy and Lanie thanks for writing intelligent posts because it's depressing reading that evil does have it's supporters...yep, it's because they are just as evil!

1201 days ago


That is what happpens when you put Brainless Idiots on a Jury. America simply cannot afford to have a child killer set free. Our children are at risk; children are going missing and murdered at epidemic rates.

1201 days ago


Is not a person who issues death threats to so many people a violent homicidal maniac in the making? It seems to me such a person does not believe in any form of justice except what is in their own warped mind.

1201 days ago


Whoever is making these threats, will you please act on them???

the anticipation is too much.

1201 days ago


kill casey killher lawyers kill the jorors kill the judge, all the post from you s*** bags that did not like the verdict and now you want some one killed you all have to be from florida want a circus of a state they shoul put a fence aroud florida with warning signs enter at your own risk. the punisher i think cheney mason was refering to you when he said cowards and he forgot to say idiot s*** bag

1201 days ago


haha wow some u people are dumbasses. u have the nerve to defend casey anthony?? I'm guessing you didn't follow the case/trial and are making ignorant comments to get attention. just shut the **** up.... the bitch is guilty and murdered her baby and got away w/ it. her defense team bes*****ch their back... they're a bunch of s***my pricks with no moral conscience.

1201 days ago


Why do people get so upset over a death threat to someone that killed a child. It only goes further to prove that "normal" people that have no idea about the law, and have not undergone thorough examination for mental illness themselves should not be placed on a jury. Because quite frankly, if you believe that she didn't do it, or she shouldn't have to live the rest of her life in fear of being murdered for what she did to a defenseless child, then you are just as psycho as she is.

1201 days ago
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