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Casey Anthony and Jurors

Targeted by Death Threats

7/10/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Someone is threatening to kill Casey Anthony, her lawyers, and the jurors who found her 'not guilty'  of murdering her daughter -- this according to Casey's attorney Cheney Mason.

Mason tells TMZ  his team has been receiving "all kinds of threats" at his office since the controversial verdict came in ... including "one we just turned over to law enforcement."

There are reports Casey's parents are also being targeted and have gone into hiding.

For his part ... Mason doesn't seem worried. He laughed off the threats claiming the people behind them are simply "cowards."


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If anyone does that, they're just as bad as her. Be the bigger person, as much as she deserves the death penalty. Whatever, she has it coming. Haha

1150 days ago


Would it be a good idea to have prospective parents tested for suitable traits before they where allowed to conceive? That's a quagmire, I am sure we all know one or two people that in a moment of frustration or malice we have thought should never be allowed to breed. For better or for worse, any fertile woman, no matter how feeble of mind, (there are some laws about mental retardation but I am trying to not bring up to may points I have to defend or negate), is allowed to let some man produce his little doltish swimmers into her loins. If this ever gets read, don't call me a NAZI or eugenist, but I would be perfectly willing to put my personal information on the line, to be honest I thought that is why we dated, before procreation. I know that is not the general consensus, and I would not be comfortable with forced sterilization or abortions, we have laws on the books about that anyway. Although, pedophiles, no issue there, just take them out in the street and shoot them. But I digress. While I believe the woman was remiss in delaying the report of her daughter going missing for almost a month, and the fact that she probably did it, I don't have all the facts, but I know that no mother worth her salt would let that go. She was an unfit mother, that is a pure and simple fact.

1150 days ago

The Punisher    

@ Mary Thank you too! It' mind boggling that these tards don't realize that they shouldn't support releasing a child killer or killers, rapist, or molesters!!! They are really PSYCHOS and need to be committed or at least need to be investigated because that's pretty sick unless you are just as demented as casey the killer!

1150 days ago


Cheney Mason is a bloated, crass, bird flipping, drunkard and real hypocritical POS. He was marble mouthing how guilty Casey was in the press before he hopped on what he thought, was going to be the baby killers money train. Looks like that isn't going to happen Mason. That waste of skin client of yours is reviled by the public and now all you have to show for it is death threats. Azz.

1150 days ago


To Jolena - I think you are confused. When you said the meter reader story was your reasonable doubt..... he was not accused of killing the baby. Just trying to cash in on the reward after he "stumbled" across the remains. How does that vindicate the murder by the mother? the two incidents are not connected. It is like apples and oranges. I think a lot of people have no*****ched this from Day One - if you had this evidence would not be at all confusing. It was clear in the beginning. The defense team threw so many fantasies into the story. new watchers had no first hand reference from the past three years.

1150 days ago


The family, attorneys, jurors have warning that someone is out to get them (I dont condone threatening anyone or any actions like this)and protect themselves - poor Caylee didn't have a chance.

1150 days ago

The Punisher    

To the killer Supporters don't worry your ugly, tiny heads nobody is going to harm your precious child killer! How do I know this because @hole check the sex offender registry for your area how many times have you read/saw that one of these evil fecks were killed by some Good Samaritan...that's right never. She will be the cause of her own downfall like OJ. She knows she murdered Caylee and got away with murder but she loves attention so my prediction is she will be on celebrity rehab like that other MONSTER Amy Fisher and eventually I'm sure she will do something stupid and end up in prison. So you see Excrement (look up morons) heads you can have a sound sleep knowing your beloved, adored casey the killer will be fine. I think you supporters should let her watch your kids since you love her soooo much!

BTW, I don't think casey the killer would have so much support if she looked like Aileen Wuornos!

1150 days ago


These people seriously NEED to get a life.

I know that a lot of Floridians are out of work. but, lets get real find more constructive hobbies. Taxpayers don't need to keep footing the bill for you idiots when you whined up getting arrested.

1150 days ago


This is a mixed up world and there are crazy people out there.Killing solves nothing. It's all in God's hands.

1150 days ago


To the Haters and Supporters:

Paying the IRS - $70,000 in back taxes, Court cost, citizens of Orlando, Sheriff Department for protection, Texas Equusearch, Ms. Gonzalez and any other out of pocket expenses that occur because of Casey Anthony "LIES" should be paid.

I say owing and paying back money is the "BEST" revenge!!!


Hitting her in the purse will hurt the MOST!!!

Keep them in the "POOR HOUSE"!!!

P.S. If she don't pay back the IRS and Court, she will go back to JAIL!!!!

Ask Richard Hatch!!!

1150 days ago


lanie 20 minutes ago


So you buy into the defense getting death threats? The defense team who lied repeatedly to the public for the past 3 years - who has the habitual, chronic liar/murderer as a client?

Again, I do not believe Mason about this - or anything else he has had to say in the past, present or future. He's just as bad as his client.

If it was true, then I doubt Cheney would be "laughing" it off as TMZ says -- much less taunting them by calling them "cowards"..

I think the defense team is trying to repair their image and claiming their getting death threats might make people more sympathetic..



I have seen with my own eyes posts on several different websites about people wanting to kill Casey, the jurors and the defense team. So yes I do believe they probably are getting death threats. Will these people act on them, I don't know. People are outraged right now and very emotionally connected to this case. I have no clue what they would really do and what is just talk.

There are children killed everyday by the hands of their parents. Instead of everyone focusing on this one case we need to focus on the big picture and try to get these occurrences to cease to exist.

1150 days ago


... and I bet half them death threats are from Uneducated FOOLS who comment at TMZ.

Reality TV has really Dumbed America

1150 days ago


Seems the people who are so outraged by one murder are ready to commit one. Oh, I forgot it is okay to harm others when you feel they have it coming. Screw the right to due process. Screw the right to be judged by a jury of our peers. The only opinion that matters are those of overnight forensic experts. If people are looking for someone to blame, they need to look at the prosecutor who went to trial too soon. The prosecutor, I guess assumed he would get a group of people who would judge based of emotion.

I am glad he got an unbiased group who were able to set aside their own thoughts and feeling and follow the law. If we all could be convicted based on what others think we would all be fvcked. The people who are sending these threats are morons. Plain and simple.

1150 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

It's a mistake to think there is such a thing as justice. Life is unfair, life will always be unfair. You can punish criminals, but it won't undo their acts, it won't make them feel bad, it doesn't make them "even steven" with the world....accept that things happen that you don't like, the only thing you can do in a situation is feel bad about it, you need to just move on.

1150 days ago


Give me a break, did they seriously think that this would not happen? I'm really quite curious as to who in the world will give her a job (other than Baez or Cheney) - I hope they realize that it's a good possibility their business will greatly suffer.

1150 days ago
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