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Intruder at Halle Berry's -- Cops Called

7/10/2011 5:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry had an unwelcome visitor Saturday, and it scared her enough to call the cops.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... a man jumped her privacy wall and was lurking in the front yard of her home, when she spotted the guy. Several people in the house ran outside, but the guy scaled the wall and fled.

Halle called police, the LAPD arrived at the scene and they're investigating

The intruder could well be a photog. There's a group of independent paparazzi who are constantly on the prowl around Halle's house, sitting for hours and waiting to either shoot her or follow her when she leaves.


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Bill Leslie    

"... and waiting to either shoot her ..." -- Dear TMZ, You might not want to give any of the psychos any ideas. Regards.

1171 days ago


@Ray Sist 36 minutes ago

I stopped being a Halle fan when she said that a drop of black blood made her daughter black

the old racist theory used by the KKK and even the government a hundred years ago before people were enlightened

that's when she lost my support-when she was trying to perpetuate racist stereotypes and ignorant thinking to give her and edge in a custody dispute

I think that's when she lost a lot of support
anyone, white, or multiracial..
saying that in this day and age-it's abhorable

can you imagine if a while person had said that?
She is biracial
and should not insult her daughter's heritage or blood line..let alone those of all the other families in the world

dirty tricks and nasty, prefabricated allegations employed by anone in custody cases are now becoming common and transparent-and that is where she lost her support

1171 days ago


and by insulting her daughter's heritage or blood line

I mean "insulting" it by denying/trivializing, trying to omit 3/4 of her daughters ancestry,a huge part of her daughters inherited DNA - the 6 sets of grandparents connected to Nahla etc.

decided I should clarify since anyone intellighent would have known what I meant
but perhaps someone with racist leanings may have thought I meant something else entirely
and let me assure you..I did not

1171 days ago


nahla is definately safer with her daddy anyway, because halle needs psychological counseling and medication..she has for years. major anger issues and hatred towards men. very bad for their child.

1171 days ago


acg and ray sis....a few comments we have about halle berry: always drama in her life...alway*****e from her about and for their daughter's father gabriel..who is a good guy and a great father. halle isnt well, and she hate's men, halle needs therapy and meds, and she has a huge anger problem. she is hurting their child, and she blames their child's daddy...just a couple of not so great things about halle berry. there are many reasons why halle and gabriel should have joint legal custody and joint visitation..and i hope that is what the judge decides. hope she is forced to get professional help too. finally.

1171 days ago

Throwback kid    

Halle is really starting to get old looking. She looks like a little man wearing makeup. A very ugly person inside, it's always about Halle.

1171 days ago


According to TMZ story 7/9/2011 there is a certain NFL star running a special on Pit Bull/
Mastiff cross dogs this weekend. Probably give a break to a sister. On I forgot, so far they
have only been used on minature horses and neighbors dogs - no paps yet. But one can

1171 days ago


Maybe it was her plastic, surgeon,looking for payment...

1171 days ago

Throwback kid    

Hey Tom, what do you think the plastic surgeon did to Halle? Whatever it was it made her look more manish. She looks angry all the time now

1171 days ago


For that kind of a result, I wouldn't pay him either. She used to be a real fox, and it isn't age
that's doing it

1171 days ago

Throwback kid    

Johnnyt also makes a very good point! I'm not trying to be mean, but Halle really does look like a nasty old bag now.

1171 days ago


I am going to make sure you die in a puddle of blood you s***bag and I don't give what others have to say. No class, no kindness, no hubbies.

1171 days ago


And keep your act going you jerk, well instructed. You are full of CRAP!!!!

1171 days ago

Duke Steele    

I bet when she gave a description to the police that she said it was a white guy. And she would know the difference between a white guy and a black guy because, as we all know and have been reminded by her many times, she is a black woman. And only black. So, she would know the difference. Wouldn't she.

1171 days ago

Throwback kid    

Duke Steele is too funny! I remember her Oscar speech, she went on and on that she is black. Meanwhile the camera kept going to her white mother in the audience.

1170 days ago
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