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'Bad Girls Club' Chick Collapses -- Rushed to Hospital

7/12/2011 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former "Bad Girls Club" star Natalie Nunn was rushed to the emergency room early this morning after collapsing in her kitchen ... TMZ has learned.

Natalie tells TMZ, she's fine now -- a doc at Cedars-Sinai in L.A. treated her for extreme exhaustion and sent her home.

According to Natalie, it was a case of all work, no play -- so she has decided to take a week off from her busy schedule to rest up.

A wise woman.


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Mini Me    

You guys are all jealous lol.....

1199 days ago


Go to hell.

1199 days ago

Roger With Tiger Stripes    

I bet she caught a case of "exhaustion" working hard like Lindsay Lohan.

1199 days ago


Yeah, it's hard work lifting all those drink glasses to your mouth -- and then you get dehydrated, too. All the screaming they do on that show is real taxing, too. I've only seen the ads and know I'd never waste my time on that carp!

1199 days ago


Can someone PLEASE explain to me why everyone goes to Cedar's sinai medical center. Is it the ONLY hospital in the area? If your baby is just about in your undies in the car you still keep driving til you get to this one hospital. It seems like the Ivy restarant of hospitals but why were these nobodies there? An explanation would be apreciated. There must be more hospitals there than just one. More name dropping I suppose. Grow up freaks. You go to the closet hospital when you have an emergency. Other wise you're not really that sick. I remember woking in the ER during MArdi Gras and that hospital would be silent while the parades were running. As soon as they were over we were slammed. Oh so er's only happen after the good time has finished. Back OT. Why Ceadars for everyone other than to be recognised. Rant over.

1199 days ago


Whoring aint easy!

1199 days ago


I thought it was Jay Leno! Look at the chin on her!

1199 days ago


Who is this "person" ?????? 99.99% sure it is a Tranny, and not a good one either. Is he/she supposed to be like famous cuz I have no clue who or what this person is supposed to be!

1199 days ago


Man what a waste, she should of passed out and stayed that way ... But then again who would run l.a. Lmao

1199 days ago


WHO?... oh, another mongrel trailer trash hood rat. Next.

1199 days ago

Mary P    

Wow - Michelle is incredibly elitest. What are you doing here at TMZ mixing with us common folk?

As a child of immigrants, you had affirmative action, tons of scholarships open to you that aren't open to everyone because of your situation as a child of immigrants AND even more scholarships open to you because of your family being poor AND even more scholarships from race specific organizations.

I hope one day a waitress spits in your burger. To think that people who don't have college degrees are beneath you, that's disgusting. Those "lowly servants", do everything from make and serve your food, pick the vegetables you buy at the grocery store, take the trash from your home and keep your toilet from backing up. I guess you'd prefer everyone "got degrees" to mingle with you so you can wallow in your own crap and trash and have no food to eat.

Sounds like you forgot a few things in your "education" and if education was the basis for your snotty attitude, I hope no one gets one.

How does one "make" time if they are taking care of their ill parents? What about those who took in their brothers and sisters after a parents death? What about the one who has cancer but still needs a paycheck? What about those waitresses who ARE going to school, paying their way but are still those "lowly waitresses"?

I think your education failed you because you ARE putting everyone who is not YOU down and failing to see past that nose pointing to the sky. Maybe you should head back to college and take some English courses, or at least etiquette classes.

In fact, my college educated prior Air Force husband would have no qualms giving props to people who work 12 hours a day in thankless jobs just for people like you to look down on. He works intelligently, makes decent money, but his work is nowhere near the depth of hard labor people that fix our roads, serve our food, harvest the crops we eat, keep our plumbing running, remove trash from our home, and whatever else jobs that help US be able to be comfortable. Not to mention those "stupid" people at the hospital who do admitting, cleaning, etc. so those educated doctors can work on patients. Without them "uneducated lowlifes" - even if you could get seen, you'd have dirty utensils, dirty disease filled rooms, and no food.

I'd rather be a lowly "stupid" uneducated person, that a snotty elitist any day.

I think YOU need to get over YOURself on this one dearie. BTW, going to Columbia, you paid 4-5 times the price for a name on your degree and wasted money, right? Columbia's rates over entry-level are a whole 4-6% higher than a state university with tuition 30% higher. Smart move genius.

1199 days ago


"I'd rather be a lowly "stupid" uneducated person, that a snotty elitist any day. I think YOU need to get over YOURself on this one dearie."

Well said Mary P @ response to Michelle. I agree 110%.

1199 days ago


Nicely put Mary P!!! Michelle's education clearly failed her because shes over here comparing job types when that was not the message of the initial poster. The initial poster was just clearly pointing out that Natalies job (or lack of job in this case) does not compare to any of the types of jobs she mentioned. She didn't specify that one was better then the other she just posted example of jobs that actually require you to work. Thank you for putting Michelle in her place, she sounds like a stupid twit.

1199 days ago


Too bad nothing sharp was lying around.
*third time's a charm tmz*

1199 days ago


You guys OBVIOUSLY don't know how hard she works. She did 179 appearances all over the country and the Caribbean the year after her season on Bad Girls Club. Also add up all the travel time to and from the appearances and it's certainly more hours than the average American works. This girl has made a million dollars since her stint on Bad Girls Club. How many others have done that?

This girl also has a degree from USC with a double major in marketing and sociology. She's a smart and is working her 15 minutes as long as she can and making the most money while she does. Her motto is have a degree to fall back on, NOT your back.

Follow her on Twitter @missnatalienunn to learn more about who she is. Her 209,000 follows know the truth about her and love her for it.

1199 days ago
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