La mujer que se declaró "famosa en Instagram" mientras la echaban de un avión está a punto de conseguir aún más fama (si lo desea). Resulta que el porno entró a la escuación.

Morgan Osman  —la una vez miembro del elenco de "Bad Girls Club"— ahora tiene una oferta bastante lucrativa sobre la mesa del sitio XXX CamSoda, que tiende a centrarse en la transmisión de POV de modelos desnudas.

¡Soy famosa de instagram!

En una carta enviada a Morgan y obtenida por TMZ, CamSoda le dice a la modelo de Instagram que hizo una salida épica de su vuelo y que es un complemento perfecto para su marca, y es por eso que están dispuestos a darle 5 cifras para desnudarse en vivo en la cámara.

Un representante de la compañía escribe: "Dado tu interés en ser filmada, aquí en CamSoda nos encantaría que te transmitieras en nuestra plataforma XXX. Me gustaría ofrecerte formalmente hasta 25.000 dólares por realizar un show cam de una hora de duración en nuestro sitio."

El sitio le dice Morgan que puede mostrar su cuerpo de la manera que quiera, ya sea ropa interior, trajes de baño, un strip tease o simplemente traje completo. El punto es que tendría que mostrar algo de piel.

No se sabe si Morgan ha visto la oferta todavía. Tampoco ha respondido.

Ser expulsado de los vuelos comerciales parece dar buen dinero estos días, ya sea económicamente o simplemente obteniendo una fama fugaz. Aún así no te lo recomendamos, es más probable que acabes tratando con las autoridades.

'I'm IG Famous' Model Offered $25k Porn Deal After Airplane Freak-Out

The woman who declared herself "Instagram famous" while getting booted from a plane ... is about to get even more fame -- if she wants it, porn can be part of the equation too.

Morgan Osman -- the one-time "Bad Girls Club" cast member -- now has a somewhat lucrative offer on the table from XXX site CamSoda, which tends to focus on streaming POV of nude models.


In a letter sent to Morgan, and obtained by TMZ, CamSoda tells the IG model -- who made an epic exit from her flight -- she's a perfect fit for their brand, and they're willing to give her 5 figures to strip, live on cam.

A rep for the company writes, "Given your interest in being filmed, we here at CamSoda would love to have you broadcast yourself on our XXX platform. I’d like to formally offer you up to $25,000 to perform a one-hour-long cam show on our site."

CS says Morgan can show off her hot bod in whatever way she likes -- whether it's lingerie, bathing suits, a strip tease or just full birthday suit. Point is ... she'd have to show some skin.

No word on whether Morgan's seen the offer yet -- she hasn't responded.

Getting booted from commercial flights seems to pay these days ... whether it be financially or just fleeting fame. Still, we wouldn't recommend it, you're more likely to end up dealing with the FBI.

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'Bad Girls Club' Star Judi Jai Busted After Clash With Neighbor ... Allegedly Smashed Karaoke Machine!!!

'Bad Girls Club' star Judi Jai hates karaoke ... just ask her neighbor who told cops she smashed his karaoke machine in a booze-fueled rampage that ended with her behind bars.

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, cops got a call Saturday morning about "shots fired" at her Atlanta-area home. When they arrived, cops were greeted by Judi, and after running her name ... found an active warrant for her arrest.

We're told she was wanted for allegedly making terroristic threats about shooting a cop.

Cops detained her while they investigated her allegations ... which included accusing her neighbor of shooting his firearm at her home and shattering her front window. She also claimed the neighbor shot her, but cops say they didn't see any wounds to back that up.

One totally relevant sidenote ... cops say Judi admitted "she had been drinking Don Julio and that she was drunk." That might explain what the neighbor told cops went down -- that while he was on his front porch listening to music, Judi allegedly walked out of her place, grabbed his karaoke machine ... and then banged it against her own front window until it shattered.

Cops say they saw pieces of his karaoke machine on her living room floor, but they did not see any shell casings ... just the shattered window.

Cops ultimately cited her for criminal trespass and hauled her away. She posted bond the next day. It's not the first time booze has been linked to problems for Judi. As we reported ... she blamed alcohol for her suicidal tweets in October, 2020.

As for this weekend, Judi's sticking to her story, telling TMZ ... her neighbor smashed her window with a bat. She says she initially thought the glass shattered due to him firing his gun.

She claims she only grabbed the karaoke machine afterward, because it was blaring music, and on her property. Judi's copping to kicking it into pieces, and being drunk -- but she denies having previously threatened to shoot a cop.

'Bad Girls Club' Whitney Collings Dead at 33

Whitney Collings -- one of the early members of TV's "Bad Girls Club" -- has died ... TMZ has learned.

Whitney's mom revealed the sad news on Facebook, writing ... "I am completely broken and will never get over this. Life is so unfair. She was kind with a big heart."

We don't yet know what caused Whitney's death, but we're told she passed Thursday morning in a hospital near Boston ... her hometown. The medical examiner currently has Whtiney's case and will determine the cause and manner of her death.

Being from Boston was a big part of her persona on 'BGC' back in 2008-09 when she appeared on Season 3 of the show ... as you can see.

She was only 21 when she was on the reality series, and was known as a straight-shooter with a temper ... but also for her sense of humor.

However, her time as a "bad girl" was cut short after she was kicked out of the house due to a physical altercation.

We're told Whitney was 33.


'Bad Girls Club' Star Judi Jai Wellness Check After Suicidal Tweets ... She Blames the Alcohol

'Bad Girls Club' alum Judi Jai gave fans quite a scare with a series of alarming and suicidal tweets, but police have checked on her and she's fine ... though she says she's avoiding boxed wine from now on.

It's no laughing matter -- Judi's tweets, including one where she said she was going to cut her throat, sparked serious concern from her followers. A Fulton County Police spokesperson tells TMZ ... it also prompted 2 calls to her Georgia residence in the early morning hours Friday.

We're told officers responded to both calls -- one for a possible suicide situation and one reporting a person acting irrationally -- and cops concluded things were ok.

About 6 hours after her disturbing tweets, Judi tried to explain her erratic behavior by saying she drank too much wine from a box.

She added ... "Y’all I am so sorry for scaring y’all like that. I am ok. Thank u guys for the sweet tweets, calls and messages. I woke up to a ton of love."

Judi -- AKA "The Voodoo Vixen" -- was a star 'bad girl' on seasons 7 and 13 of the long-running reality show.

'Bad Girls Club' Demitra 'Mimi' Roche Dead at 34

Former "Bad Girls Club" star Demitra "Mimi" Roche has died.

Demitra's death was announced Wednesday in a touching Twitter tribute from record producer Vince Valholla, the founder of Valholla Entertainment where Roche also formerly worked as Vice President of A&R.

Vince remembered Demitra as a "big dreamer" and said, "I'm at a loss for words. Don't know what to say. Mimi was kind to everyone she came across."

Demitra's former boss added ... "I'm heartbroken by the news of her passing. I'm thankful I got to know & work w/ her. My thoughts are with her family & loved ones."

Valholla did not reveal Mimi's cause of death.

Roche was named VP of artists and repertoire at Valholla Entertainment back in 2011, but she's best known for her role in "Bad Girls Club" season 8 in 2012. Her nickname on the show was "The Miami Maverick."

One of Mimi's friends also paid tribute to the late reality TV star on Facebook, saying ... "I just wished you a happy birthday then the next day this is what I see. Some of you may know her from bad girls club but I knew the real her. Such a sweet soul and with radiant energy so full of life. Gone to soon."

Demitra was only 34.


'Bad Girls Club' Star Body Slams Gucci Purse Snatcher ... at Amber Meade's Wedding


"Bad Girls Club" star Tanisha Thomas couldn't resist a good fight at her friend's wedding reception.

The incident went down over the weekend in Maui after ex-'BGC' star Amber Meade and Alen Aivazian tied the knot. At the reception the bride, rather than throwing a bouquet at all the single ladies, subbed in an Ophidia mini Gucci round shoulder bag -- valued at around $1,400.

Check it out ... the winner at first appears to be Amber's junior bridesmaid/niece, Madelyn Sherod. But, her bounty was short-lived because a woman snatched the bag from behind. That's when Tanisha tries her hand at some street justice ... tackling the woman to get the purse back, to no avail.

After the dust settles ... you see Amber embrace the bag snatcher. We're told the Gucci bag bully woke up with some bruising ... but added it was worth it.

'Bad Girls Club' Star Busty During Bust For Giving Oral Sex in Public


"Bad Girls Club" star Nicole "Nicky" Vargas is living up to her show's name ... and at the same time giving a literal meaning to getting busted, and TMZ has the video to prove it.

The Brevard County Sheriff's Office tells TMZ ... Nicky was arrested last week in Cape Canaveral, Florida after cops say she was giving her boyfriend oral sex while topless and in PLAIN VIEW. We're told multiple people witnessed it because they were in the parking lot of an apartment complex.

And get this -- cops say a witness confronted them and told them to beat it. That's when things allegedly got violent ... with Nicky and her bf ripping the witness' shirt and punching him in the chest and the back of the head with a closed fist.

Cops also say when they arrived, Nicky ran before she was caught and arrested for unnatural and lascivious acts in public, battery and exposure of sexual organs. She's out on bail.

'Bad Girls Club' Star I Never Tried to Shake Down NFL Star ... Over Love Child

"Bad Girls Club" star Camilla Poindexter is PISSED at Donald Penn's wife -- claiming the accusation she tried to get "hush money" from the NFL star to stay quiet about their love child is a downright LIE.

'Bad Girls Club' Star Gun-Toting Periscope Busted Up by Cops


Ex 'Bad Girl' Amber Meade just wanted to shake her ass and flash her assault rifle, live on the Internet -- but ended up having cops bust into her bathroom to investigate the incident.

The former "Bad Girls Club" star was on Periscope last weekend, doing what she does -- dancing around in booty shorts, but this time she did it with an AR-15. The video is hysterical ... Amber flaunts her assets for several minutes, until there's a knock on her door.

That's when her fiance yelled the cops were there, and Amber scrambles to hide the massive weapon ... but it was too late. Maui PD explained to Amber they'd received a call about a "girl with a machine gun online."

As for how the officers tracked her down? Amber tells TMZ, her phone's location services were on. Ooops. However, she wasn't arrested since she and her fiance are legal owners.

In true 'Bad Girls' fashion, Amber says she's glad people know she has a gun so they won't mess with her.

'Bad Girls Club' Strippers Agree to Film Butt There are Strings Attached

"Bad Girls Club" learned the hard way about filming in a strip club -- strippers don't work pro bono.

We're told the Oxygen show set its sights on filming inside L.A.'s Ace of Diamonds. Thing is, the production company needed everyone to sign a release form, but every single stripper demanded cash.

A standoff ensued because "Bad Girls Club" wouldn't deal. The show ultimately did film inside the club ... sans strippers.

Here's one of the 'Bad Girls' cast members filming inside AOD's bathroom with a waitress in tow.


'Bad Girls Club' Judi Jai Booted from Cruise ... After Alleged Fight

"Bad Girls Club" alum Judi Jai is stranded in Jamaica after being kicked off a cruise for fist fighting.

Judi tells us she was on a weeklong trip with her close friend AC Style. The two got into an argument Tuesday night on the deck of the ship ... security broke it up and sent the girls to their room.

But it didn't end. Once in the cabin, the fight continued and Judi got physical, striking AC in the face. AC reported Judi to the ship's brass and the 'BGC' star was kicked off and stranded in Jamaica.

Judi tells us she NEVER hit AC. As for the trip, she booked a room in Montego Bay for the next two nights to salvage the rest of her vacation ... solo.

We reached out the cruise company for comment. So far ... no word back.

Jamaica, mon'.

'Bad Girls Club' Arrest Judi Jackson Threatens Cop ... 'I'll Sue Your F***ot Ass'

Former "Bad Girls Club" star Judi Jackson got wasted, lost her phone, fought her friend, and then, just for good measure ... hurled a homophobic slur at the cop who was arresting her.

TMZ obtained video of Judi arguing with a male friend in a gas station parking lot outside Chicago Wednesday night -- and you can see her smash his phone and then yell, "Bitch, find my phone."

The friend wasn't having it, and called police to deal with Judi ... not that they had it any easier. According to the police report, she hit an officer in the chest with an open palm. Once they got her in the car ... cops say she screamed, "You don't know who I am, I am going to sue your fa**ot ass."

In addition to the phone, police say she broke her friend's car key and his rear view mirror.

Jackson tells us she pushed the officer in self defense. She claims he threw her onto the patrol car while cuffing her.

She can tell that to the judge ... Jackson was booked for resiting arrest, battery, and damaging property.

Redd from 'Bad Girls Club' Fails Drug Test ... Gets Locked Up

Alyssa "Redd" Carswell can't get back to the "Bad Girls Club" mansion fast enough -- the ex-reality TV star just got busted for failing a drug test.

Cops in Tallahassee, FL tell us she turned herself in Friday night after she learned there were warrants out for her arrest. Carswell is on probation for a 2012 stolen property case, and has to submit to regular drug testing -- but last month's test came up dirty. Hence the warrants.

Redd tells TMZ, she failed because she was smoking pot -- which she admitted to cops.

She's hardly keeping her nose clean -- you'll recall, last summer co-star Natalie Nunn filed a battery report against Redd ... accusing her of chomping down on her foot during a fight. The L.A. City Attorney rejected that case for lack of evidence.

Once a bad girl, always a bad girl.

'BGC' Star Judi Jackson Yes, My Customers Got Screwed ... But Let's Makeup

"Bad Girls Club" star Judi Jackson is getting pounded by the Better Business Bureau for allegedly leaving a ton of customers in the lurch -- so, now she's firing up the bus and throwing it in reverse.


Jackson tells TMZ ... Kissable Vixen was flooded with orders over the holidays -- which seems like it would be good news. However, she says they were out of supplies and intended to shut down for a 2-week hiatus while they restocked.

Jackson says the problems started when she couldn't get into the company's computer to warn customers about delays -- and she blames that on her business partner giving her bum passwords.

We contacted the business partner -- whom Jackson says she ripped for the screwup -- and she acknowledged things got out of control because she'd been "hella busy."

We're told the BBB is still investigating the complaints -- but both JJ and her partner claim they've got things running smoothly again.

'Bad Girls Club' Wannabe Destroy the Boot Go to Jail

The chick who left the "Bad Girls Club" audition with a Denver Boot attached to the car could end up in jail ... TMZ has learned.

It appears Chicquita Washington -- the registered owner of the car -- high-tailed it out of a Houston, TX parking lot with the boot on the back tire, then roared away, dislodging it and breaking it off.

Parking officials tell TMZ ... if she just drove off with the boot there'd be no crime, but she was gunning it toward a parking enforcement officer who booted the car, and we've learned the guy filed a police report, claiming she clipped him.

If cops and prosecutors buy his story, Chicquita could be charged with criminal assault.

Chicquita is bananas.

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