'Bad Girls Club' Star Body Slams Gucci Purse Snatcher ... at Amber Meade's Wedding

1/29/2019 12:30 AM PST

'Bad Girls Club' Star Tanisha Thomas Tackles Woman at Amber Meade's Wedding


"Bad Girls Club" star Tanisha Thomas couldn't resist a good fight at her friend's wedding reception.

The incident went down over the weekend in Maui after ex-'BGC' star Amber Meade and Alen Aivazian tied the knot. At the reception the bride, rather than throwing a bouquet at all the single ladies, subbed in an Ophidia mini Gucci round shoulder bag -- valued at around $1,400.

Check it out ... the winner at first appears to be Amber's junior bridesmaid/niece, Madelyn Sherod. But, her bounty was short-lived because a woman snatched the bag from behind. That's when Tanisha tries her hand at some street justice ... tackling the woman to get the purse back, to no avail.

After the dust settles ... you see Amber embrace the bag snatcher. We're told the Gucci bag bully woke up with some bruising ... but added it was worth it.