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Brooke Mueller:

Pipe Down,

It Was Only Pot!

7/13/2011 9:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller is telling friends ... the pictures TMZ posted showing her carrying what looked like a crack pipe are misleading ... because the only thing she was smoking was marijuana.

Brooke is saying she doesn't use the pipe to smoke cocaine -- she claims it was only pot and it's perfectly legal, because she has a marijuana prescription for anxiety.

But Mueller admits she's been on and off cocaine, telling friends, every few months she falls off the wagon and uses cocaine -- not crack -- but she also insists she hasn't been using for months.

Brooke says when she binges it usually lasts only around 12 hours, and then she snaps back into reality -- sometimes with the help of a little rehab.

And finally ... Brooke says there's no need for the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services to get involved in her life, because she's an involved parent and her kids are fine.


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1176 days ago


well, if the law says is ok for her to smoke weed while being a recovering drug addict, then there is nothing anyone can do.

1176 days ago

Logan R    

She's a Maple Leafs fan. That explains everything right there.

1176 days ago


Charlie Sheen doesn’t want custody of his Kids! He’s too busy to even visit them , let alone, have custody of them. He also wouldn’t want to face the extra scrutiny. He just wants to sit back, continue his big party and not have to take any pee tests. Also, I’m sure he’s loving the fact that Brooke is imploding in front of the world. She needs to hit rock bottom and lose EVERYTHING, before she really gets serious.

1176 days ago


If does does have a prescription for weed for anxiety then that doctor needs to be fired.

1176 days ago


It was only Weed people! Whew.... what a relieve! for a moment i thought it was something illegal (wait isn't pot illegal!) =o

1176 days ago


I would like to thank all the people who made comments defending Brooke, claiming everyone who sees a pipe is "a judgemental nut" or "was seeing things."

Your "disconnect from reality" really makes for enjoyable reading.

Crackpipe, tobacco pipe or Goob pipe, who cares! As long as she is a responsible, loving parent to her children, not a single one of us has the right to judge.

1176 days ago


id have to sa, she looks more like a crack head than a pot head...and where are her children??

1176 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

ANYONE who smokes pot out of a tinfoil pipe is a lowlife of the third degree. Period.

1176 days ago


Kudos, Brooke. You're the only person I know that can make Charlie Sheen look like a sane, rational person.

1176 days ago


She wore that outfit with heels. Nuff said.

1176 days ago


Take of the Leafs Shirt Canada doesnt want you around ..... Not WINNING

1176 days ago


Okay this irks me! if it were any other person doing this, their kids would be taken away in a heartbeat. Why is she allowed to obviously do drugs and put her children at risk? Children Services must follow up on this woman, she needs to be held accountable just like any other person. Money or no money it shouldn't matter.

1176 days ago

Mr Furley    

Yes, what's the big deal? Her binges ONLY last 12 hours. I suppose her childern can last that long without food, water or supervision. What a clueless Ho!

1176 days ago


OK, I have to update my previous comment. I checked the current laws in CA and evidently MMJ IS prescribed for anxiety there. Moreover, in CA the MMJ laws only offer guidelines for how MMJ is to be prescribed - docs are free to prescribe any way that they wish.

That said, I am in the "con" camp when it comes to prescribing MMJ for anxiety, basically for the reasons I previously stated. Anyone interested in the pro/con debate on the issue of using MMJ to treat mood disorders might like to read this article:

As for prescribing MMJ for a NON recovered addict - which Brooke is even if she doesn't think so - its irresponsible. Could contribute to her addiction process.

Being "legal" doesn't make it "safe". My mother was prescribed (1950's era) specific forms of alcohol for her anxiety. She tried it for awhile and it helped - and then she lost interest. She was not addiction prone.

In those days alcohol was also prescribed for preventing cardiovascular disease - believed to reduce stress and to keep arteries clear. Some doctors still believe in recommending alcohol for anxiety and for clearing arteries, even though the current science suggests otherwise. Would be irresponsible to recommend regularly consuming alcohol to an addict as well.

I have even known of doctors recommending "getting laid" for reducing anxiety. Sure it works. But, would we want to promote promiscuity or to encourage sexual addiction in an addiction prone person?

Point is, for many people MMJ, alcohol, and sex may be safe ways to reduce stress and/or anxiety. Not everyone is at risk for addiction and there are legit ways to determine this risk level. For those at risk, better to avoid substances and activities that are most subject to abuse and/or addiction. Yoga, meditation, and many other activities are effective ways to reduce stress. And, the current science suggests that the best results come from a combination including talk therapy.

1176 days ago
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