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Donald Rumsfeld -- Is That a Gun In Your Pocket?

7/13/2011 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

No one is immune to the probing hands of the TSA ... including former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld ... who got the pat-down at Chicago's O'Hare airport this afternoon ... and TMZ has the pics.


Sources at the airport tell TMZ ... Rummy was all smiles during the body sweep and was "very nice" throughout the procedure.

We're told several people recognized Donald ... and at one point, he waved to a group of soldiers who were dressed in their military uniforms.

Eventually, TSA agents cleared Rumsfeld and he was allowed to travel like everyone else ... ever so slightly violated.


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You’re too high on the Propaganda Kool-Aid. I bet your believe everything TV tells you. Frankly it’s because you have a small weak mind!

Sheep like you allowed your government to invade Iraq under what was proven to be lies about WMDs.
Even though US President George Bush has said there is no evidence that Saddam Hussein was involved in the 11 September attacks. Source:

The only reason why USA is in Iraq is because of the trillions in oil. And don’t be foolish enough to think this benefits you. The elite establishments are the ones making money while the taxes payers pay for the wars that support their agenda. Amazing…. All they had to do is keep sheep like you scared and you will blindly follow.

Everyone should watch this!

1195 days ago


Which is worse...fear of crashing in an old plane with improper maintenance because airline executives are cheap, greedy SOBs -OR- fear of being molested by a stranger with a badge because the government is too PC to racial profile and do background checks?

1195 days ago


i guarantee they didn't grip his dizzle... TSA molestors & gov't liars, just today drudgereport had a story up about a woman getting arrested for not letting the TSA grope her 6 year old daughter... more propaganda.

1195 days ago


Just to show 'simply', how wayyyy out of touch the TSA is with reality.. forget the Grandma Diapers, forget the 3 month old baby, and the 4 year old girl... but PaaaLease... THE USofA ex-SECRETARY OF DEFENSE? I mean... they are insane... and so stupid... Yeah that's it. There are good TSA agents.. who really do know their job.. then the really DUMB ones... There are so many that EVERYONE has to follow the Same Rules.. lest a dummy make a --- (yeah, you guessed it) Dumb mistake. But, that;s like checkin' out the VP or even POTUS for cryin' out loud. While TSA is having fun, Other countries inc. Israel... do it the right way without such foolishness.

1195 days ago


I will bet they did not touch his genitals

1195 days ago


The illusion of security. You are no more safer now than you were on Sept 10, 2001.

1195 days ago


I work at a small airport in the midwest...he flew in on a private jet once and he was a super nice guy.

1195 days ago



1195 days ago


You don't see Napolitano, Holder or Obama getting the pat down. He took it in good spirits. Good on you, Rummy. Now, we need to stop this invasive nonsense and start profiling the terrorists, like the guy who went nuts in the bathroom on a Chicago to Germany flight a few days ago.

1195 days ago


Vicious, underhanded, stupid and vile comments against one of the men who kept the bombers from your little bong shop.
One would think you would be heaping praise on the man for keeping the war in Iraq and Afghanistan instead of your favorite coke and cocaine shop.
Instead, you heap hate and derision for a true patriot, and as such you appear even smaller than you really could be.

1195 days ago


Rumsfeld was responsible for the TSA? I realize half the commentators here weren't born in 2001 but congress is responsible for the legislation. Democrat Barbara Boxer right at the top of the list of co-sponsors.

1195 days ago


Are all your readers Lefty dipsh*ts?

1195 days ago


Yeah, some people have lack of understanding or remembering history. TSA was created as a reaction to 9/11 when Democrats in Congress demanded that airport security be nationalized under the new Department of Homeland Security. Previously each airport was responsible for their own screening and most contracted out to private firms. It had nothing to do with the Department of Defense which Rumsfield ran.
The disturbing thing about this it the lack of common sense in the allocation of resources. Why would you take time to pat down a former Cabinet member?

1195 days ago


Kathy calls Rummy an arrogant lying, SOB??? Poor Kathy, please allow me to remind you that the height of arrogance is in the White House, Mr. Obummer. Mr. Obummer stated that " we won and they lost" referring to the Repubs and the Health Care debate. Or perhaps when the annointed one refers to people in Pa. during the 2008 campaign a bunch of Bible toting, gun loving nuts??? Your hatred is SOOOOO apparent. Go back to your hole, crawl back into it and in 2012 when we have removed Obummer from office, perhaps you will have a JOB!!!
We will call you back out from you self induced slobber fest for Obama and back to REALITY.

1195 days ago

johnny drama    

A picture is worth a thouand words...all thousand of those words being " Morons" ... what total and complete waste of time. while this was going on, I', sure Mohamed El Mohamed was waltzing by security with an AK-47. Unless there is an ocean in my way, I am driving. What useless tools.

1195 days ago
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