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700 Pound Woman -- She's Got Big Aspirations

7/14/2011 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

700-pound Internet vixen Donna Simpson has one goal in life -- become the fattest women who ever lived. As a bonus ... she also just made NY Giants running back Brandon Jacobs feel silly for saying he's fat.071311_TV_brandon_v2_still

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I'm just trying to figure out if the girl with him is Ashley from Degrassi.

1164 days ago



1164 days ago


i hope this ugly, disgusting fat P.O.S. DIES while doing this, she hates herself and needs to be taking off this planet. this is vial and someone needs to let her know she is a freak and the entire world is laughing at her.

1164 days ago


She's already in Guinness as the world's fattest woman. She's been trying to get to 1000 lb for awhile:

1164 days ago


A self inflicted disability should not be rewarded with a pay check. She should be made to lose 2-3 pounds a week every wee*****il she is back don't to a normal weight. If she doesn't lose the weight she should lose her disability checks.

1164 days ago


What a waste of life. I'm beyond disgusted.

1164 days ago


Still trying to put my lower jaw back in place. What is wrong with that woman? Is money so much more important to her than her health?

1164 days ago


I can't decide which is more disgusting. This woman, who is actually ENCOURAGING obesity, or the sick people that PAY her to become fat. She needs to realize being comfortable with yourself, and weighing over 1000 lbs are different things. What kind of example is she setting for her daughter, who almost DIED because of how fat this pig was? People are starving in this world, and this pig spends roughly 750$ on food for herself alone. It's just pathetic and disgusting.

1164 days ago


How helpful to the world and life changing. Shes a moron to let her body become like that, theres no hope of her being normal. If she lost weight shed have loose skin everywhere. Shes a waste of space and food. Kids starving all over the world, going to bed hungry and all she does all day is feed her fat face. Great for you btch.

1164 days ago


Disgusting. There are billions who are starving every day and this fat pig stuffs herself night and day? She wants to go to the Guinness Book of Records as the fattest woman in the world?
She'll probably be considered the dumbest woman in the world.
Such heavy weight also causes enormous medical problems and who's going to pay her bills? The taxpayers of course, doesn't she watch shows on the tv that show what kind of hardships big people go through? I guess not, her body must already be at breaking point because it's only so far her bones will be able to carry her before she's fully confined to her bed, she's a disgrace, she's disgusting and she doesn't even deserve to be in the Guinness Book of Records, this is Nasty.

And also Wesr, this is Not A DATING WEBSITE.

I hope someone steps in and makes this woman go on a Diet, she needs it. And 750 dollars on food? Puh-lease, cut her money then and make her get a job and who the hell in their right mind would pay her a 100k, to get fat???? That is also sickening, she's practically killing herself and this is terrible to watch, she's a waste of life on this planet.

1164 days ago

some guy    

Yuck... thinking Guiness should maybe start taking these records off their books if it encourages this kind of behavior.

Everything about this woman seems wrong to me.

Ok, guys... I have a confession to make. I am in actuality the 700 lb. woman. You guys found me. Dunno how you did it, but now the whole world knows my secret shame. Thanks, jerks.

1164 days ago


Risk your life in the process? yeah thats smart (very ******* stupid!) lady.

1164 days ago


Yes, it all sounds gross but you have to wonder why someone wants this title. She knows it will kill her. This is more sad to me than anything.

1164 days ago


This is ridiculous...gaining weight for fame? This is unbelievable...don't tell me she feels good when she looks at herself in the's just impossible.

1164 days ago

Leggz The Diva    

thats bullsh*t if she gets disability for this, I have had debilitating migraines for 20 years sometimes they leave me partially blind and they only deny my disability... I am not going to become as big as a side of a house to get disability either

1164 days ago
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