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Michael Irvin: God Says, Gay Is Okay [VIDEO]

7/14/2011 4:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NFL legend Michael Irvin claims his recent blowout pro-gay interview was divinely inspired -- telling TMZ, God gave everyone the freedom to choose who to love ... and you DON'T mess with God.

Irvin -- a five-time Pro Bowler -- is one of the most high-profile athletes ever to speak out in favor of gay rights, telling Out Magazine recently that he's on a mission from God to defend homosexuality.

Irvin's reason for speaking out -- his gay older brother Vaughn, who died from stomach cancer in 2006.

Irvin was outside Boa Steakhouse in Hollywood last night ... and told us, "Whoever you should want to be with, that choice is up to you."

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Good for you, Michael Irvin!

1195 days ago


step away from the rack pipe dbag

1195 days ago


The Bible is pretty clear on homosexuality. As it is on other things. But, God looks on us, and in His kindness, He still holds out his hand to us. The Bible also states, according to the 10 commandments, thou shall not lie, steal, commit adultery, and thou shall not kill. Given to Moses, and fulfilled by Christ. 10 little commandments and the leviticus. How many laws do we have at present in order to defend those that cannot ? I rest my case.

1195 days ago


You shouldn't mess with crack either but that didn't stop Michael.

1195 days ago


One person delusional = insanity.
Lots of people delusional = religion.

1195 days ago

Byron Green    

I spoke to God and boy is he pissed he said if he knew the homos where gonns use the butt for ********** instead of s-h-ting he would have stuck it on the brow and if they tried to screw that one they would get brain dead pronto

1195 days ago


Well played Michael.....Well played my friend. *stands and applauds* I am a straight man, and totally agree!!!!!!

1195 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

NOWHERE in that video did I hear Irvin say that God says it's okay to be gay. It's not cool to misrepresent what was actually said.

1195 days ago


...what god is that?

1195 days ago


Jesus also preached; " You cannot serve two Lords, as you will end up loving one and hating the other ". The wisdom of the Lord can not be reached by our simple human minds. But He is always right at every turn.

1195 days ago


i cannot tell you how sick i am of hearing people breach fire and brimstone, and beat on the pulpits about this. this is a civil right! church and state are to be separate, period. if you dont agree, thats fine, you are entitled to not be gay. if you are, you should be protected by the same rights and freedoms that the rest of us have, just by virtue of being human. you may not agree with the way others live, and if you feel god will judge them for that, fine, but you are in no way qualified to tell them that their right to find love and companionship is wrong. get over yourself. if you follow the bible and study the basic fundamentals of religion, you should already know that only god may judge, and if you choose to exact judgement on others, you too will be judged for it.

1195 days ago


I consider myself a practicing Christian Catholic and believe that God made us who we are, whether gay or straight. I know the Bible doesn't condone homosexuality but it also says we shouldn't judge each other. I choose not to judge but to accept everyone for who they are unconditionally. God bless you, Michael Irvin, for speaking out.

1195 days ago


Screw the idiots who hide behind their bibles and say homosexuality is wrong. Cowards!

1195 days ago


Well, somebody's wishful thinking of God might say that but God is pretty clear in the Bible about how He, the Guy who created you, feels about Homosexuality - He doesn't hate the person, He loves them, He hates the act.

1195 days ago


Lydia, you cannot be a Catholic and condone homosexuality. It's like condoning murder, thieving, lying, a sin is a sin. Full stop. And you are a sinner and I am flawed to, but I am not going to rewrite the Bible in order to suit ourselves. We need humility as humans, not arrogance. Look where it got us. Lucifer denied bowing to God when he created us. Just like people carry on doing the filth that they do as long as they think they cannot be cought. Do you know that people are already rallying around to accept sex between adults and children ? Toddlers. Anything goes ?
Why not ? Since it is for you to prove that these people and their flawed arguments are against any sense of decency. The Catholic Church is being sued for alleged abuse, while the abuse is really taking place all around them. Accept that as a homosexual you depend on God's mercy, nothing more. And that's the best road to take.

1195 days ago
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