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Paris Hilton Intruder Pleads Not Guilty to Stalking

7/15/2011 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The man who snuck onto Paris Hilton's Hollywood property last year ... then tried to propose to her in February ... then attacked her ex-BF in April ... just pled "not guilty" to two felony stalking charges.


36-year-old James Rainford -- who was most recently arrested last week after allegedly spying on Paris' Malibu Beach home -- also pled not guilty to three misdemeanor counts of disobeying a court order to stay 200 yards away from Hilton.

Rainford is still in custody on $150,000 bail. He's due back in court on July 26th.


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1194 days ago

Kardashian H8R    

Get a life dude, she's a waste of time.

1194 days ago


haha, first bitches!

1194 days ago


Paris should really think twice about this guy he has all the making o*****reat beau. Dedication to significat others is major condition in a strong loveing long term relationship.

1194 days ago


OMFG ! Hes a reptilian!

1194 days ago


Not guilty to any of the charges? Is this guy out of his mind?

1194 days ago

Her Imperial and Royal Majesty    

This guy looks like he´s twice PH´s age. Maybe he thinks she is his long-lost daughter.

1194 days ago


It's not stalking if we're soul mates.

Your Stalker/Future Murderer

1194 days ago


THIS is the big story???? Sheesh.

1193 days ago


Too bad he didn't kidnap her and take her to Saskatewan where she belongs.

1193 days ago


I agree w/ "ndingo" this couldn't possibly be the story you were getting all excited about. WGAS, WGAF.

1193 days ago


if he thinks he's not guilty than he probably lives
in a scitsafrentic reality like most over stockers where
when paris says no, get away from me creep; in his deluded
state all he hears is don't let them find out our love affair
meet me @my place in 1 week. I have followed every case from
miley cyrus stalkers to halle barry & this is the most
accurate opperation of the stalkers mind

1193 days ago


I don't understand why TMZ doesn't follow up on some very compelling stories.

They have KTTV here in Los Angeles.

TMZ has buses.

TMZ has Sirius.

TMZ has this, that and the other thing.

Yet TMZ places no emphasis -- or resources --

- doing background/research and on people like this -

Or other peculiar things that just scream to TMZ, "Investigate me."

Instead of adding toys to the mix - i.e. more media - etc. -

Why not go into a different direction?

And combine what TMZ has/is with investigative journalism?

...Who is he - where does he live - who pays his rent - what's his diagnoses -

-why isn't he in treatment/where's his family and-or caretakers?

I mean the-poor-guy needs HELP -

...And, and ... and ... and ... and ...

He's just RELEASED back out ... into the Wild ...

And to REPEAT ...

Yet if Paris was HARMED at some point -

Then everyone-and-their-brother would be screaming why wasn't this man looked INTO and after so many EVENTS/behavior ?!

He's NOT harmless - he's dangerous -

To himself - and to others -

-Wake the hell up.

And - c'mon TMZ, don't just give us more stations and camera- angles and bus tours and technology...

Smell the story and follow up on it -

Now this is the last time I'm going to tell you this -

Next time you blow something this interesting and good?

-I walk.


He's driving his damn bicycle 39 miles and to see/find her.

What does this tell you?


1193 days ago


nofsky p.s.

Look, this dude JUMPED Cy at a COURTHOUSE - !!!

Where there are police, deputies, bodyguards, D.A.s !?

He could have STABBED Cy - !!

He was THAT close to both Paris and Cy - !!

He does 27 days - ???

Is released with no follow-up?!

- to get on his 2-speed (or tricycle) and ride to MALIBU?!


His bail is only 150 grand ?!

Suppose he's got a crazy relative -

That puts the house up -

Over the week-end?

BAILS him out?

-then what?

Why not just give the dude a map, a high-powered rifle, night vision, and camoflauge?

-The next time he's released?

The probation department follows Lindsey Lohan to gol-durn

Is OBSESSED with her!

But is MUTE and IGNORANT when it comes to sick people in need of follow-up care?!

I need some Green Tea.

Help me calm down.

It's ridiculous.

No, not ridiculous -


TMZ you need to sniff stuff like this out -

Rather than post 121 dudes outside of Arnold's S.M. offices.

You're asking a lot of me - and I have my own life -

I can't do ALL of your thinking FOR you !


1193 days ago


last nof p.s. prior to this green-decaf-tea -

...TMZ, please, look this up -

5/6 weeks ago I PLEASE ... please TMZ, follow up on Rainford!

Find out who he is, where he lives, who's around him, etc. !

But Harvey's like, "No ... no, we have to get our tour-bus-thing going..."

So, TMZ?

Before you put the TMZ comic book out?

The TMZ video game?

The TMZ music video ?

The official TMZ softball bats?

Before Harvey does ANOTHER rendition of a Paul Anka song?~

Can you LISTEN to some of the viewers/audience?

That or make a fund available -

To people like Nof that have viable ideas -

Interesting angles -

Stop trying to grow so quickly -

Try SAVING some celebrities ~

Rather than just jumping, trashing and making FUN of them !

Paps taking footage at hang-outs like the Grove ?

Is about as interesting as deciding which CUP ...

...Harvey's going to CHOOSE !

The red one - the orange one - or ooooh - maybe the green one!


OR change the call letters to TMZ-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z.

For all the peeps - you're putting to sleep.


1193 days ago
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